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Title: “The kettle pot and the cat”…and advices of all sorts
Authors: [livejournal.com profile] wendyjoly
Genre: Romance
Type: Multichapter
Rating: PG-13 – NC-17
Fandoms: Arashi (main), mentioned also members of V6, Kanjani8, News, Mao Inoue, Ikuta Toma, Kubota Masataka, Ayano Go, Takei Emi, Ueno Juri, Aragaki Yui
Pairing: Sakumiya
Summary: Sho Sakurai is a brilliant attorney but his love life is a total failure. After an umpteenth break up he accepts to take an appointment with a love coach.
Beta : [livejournal.com profile] jtaytt?
Notes : Written for my Dear half-brain [livejournal.com profile] skyfish_7 for the JE united exchange

Nino couldn’t remember the last time his bookstore had been so full of people. Inside, outside and all along the street, people were queuing to obtain the precious signature of their favorite author.
Yet, it was snowing outside and with the decorations Masaki set everywhere the shop looked like an adorable snow globe. He even pushed Jun and Nino to wear those ridiculous red Santa Claus hat, which had, according the two guys, nothing to do with the signing session of the day.
One month and a bit had been needed to organize Go’s signing session, pretty short span of time for such a big event but that was the author’s wish. Something pretentiously confidential, pretentiously unprepared. Nino didn’t like this, he hated lying to his clients but one thing for sure, his regulars knew where the truth laid. He didn’t precisely badmouthed about the star, but every person visiting The Kettle Pot regularly knew the owner’s opinion about the way Go used his private life to manipulate the media, the gutter press more precisely. Nonetheless, Nino managed to be thankful because this sole day would bring more money to the shop than the last six months…he grew up.
Yes, saving the bookstore was definitely worth the small pinch in his small shop owner’s pride, he finally admitted it willingly. He took a look at the man behind the shop window with Masaki and when their gazes met, he winked at him. The fanciful baker managed to put a red hat on the serious attorney’s head too and thank God, Sho had lost the jacket. Nino couldn’t believe he took an entire day off to be with him today.
Of course, it was a big day for the shop, but he would have understood perfectly if Sho had passed. He was now partner of the Nagase and associates and with responsibilities went new files and unlimited working hours. Yet, Nino couldn’t complain, the organization of the signing session was time-consuming too. He didn’t think Sho would make it, so when he saw him entering the shop through the back door, he didn’t think twice and hopped into Sho’s arms. They kissed impassionedly before noticing the amused gaze of the four men on them -Jun, Masaki, Kato and Go- murmuring an awkward “Sorry”.
During the afternoon they came across each other, as much as possible, taking advantage of the moment to exchange a caress or a quick kiss. Nino intended to close the shop by the end of the afternoon but people kept coming in again and again. Against all odds, Go was a funny man if Nino put aside his sunglasses and his flock of fan girls. Plus seeing the shop so animated was a thrilling experience. Nonetheless Nino didn’t expect to see by the window shop a man wearing a knitted hat, a mask and glasses that he recognized immediately. He ran to him when the visitor spotted him and began to run away.

“Mister Ohno?! Come on in, it’s freezing outside! We’re cleaning the shop, you’ll keep us company. Mister Go just left.”
Ohno stood on the threshold and Nino grabbed his sleeve to drag him inside. “I’m sorry for bothering you so late, I came before but you know…”
“I know what you mean, too many people around? For me too. Guys, this is my friend Satoshi.” Nino introduced him to his friends and only Sho smiled knowingly. He made him sit in a corner of the room and Masaki offered a cup of tea to their new guest without asking any questions. The guys were cleaning the place, a softened music played in the background, enjoying the calm after the storm.

“I think we already met.” Masaki narrowed his eyes, staring at Satoshi after the latter had took off his disguise.
“I came once or twice.” Ohno mumbled, blushing shyly.
“Yeah, I remember!!” Masaki said enthusiastic “The poppy seeds muffin!”

Nino saw Ohno surreptitiously bending over the table before making one of those funny pouts. Masaki sat across Ohno and began to babble like he used to do.

“Today was a bit unusual, right?” Sho said while sliding behind the counter to join Nino. He took off the dish towel from his hands and intertwined their fingers, something he was dying to do all day long.
“But thank God, it’s over…” Nino murmured crushing against Sho’s chest, pecking his neck adoringly.
“You were great baby.”

Nino smiled, electrified by the endearment, still surprised to feel the flock of butterflies taking off in his lower belly. He loved these moments of intimacy even if they were technically surrounded by people. Having the right to kiss Sho publicly, feeling him happy to claim him as his was pure heaven.

“Say it again.” Nino whispered with a happy sigh.
“Do you have to go back home tonight?” Since when did he take all those safe detours to ask such a simple thing as Will you spend the night with me? Nino wondered. He took a look at his friends, feeling really ungrateful for wishing that they could disappear by magic to leave them alone.

Sho spent two nights with him since the night of the party and Nino slept once at Sho’s place but they decided to take their time. Well, Nino decided it would be the best for their relationship. Truth to be told, he was still waiting for the moment when the magic would disappear. If he gave to Sho what he was asking for would he get enough of him? Nino knew he was wrong, he knew Sho was sincere about him but he couldn’t find a way to shut his insecurities. Sho was confident about their story but what if it was only a phase? Sho didn’t have any teenager sex life so to say, no I’m-looking-for-my-identity period, what if he woke up the next morning with his sexy frigging awkward smile he used to offer when he was embarrassed? It would kill Nino for sure.

“I guess we could just…kick our friends outside and I’d help you to put the rest in order?” Sho cooed sliding their linked hands behind Nino’s back, caressing the small of his back with his thumb.
Nino chuckled “Okay!”

He gently sent everybody home –Jun and Masaki offered to drive Ohno back- and locked the door.
Slowly turning around, he looked for Sho who wasn’t anywhere to be seen.

“Sho?” He called, walking towards the kitchen, expecting to see him at the door of his condo.
“I’m upstairs.” Sho’s voice called him from the spiral stair. He strode to the “Lonely hearts” place, surprised that he really meant what he said earlier. He really intended to tidy up?! His radar was so fucked up…
Nino climbed up the stairs and stopped short with an irrepressible smile. Sho was facing the snowy window, his hands linked behind his back.

“What are you doing here?” Nino asked while approaching him.
“I think this is my favorite place here.”

Nino watched the snow falling silently on the roof window.

“It was Mao’s idea, creating a space for people who want to be alone.” Nino remembered the day Sho’s sister barged into the shop with her new idea, bringing along a group of friends to listen to his advices. “She was thinking of the best way to cheer me up after I broke up with Masataka. She offered me a place to wallow and a new group to keep me busy.” Nino wrapped his arms around Sho’s waist, resting his cheek against Sho’s shoulder blade. It felt good. Everything was quiet and Nino noticed once again how it was much easier to breathe when he was touching Sho’s skin. Following the inspiration of the moment, he slithered his finger index in Sho’s collar and kissed the little spot of skin exposed. Sho shrugged and turned around to take his boyfriend into his embrace. Nino was about to thank him for being here today but Sho’s gaze shut him. What he saw was a pure and blatant desire, raw and rough like he didn’t expect to see one day on Sho’s face. An authentic jolt of excitement ran from his mind to his crotch, making his member stiffening in a blink of an eye.

“Let me seduce you.” Sho cooed, his voice husky. He licked Nino's neck, biting the soft skin, marking the tender flesh, making him thrill and harden like never before. He was unable to answer or speak a word, he simply opened his legs to make a room for Sho's body. They moaned together as one, in sync when their hardness met through the material of their tented jeans. Sho humped him, unbuckling Nino's belt, unzipping his fly and sliding a hand inside his brief to caress the hard dick with the tip of his fingers in an excruciating caress. Nino waited for a rapid release, a strong fist around his shaft but Sho refused him. He was already about to explode, his breath shallow and fast as their mouths crashed against each other in a carnal kiss. Sho grabbed Nino's thighs and the latter hopped to snake his legs around Sho's waist.
Sho humped him slowly, sliding an exploring finger to Nino's ass creak, caressing his entrance boldly.

“God Sho, take me against this wall and I'll be yours forever.” Nino couldn't believe he was begging when he was so unsure a few minutes ago, couldn’t believe his heart was hammering so loud and fast for a fantasy he didn’t even know he craved for. But Sho definitely knew what he was doing, he was pressing all the right buttons to send his brain and his interrogations in vacancy for the next few hours. And it felt damn good not to think anymore, to only feel. Sho growled and stepped back, taking away Nino along.

“I definitely keep that promise in mind and you'd better be a man of your word.” He murmured while moving to the big cushions on the floor. Nino adored it, the way Sho had to carry him as if he weighted nothing more than a feather, so strong and self-assured, the way he laid him down on the makeshift bed as if he was the most precious treasure in the world. “But for the moment, I want you here.” Sho straightened up and Nino let him go, looking at him as he took off his pants and his brief in one go. His T-shirt literally flew in a corner of the room in the next second.
Sho straddled him so beautiful, so fierce, his hair unkempt taking Nino's breathe away.
Nino observed the full dressed man, fascinated, stripping his shirt and with a swift move undoing his fly exposing the V shape muscles of his lower belly. Nino had to blink to be sure he wasn't dreaming. Under the happy trail nothing else than skin and pubic hair.

“Are you going commando?!” He uttered, dumbfounded and damn excited. He died to reach out and touch him, grab the hard member pointing to the north proudly but he decided to let Sho lead the dance and he wanted to stand firm. It was delectable to see his gaze full of a raw desire, the worship and the eagerness in his gaze.
“And I loved each minute of it.” Sho answered with a voice Nino barely recognized. Imagining Sho feeling the rough material of the pair of jeans rubbing his crotch, tickling his entrance all day long excited him beyond imagination. Nino felt a bead of precum dripping all along his shaft as Sho got rid of his pants.
Magically appeared in his hand a bottle of lube and a garland of condoms he tossed on the cushions beside them. Sho bent forward and kissed Nino's face, his chin, his neck, his collarbones, his nipples. He licked, nibbled, bit at the pink buds and Nino could swear he would come even without a touch to his groin.

“Sho...touch me.”
“I'm touching you babe.” Sho murmured teasingly, gently caressing the hard length with the back of his knuckles, making the endearment rolling on his tongue.

“Please, please.” Nino begged and wriggled, accentuating the contact with his painful flesh.
Sho kept on progressing at his own torturing pace, slowly going to the south licking Nino's navel. Finally, finally, Nino felt the tip of his dick touching Sho's cheek. He bucked his hips forward and groaned loudly when he felt Sho's delicious lips on the mushroomed head. Did he really intend to...?
He didn't have time to think twice because his cock disappeared into the warm coven as a lubed finger was probing his entrance skillfully. Gosh he was so damn talented for driving him crazy. He bobbed the head again and again, darting his tongue to tickle the glimmering slit like Nino taught to the housewives the very first time they met.
Sho recoiled as Nino snapped a frustrated curse.

“Did you prepare yourself?” The taller asked, easily sliding two fingers inside his lover.
“I did.” Nino confessed honestly.
“Was it to prepare yourself or to enjoy yourself without me?”

Nino thrilled under the sexy insinuation, he didn't know how but he damn loved this self-confidence. Unassured Sho was cute, charming, touching but this over-confident Sho was sexy as hell, Nino’s very own fantasy.

“I enjoyed myself.” Pushing on his heel Nino moved back and forth, fucking himself on Sho's fingers, reveling in the wonderful sensation. “But my mind was all to you.”
“Good.” Sho kneeled between Nino's thighs, his gaze all over him as he negligently masturbated his hard shaft. Sho didn’t seem nervous at all but he was clearly enjoying this moment. Did he prepare himself too, the idea washed over Nino’s mind and he froze. He couldn’t keep this frigging thought for himself.

Sho was leaning forward, pushing his cock to the puckering hole when Nino straightened on his elbows, already regretting to kill the mood. “What happened to you Sho?”

His lover stopped short and smirked “Should we talk about this now?”
“I’m hating myself for stopping you when I want you so much inside me like…right now. But I freak out, sorry. Did you see someone else?”
Sho’s lips formed an understanding “O” then he hovered over Nino, pushing him back on the cushions. He caressed his face tenderly, pecked his lips gently. “I won’t cheat on you, never. It took me such a long time to find you…”
“So how?” Nino closed his eyes under the sweet caress, the sweet words he believed without an ounce of a doubt.

Sho sighed, pouting cutely and Nino’s heart melt. He loved this wild Sho but he fell for the clumsy, embarrassed in love Sho. And the latter was back.

“I subscribed to a gay porn site.”

Nino bit his lip to repress a smile. It was so cute. And so hot too. Cute hot, did it even exist?! He wriggled once more under Sho, stroking his flanks and opening his thighs a bit more to make him feel his arousal.

“And…did you watch some interesting things?” Nino whispered, gaining an open-mouthed kiss. He emitted a wanton moan, closing his eyes and parting his lips wide enough for Sho to slide his thumb. Nino nibbled it, played with it like he dreamed of playing with Sho’s cock. Sho pecked the corner of Nino’s lips and rolled his hips sensually.

“I watched so many things that I’d love to do to you.” Sho moved once more, putting his sheathed cock all against Nino’s hole.
“Such a fast learner.” Nino anchored his feet on the floor and moved forward to take Sho’s throbbing head inside him. Sho thrust at the same time entering Nino in one long glide. Nino arched his back, the stretch stung like hell and it’s been ages since he had bottomed…and his friend the dildo was nothing compared to Sho’s girth. Nino relaxed and it eased, allowing Sho to move a bit.

“You’re good?” Sho asked cautiously not to place too much weight on Nino’s slim body.

Nino caressed Sho’s back and wrapped his legs around his waist to push him a bit further. “You?” He straightened up and kissed his chiseled jaw.
Sho growled, capturing Nino’s bottom lip between his teeth setting an urgent pace. He gripped Nino’s hand, intertwining their fingers above his head, preventing any touch to his aching member. But he was now pressing heavily on him, creating a wonderful and thrilling friction, pushing him to the edge. He was so close.
Sho rested his head against Nino’s ear, the sounds he made were pure animalistic heat and “I’m coming in you.” He groaned huskily and Nino released his load profusely, feeling at the same time Sho’s cock pulsing deep in his ass.
Nino tried to catch his breath, the too fast beatings of his heart were making him see stars behind his closed eyelids. He couldn’t see, couldn’t think, couldn’t hear no more. Yet, he heard it clearly the three words.
The I. The love. And the you.
They cuddled for long time, waiting for the moment when Sho’s dick would leave Nino’s body by itself to lay side by side. Nino chuckled. This place was a mess now…
Sho reached out grabbing his T-shirt, cleaning Nino’s belly with it then he kissed him sloppily, resting his head on Nino’s shoulder.

“Hm?” Nino caressed Sho’s arm, squeezing him to keep them warm.
“Would you be my date for the wedding of my cousin? I can assure you it will be boring as hell but Mao and Ryo will be there with the kids…and it’s an entire week-end in the countryside at a luxurious hotel…”

Nino’s heart melted when he couldn’t think he could be more in love with Sho. It was such a huge step but he won’t miss it.

“I’d be honored to be your date.”
Sho straightened up and pecked his lips “Really?”
“I have another question.” Sho murmured against his lips. “Why don’t you write your own book of advice? It would be a good way to attract clients, I don’t know when Ohno will accept a signing session but~”

Okay, he didn’t plan this. He couldn’t say he never thought about writing a book, he even took some notes, he used to write a kind of report after each meeting with his housewives…Sho was right, he would love that. He smiled wider.

“You’re very talkative after sex, Mister Sakurai.”
“I’m very in love after sex, Mister Ninomiya.”
“So let’s hope it won’t disappear when the morning come.” Nino whispered while Sho was already making him roll on his stomach, putting his lips on the small of his back.
“There is an easy to keep the magic alive.”
“Hm? Greedy?”

Sho’s hand slid between Nino’s thigh, gently parting them but Nino rose on his feet.

“Okay but in my condo, it’s very romantic to make love among my books but it is freezing in here. I want a bed.”
“Or a wall?” Sho fetched their clothes and began to climb down the stairs.
“Sounds like a plan…”

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