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Hello friends ^^!
First of all, I'm very sorry for missing my posting day. Unfortunately chemo treated me pretty bad this time and I had to be hospitalized to recover. No internet out there and to be honest, I was unable to open my laptop or even watch a screen, it was damn frustrating. I'm not as punchy as I'd like to be but I'm fine now, out of danger at least :)
I'll post the 6th chapter of Sympathy right now and of course the next thursday!
Thanks my friends for your support and sorry for this long wait and see you now for the rest of the story.
Love u all ♥
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Hi friends!
A small post on this journal to tell you I'm still here. I'm not in hiatus, I'm currently writing a chaptered fic and as usual, I wait the last word to begin posting. It's a pretty complicated, long story, and I have to fight with a very well-known long disease since a few months (and the next few months could be worst unfortunately). But writing had always been my outlet, a good way to cope with life's harshness. Anyway I'm doing my best to finish this story rapidly, the first half is already in my dear Juju's skilful hands. So please, be patient with me!
See you very soon

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Because Sakumiya Vines are always so hypnotic (or is it just me?!)

Vine by オカピ
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Hi friends!
I received for the new year some purchase coupons from my boss and I bought a e-reader with them. And I must admit that it's pretty wonderful, I can read whenever I want wherever I want leisurely...
I downloaded a lot of books and some I wanted to read since ages.
I found thanks to a LJ friend this french site Madmoizelle.com which proposed a challenge to their suscribers for the year 2015. I'm ready to take it!


Some sound very easy, right? Others are a bit complicated...I can already check out some squares. I think.



Jan. 21st, 2015 01:22 pm
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Because this vine kind of obsess me...(*´ω`*) perhaps posting it will help me to close this damn tab. Or not.

Credit : azu_0308sk
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Hey friends!

I think I need some help and I hoped someone could perhaps lend me a hand. Like you know, I write stories. A lot. And for the few I post, a lot are sleeping since ages in my PC belly. To the extent that I can’t decide anymore if some of them deserve to be finished or not. (Even if I’m unable to erase them. Even if some of them would totally deserve to be erased.). No need to say there are some Sakumiya stories but not only…
So there is my request. Would anyone be courageous and gentle enough to dive with me in my unachieved fic file to help me to sort things out? And perhaps writing one of them in collaboration if you're tempted?
I totally realize how tedious this task can be and if I wasn’t so stuck I won’t dare asking for help!

Yoroshiku onegaishimasu *bow bow*
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Following [livejournal.com profile] sky_fish7’s lead, I didn’t resist and ran to this site creating your identikit anime-version.


So here is the virtual me.
At first, I’d like to say I’m not gothic! Seeing this you have the right to think it but I’m not, I swear…
I used to wear vintage shirtwaist with necktie or bowtie and in a general way, I wear vintage dresses but preferentially from the 50’s to the 60’s. My earrings are indeed like this, less one!
I cut my hair almost one month ago, but if you ask to my friends, that’s how they still see me, since I always had very long curled hair, that’s why I decided to choose this haircut.
Black? Yes, my hair is very dark and I like black outfits!
My friends used to say that my eyes are snake-like and very blue (that’s why I have to wear glasses most of the time, they are very weak).
This background sounds to be a hospital and, like some of you already know I’m nurse, but it’s a bit creepy, isn’t it?
Oh God, I’m gothic >.<

Love ♥


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