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Title: “The kettle pot and the cat”…and advices of all sorts
Authors: [livejournal.com profile] wendyjoly
Genre: Romance
Type: Multichapter
Rating: PG-13 – NC-17
Fandoms: Arashi (main), mentioned also members of V6, Kanjani8, News, Mao Inoue, Ikuta Toma, Kubota Masataka, Ayano Go, Takei Emi, Ueno Juri, Aragaki Yui
Pairing: Sakumiya
Summary: Sho Sakurai is a brilliant attorney but his love life is a total failure. After an umpteenth break up he accepts to take an appointment with a love coach.
Beta : [livejournal.com profile] jtaytt
Notes : Written for my Dear half-brain [livejournal.com profile] skyfish7 for the JE united exchange

The prestigious restaurant was full packed tonight, like every evening of every week and Sho was satisfied that his privileged guest status allowed him to dine in a private room with his girlfriend.
Reiko was beautiful as usual, perfectly dressed in a red gown with perfect make-up enhancing her elegant features even if her face was strangely closed since she got into Sho’s car. Sho reached out and tried to relax the tensed atmosphere, gently patting her manicured hand.

“How was your day?” Sho asked although he didn’t really expect to be surprised. Reiko was the heiress of a rich family and she basically spent her days in a way Sho couldn’t even begin to imagine for himself, and didn’t dare imagining. Hair dresser, body care and shopping afternoon with her female friends…
“Not really different from yesterday…” She said resting her chin on her palm, her lips forming a charming pout.
As far as Sho remembered, Reiko had always been the bored kind and Sho found that cute when he first met her, a kind of spoiled child behaviour, which gave him the desire to be protective over her. After six months of this treatment, it was less charming though and sometimes he was tempted to raise his voice just to shake her a bit but he was too much of a gentleman to let himself get carried away. Furthermore recently, he had the feeling of boring her more than anything but nonetheless, he was decided to make her a serious commitment. After all they were together for months and they were both adults, it was the next logical step. After a silence, which felt like eternity, Sho went for it.

“Reiko-chan. I have something to tell you. We’re together six months ago and I thought that the moment came for us to officialise our commitment.”

Reiko smirked awkwardly, ostensibly avoiding his gaze. She parted her sulky lips to answer when Sho’s phone rang and he grimaced seeing his sister’s name on the screen. “Can’t talk to you now.” He texted rapidly when Reiko reached out to stroke his hand.

« Sho…to be honest, I’m not really comfortable with the idea.” She began softly awkwardly caressing her naked arms.
“Go on, tell me.”
“How should I put it?” She smirked uncomfortably, looking everywhere but Sho.” We have a problem isn’t it?”
“A problem? What problem?” Sho arched a sceptical eyebrow. What was she talking about?!
“Come on, Sho. As couple, we’re not really fit for each other, isn’t it?”
“I don’t get it.”
She sighed, stroking her leather pouch absentmindedly. “Sex. Sex is awfully bad…When we’re in bed I have the feeling that it’s like a kind of duty for you.”
“Awfully bad?! A dut~ excuse me can you be more specific?” Sho regretted his question immediately, did he really want to know? Certainly not.
“Be honest Sho. You don’t like sex, isn’t it? I refuse to think that it’s just with me, I never had the slightest problem with my other partners…and you’re so~”
Sho flushed slightly, embarrassed and well, pretty pissed by her attitude. “For someone who doesn’t know what to say, you’re pretty talkative.” Sho said ironically.
“Sorry. I didn’t want to be unpleasant to you but I think that we can’t keep on like that. Sex is important for a couple, and… I can’t promise you to be faithful with such a deplorable sexual life. I guess you couldn’t accept it…” Reiko whispered, gently patting his hand as if he was a silly child and Sho understood where this little unpleasant conversation was leading.
“Are you seriously dumping me?!”
“Dumping…yes it’s specifically the word I looked for.” She beamed at him, relieved that he eased her task so well.

Sakurai inattentively put a hand on his inside pocket, distorted by the ring box he had hidden in it and he finally realized that he hadn’t hanged up his mobile even if his sister’s voice couldn’t be heard anymore.
He rang off and put the phone in his pocket, trying to pull himself together and keep his self-control in spite of his growing anger. He gazed the woman sitting across him, his girlfriend –ex-girlfriend- and her sorrowful look, but he knew her too well, it was a simple –but skilful- act. Gosh. He invited her in this prestigious restaurant to propose her, seizing the occasion of their anniversary, what a crap.
How did she dare dumping him so bluntly? And above all, why didn’t he see it coming?

“Good bye Sho.”

She stood up suddenly and after a quick stroke on Sho’s cheek, left the table. He stayed a moment at his place, totally dumbfounded by her unacceptable attitude then asked for the bill from the waitress.
He went back to his car and his anger kept growing gradually. He was wondering why Reiko used such a pitiful excuse to get rid of him; she could have just say she found someone else, a richer man perhaps, an older one probably. So why must she imagined this ridiculous tale about sex? A duty? Frankly? What was she looking for, a man who would make her love ten times a night?
Grow up little girl, it existed only in the Hollywood movies or in one of those bad sappy fiction you loved to read…he cursed in silent and rode the elevator leading to his apartment.
He hung the keys behind the door, then his coat to the silver coat-tree, took off his shoes and put on the slippers. He was about to enter the living room, when someone knocked on the door. Sho hid a satisfied smile, ready to be magnanimous and accept Reiko’s excuses whatever they could be. She probably panicked when she understood he was serious about their relationship.
She was cute after all.

“I know you had to think over and~ Oh Gosh, Mao…”

He stared at his baby sister at the open door, obviously dressed in a rush, her hair messily tossed on her head in a ponytail. She strode to him and squeezed her brother in a bear hug.

“Sho…I’m so sorry for you. I know she was important for you…That wicked witch…” Mao said at his ear.
“Come on in. We can’t talk in the corridor, someone could hear.” Sho patted her back and dragged her inside.
He softly pushed her to the living room and went to the kitchen to boil water.
Of course, Mao heard everything…everything? What the fuck! Will he have to once again endure one of those embarrassing conversations she loved to have with him? Oh God, no, please, prayed the man in silent.
When he came back to the main room Mao was sitting on the big couch, her thin legs folded under her butt and waited for him. He observed her for a second even if he knew her face more than his own. They were alike, of course since they were siblings but Mao’s eyes were very different from his. She liked to say she was her elder sister because she was more mature than him, but Sho had always thought she was the fanciest, funniest girl he had ever met. They were complementary but so different, Sho tended to think she was everything he was not. Yet tonight she wasn’t smiling at all.

“You deserted your house?” Sho smirked in a desperate tentative to make her smile.
“The kids are in bed and Ryo is home tonight.” Mao poured two cups of tea and handed one to her brother. Ryo, Mao’s husband was a police detective which meant he was often on duty at night.
“I see.” Sho muttered before taking a sip of the steamy tea.
“Sho, you can talk to me, you know.”
“Mao, you’re a shrink, okay but don’t try to shrink me. I’m not one of your patient, I’m fine, totally fine. You overheard a conversation, a very private conversation, and you heard a lot of things but don’t worry it’s not as bad as it looks. Reiko and I…”
“Reiko dumped you because you suck in bed.” Mao said loud and clear, leaning forward to cross Sho’s gaze.
“Thanks for your brilliant and professional analyse.” Sho clapped his hands dramatically before blushing shamefully. Silence fell between them and Sho took another sip taking time to pull himself together. Mao has always been like that as far as he remembered. Intrusive, talkative, too protective with him and so different from the rest of their strict and cold family, somehow.

“I’m almost 30, I’m a prominent lawyer now, my boss asked me to become a partner of the firm last week and logically I thought it was the perfect moment to marry the woman I was dating. Reiko panicked, she’s very thoughtful despite her airhead fashions. She simply jumped on the first excuse to find an exit, that’s all. She will sleep on it tonight and I’m convinced that she will call me to apologize first thing tomorrow.”
Mao sighed deeply.
“She won’t, Sho. Open your eyes, she meant what she said. She even spoke about his ex-boyfriends… why can’t you just see her the way she really is? Shallow and egotist.”
“I don’t care sister…she’s perfect for the life I want to lead.” Sho said stubbornly. Mao grimaced.
“You’re creepy sometimes. You’re so…like Father.” Mao led an open war with their father since their childhood, she had always been the rebellious one and Sho admired her for this.
“I’m not and mind your own business please.”
“And sex?”
“What about sex?”
“Don’t you think it’s a good opportunity to think about what she told you? She’s a bitch but perhaps is she not totally wrong.”
Sho grinned nervously. “A bitch?! Sister~”
“Your other girlfriends, Sho, why did they leave you?”
“First of all, why are you assuming they left me? And I don’t know, for various reasons, their jobs, our lives, studies…like everybody else. Anyway, I don’t give a shit, okay I’m not very fond of sex, but it’s just because I never really tried hard.”
“Tried hard?! You’re not supposed to try hard! It’s natural and a simple question of feelings.” Mao whispered with one of those sorrowful look she used to offer him when he was –according her- too childish.
“Look, I work. A lot. During the last ten years I put all my efforts in my job, my studies, I never did my best in love matter. It’s a question of determination, like every little thing in life. If I’d decided to do my best, I could be the best fuck of Tokyo. God, I can’t believe I just said this…” Sho said hiding his face behind his hands. Was it something one should say to his sister?! Certainly not. Certainly not Sho Sakurai. She pushed him too far and he let his anger speak for him. He had to find his composure back.
“You know, actually maybe it is not such a bad idea.” She whispered while sipping her tea quietly. Nothing ever destabilized Mao and her job as shrink wasn’t the only reason, it was her nature.
“What are you talking about?”
“I’m talking about the idea of doing your best…a little.”
“Just because I’m curious about the way your weird brain works, go on, and tell me, I really need to laugh tonight.”
“I’ve got a friend. A very good friend, I’m sure you will get along very well with him. Anyway, he leads several groups of reflection for housewives. ”
“As what?”
“As advisor. He helps us to lead a better marital life.”

Sho burst out laugh. “You’re talking about a Guru.”
“No at all! He just knows…” Mao blushed slightly and it picked Sho’s interest, his sister wasn’t the embarrassed type.
“He knows what?”
“What women are thinking. Believe it or not, but it’s pretty rare for a man. I can call him if you wish, I’m sure he will help you.”
“Mao, frankly~”
She raised her hand to stop him. “Take it like a coaching. A love coaching, sex coaching, call it like you want. You took so many courses in your life, you have just to imagine it as another one. One you need urgently.”

Sho sighed and stared at her thoroughly. Perhaps was she right after all. She was never really wrong with him and she was surely the only person with whom he could talk about this kind of subject.

“Sho-chan, Ryo is sooo delighted since I began to follow his advices, last night we~”
“I don’t want to know!” Shouted Sho putting his hands on his ears. Mao giggled and patted Sho’s knee affectionately.

“Love you brother.”
“Hm…dito.” Mao used to confess her fraternal love but Sho never spoke those words. Too embarrassing definitely.
“It could help you with that too.”
“With what?”
“Your difficulties to convey your feelings. I’ll call him tomorrow. And you’ll see him or I’ll harass you until you give up.”
“Okay, I’ll think about it. Go home now or Ryo-kun will hate me.”


Sho raised his gaze, searching for the sign of the shop Mao described him. “The kettle pot and the cat” was set in a pedestrian street downtown, in a charming shopping district facing a small wedding shop. A red tea pot and a yellow cat, it must be here thought Sho with a strange apprehension. Who would have the weird idea to name a shop book “The kettle pot and the cat”? Was it the name of a children book? One thing was for sure, the owner should be a very fanciful man.
Sho accepted the fact that he had to meet him because Mao harassed him for weeks, like she promised; but he has absolutely no intention to being coached by this guy. He was busy enough with work…especially since he was an associate of the firm. It had to take two hours of his over packed schedule to honour the appointment made by his sister.
He sighed deeply and opened the door, making a carillon ring, and stepped into the shop. It was cute, that’s the first word which popped in his mind. An expansive range of colours instantly greeted Sho when he opened the door. Rows upon rows of books, running up and down the walls, shelves all the way to the ceiling, colours organized and in disarray at the same time. He closed the door behind him with a soft exhale of breath, his mind blown away by the collection of literature. He rushed forward to touch the nearest book, ran a finger up the spine, down to the wooden shelf. It looked like one of those little shops one can find in some part of Europe. It was cosy and messy in some endearing way. Books everywhere from the floor to the ceiling, small tables with mismatched armchairs, ottomans or couches. In the middle of the room was a spiral staircase with a hand drawn sketch saying “The lonely hearts place”. Behind a counter made of glass, a lot of colourful and very appetizing cakes where displayed.

“Are you looking for a book, Sir?” asked a voice behind him. Sho turned back and met the gaze of a man, smiling nicely to him.
“Ah, no. I have an appointment with…” He read the paper in his hand “Mister Ninomiya Kazunari.”
“Oh, you’re Mao-chan brother?! I’m Aiba, I’ll call Nino right now. Sit down please. Wherever you want~” Aiba said vaguely pointing the almost empty place.

Sho nodded and did what he was told, taking the time to observe the shop. People felt good here, he sensed it. If he had to buy a book one day in a bookstore, no doubt he would come here. His cell phone rang –almost five minute without a call it was too good to be true- and he picked it up.

As expected it was Sho’s secretary, Miyake Ken. “Yes? I’ll be there in one hour. Good, prepare the file for me please~”
“Can you hang up please?”
“I beg your pardon?” Sho raised his head and crossed the quiet look of a man. The latter smiled nicely.
“Your phone. Hang up your phone please, it’s the first rule here.” He had a singing voice thought Sho, observing him a bit more. The man was wearing a checked shirt and a pair of big frame glasses, black slack and a pair of brown leather boots. Overall, he was damn cute. Smiling eyes, messy black hair, a small face with a round nose and a generous mouth…so kissable. Sho slapped himself mentally, a man shouldn’t be kissable what was he thinking about?
“So how may your clients contact you?” Sho couldn’t help but asked, using irony to allay suspicion about his strange real thoughts.
“You make a point here. Phone is forbidden for our clients only. But you’re not really a client of the bookstore, aren’t you? Ninomiya Kazunari, nice to meet you. You can call me Nino.” Nino reached out and Sho shook the small hand.
“Sakurai Sho, nice to meet you.” The attorney slid the phone into his pocket after turning it off.

Nino sat at the table and Sho moved back to make a room for the tea tray he placed between them. He poured two cups in silence and began to drink the warm liquid cautiously, handing a cupcake to his client. As if they were friends for a long time and didn’t need to talk anymore to be comfortable with each other. Not a word was added. After several minutes with only some smiles exchanged and a lot of awkward silences, Sho gave up.

“I don’t really know why I’m here. So are you gonna say something to ease the atmosphere Mister Ninomiya?”
Nino eyed around and offered another charming smile. “Masaki is gone you can freely talk to me.”
“The guy behind the counter, the one who baked those delicious cupcakes.”
“Tell me, you’re not a shrink, Mister Ninomiya?”

The other laughed joyfully and Sho couldn’t help but smiling.

“No I’m not, consider me as a friend. Call me Nino please.” Sho shrugged. Was he a stubborn child?
“Mao told me your talent is understanding women, that’s why she wanted me to be here.”
“She told me your last girlfriend broke up with you because you had sexual problems.”

Sho grimaced, shocked. How could this stranger be so blunt?! Who was so blunt in this country, wondered Sho, too startled to reply. Yeah, his sister was too, no wonder those two got along so well. All in all, it was rather surprising that they didn’t kill each other if they were used to being so awfully honest.

“Or rather she had sexual problem with you.” Nino kept on, adding salt to Sho’s wound. “What’s your problem precisely?”
“I… I don’t have any problem. At all. She left me because she wasn’t ready for a commitment. That sexual story is just a mere excuse.”
“And yet you’re here.” Nino concluded arching his eyebrows.
“Because of my sister!” Sho said too loudly before pulling himself together and lowering his voice. “Because of my sister.”
“You’re pretty passive.”
“Absolutely not! I’m a brilliant proactive lawyer and just I didn’t really put all my efforts to become~”
“The best fuck of Tokyo?” Nino smirked, taking a sip of tea.
“God, I can’t believe she told you that.”
“I’ve got a proposition for you. I’ll have a meeting with one of my groups in less than one hour, you could join me and, who knows, perhaps you will learn something?”
“I have a professional appointment in one hour.” Sho said, tempted to check on his cell phone. Ken probably left at least ten messages.
“You just have to cancel it. It’s pretty easy thing to do.”
“Really?!” Was he kidding? In what world lived this man, Sho wondered…yes in a world full of books, cupcakes and cats thought Sho as a white and fluffy cat landed on his knees. Nino leaned forward and caressed the feline who began to purr and stretch without leaving the cradle of Sho’s thighs.
“Trust me Sakurai-san.”

The attorney looked for a good reason to refuse, trying to focus on the work waiting for him at the office, looking around once again and finally nodded. Thinking was definitely impossible in this kind of situation. He took off his coat, slouched into the well-worn ottoman cross legged and sipped in silence the delicious tea Nino served him.
45 minutes later, they parked in a quiet suburb area. Nino took a bag from the trunk of his car and handed big frame glasses to Sho, almost identical to the one he was wearing himself.

“What are we going to do there?” Sho glanced around looking for a hint among this very plain suburb landscape. The houses were all identical and recently built, typically the kind of property possessed by middle aged salary men.
“We’re contributing to the harmony of the households of the country.” Nino answered with an enigmatic smile. “We’re running a literature club, put your glasses on, you will look more serious. No offense.”
Sho began to find Nino funny, surprisingly amusing…he put the glasses on his nose without arguing. “Frankly, what are we going to do?”
“Don’t be so impatient. Mao-chan told me you don’t know how to take your time.”
Sho preferred not to think about this kind of not so innocent remark and followed the man to the first house on their path.
Nino knocked at the door and a pretty woman wearing an apron over a vintage blue dress opened.

“Nino-san! I’m so happy to see you, come on in we are waiting for you.” She moved aside and let the two men in.
“I came with a friend today, Sho-san. Sho-san this is Emi-chan.”
“Nice to meet you.” She bowed politely and Sho imitated him.
“You dressed your hair differently Emi-chan?” Nino said gently and Emi blushed nicely.
“You noticed?”
“Of course, you’re always very pretty, but today you’re splendid.”

She flushed a bit more and lent them two pairs of slippers. They put it on and Sho heard a noisy discussion coming from the living room. Nino handed his coat and Sho’s to the housewife and walked to the main room as if he was home. The women there welcomed him with delighted cries. Timidly Sho followed him and greeted the small bunch sitting in circle around the low table. He watched Nino kneeling amongst them and joined him, totally uncomfortable.

“This is Sho. Ladies, a new friend of mine.”
“Hi Sho.” They said joyfully, giggling like high school girls.
“Hello Ladies.”
“He’s a little bit uneasy with women so be nice with him, please.”
“You’re totally safe with us.” Emi said with a small girly giggle.
They laughed joyfully and the newbie stared at them attentively. They seemed to be between twenty and forty years old and being housewives seemed to be their only common point.

“Once a week one of us come here to discuss about various things with these ladies.” Nino explained to Sho.
“One of you?”
“You already met Aiba Masaki and I’ve got another associate, Matsumoto Jun.”
“And the literature club?” asked Sho.
“It’s a cover…but we really are Nino’s clients,” chuckled the smallest, a round chubby woman named Juri.
“Ladies, can you tell me who came last week, was it Jun?”
“Exactly, Jun led the discussion.”
“What did you talk about?”
“Masturbation and G spot stimulation,” answered the younger woman very seriously as if recalling a lesson.
“And did you find it, Miss Ai?”
“Yes I did, but my husband is still searching for it.”

They laughed out loud and exchanged some salacious jokes while Nino tried to restore the calm.

“We’ll give him a memo….so, I thought that we could talk about the fellatio today. What do you think of it?”
“We never talked about fellatio I think…” Emi answered, checking on a little red notebook.
“Good, so let’s go! First, how many of you are practicing it?”

Half of the women raised their hands.


Three women put down their hands.

“And how many actually like it?”

Only one housewife kept her hand high and she blushed feeling the others gazing at her, then they began to laugh again. Sho observed them in silent, dumbfounded, all this seemed totally surreal.

“I can reassure you, it’s almost always the case….most of the women who are practicing blow job –I think we can call a cat a cat between us- do it because their partners ask them to and they don’t really enjoy it. A lot of women are even disgusted by it. Some of you perhaps?”

A few “yes” could be heard, even with some of the women who answered positively to the previous questions.


The youngest one, Juri spoke first.

“It’s sickened, truly, it’s hard to breathe and it makes me like puking.”
“I don’t find it very hygienic.” Another housewife said and Nino raised a hand to catch their attention.
“Okay, okay…I’m not trying to convince you, it’s not my job but perhaps can I give you some ways to think about it. First there’s different kinds of fellatio. The kind where you’re taking your partner’s member in your mouth and actively you suck, lick, stimulate whatsoever…and the one called irrumation. In this case, your partner is the active one, he makes some to-and-from movements in your mouth, it’s a lot more invasive and the penetration is deepest which can give you a feeling of suffocation. Anyone already tried?”

The young woman who confessed her pleasure early, nodded quietly.

“Okay, anyway, don’t be afraid you don’t need to be a porn star to pleasure your husband, if you’re nauseous there’s high chance for him to not enjoy it.”

Nino fetched a dildo from his bag and Sho heard one of the woman sighing loudly making the entire room burst into laughter.

“I’ll lend it to you if you want,” whispered Nino to the woman who sighed once more. “You can’t clearly take the entire thing in your mouth except if you’re a sabre swallower. The thermic sensations and the tactile pressures on the penis are what pleasure the man mostly. And the sweetness. If you bite him, no wonder if he never asks you again for the same favour! You simply have to take the extremity between your lips and play with it as you wish, as if sucking a lollipop, he will be totally fulfilled.”
“Yes, Emi?”
“Where should I put my hands, it bugs me.”

Nino grabbed back the sex toys and slid it between his fingers.

“You can’t do a blow job if you don’t hold the sex with your hands, isn’t it? If you wish, you can grab the occasion to masturbate him. We already talked about men’s masturbation didn’t we?”
“Yes, with Masaki.”
“Very good, do like he taught you, you can even stroke the perineum and the testicles, he will enjoy it far more. Now, for Miss Tami who’s disgusted, there’s a lot of flavoured lubricant for this purpose. It tastes like fruit and you can put it directly on the sex.”

Sho gazed at them enjoying the tips as if it was a plain recipes exchange club. He was totally speechless.

“A blow job is usually a preliminary but some men may climax at that moment. If you’re afraid to swallow the semen, you just have to watch for the signs of his orgasm or better, ask him to warn you.”
“And if he doesn’t have the time to withdraw?”
“You can spit out the sperm or swallow it, it’s totally possible. Sperm is sterile if your partner doesn’t have any STI of course.”
“What does it taste like?” Juri leaned forward on the table, her cheeks beet red.
“That, you will have to discover for yourself, Miss Juri.” Nino’s mouth curved in a cocky smile.

They laughed and Sho stared at Nino with admiration. It sounded so simple for him to speak about sex to these women. They even asked him questions they probably never dared to ask to their best friend freely. That’s why he said earlier that he was contributing to the household’s harmony of the country. No wonder their husbands were delighted by this so special Literature club…

“Once again you will ask me where your own pleasure is.” Nino kept on after a moment. “You’re the one who will pleasure him and turn him up. I think you can agree with me when I say that his pleasure will stimulate yours.”

The housewives nodded vigorously and Nino clasped his hands.

“Good. The meeting ends here. It’s your homework for the next week, try at least once to do one blow job to your husband following my advice. And the next time we’ll talk about cunnilingus. I’ll show you.”

Tons of scandalized “Ohh” raised as Nino added “It’s a joke!!” and Ai slapped violently his back.

“Ai, don’t hurt him, it’s an important course next week!”
“Thanks Miss Tami I’m very grateful for your concern.”

The two men thanked them, went out of the house with handmade cakes, and Sho had sworn to them that he would come back. Once behind the steering wheel, Nino turned aside to face Sho.

“So, what’s your opinion about the lit club?” Nino said.
Sho took his own sweet time to answer. “They are pretty frightening, isn’t it? They are speaking about sex so…openly!”
“Yes, they can be too spontaneous sometimes.” Nino laughed, starting the engine.
“But you know…I find them touching somehow. They are trying really hard and they are united.”
“So your verdict Sakurai Sensei?”

Sho thought about it thoroughly. He never expected to attend this kind of meeting…he had have the feeling of landing in an unknown country, where sexuality was part of the daily life and can be openly evocated. A world where men and women were not ashamed by their desires, a world where housewives were organizing gatherings to exchange information about the best way to lead a satisfying sex life. It was kind of disturbing for Sho’s world of assertiveness but surprisingly exhilarating. Yes, if he could marry someone one day, he would surely like to have a wife who would do her best for them to have a satisfying relationship. A moment of shared pleasure with the person he have chosen. He never really perceived it this way though…
And this Nino…Sho could easily understand why these women, his sister included, found him so charming. He didn’t force himself to be seductive he simply had an amazing attractive aura, which Sho never saw in his life. Everything sounded so easy with him, so natural. He was nice, more than nice, he was kind. Sho felt he could blindly trust him.

“Will you teach me Nino?”

Nino simply nodded, patted Sho’s knee and drove him back to the bookstore.


Nino caressed absentmindedly the skinny yellow cat lying on his knees. He had always love these moments before the opening of the shop when he was all alone among his books. Especially in fall, the streets were positively enchanting with a riot of autumnal colours, morning frost glistening along the riverbanks, brisk days filled with abundance of natural lights.
He loved people, he did but sometimes he cherished his dear and necessary loneliness. When he was a child and later a teenager, books were his shelter against the harshness of his world and still today they appeased him, they helped him to recharge his batteries. The kettle pot and the cat was his favourite place on Earth and considering the closure that broke his heart.
Truth to be told, his business wasn’t working that well…nowadays people bought books on the internet and didn’t take the effort to go to the bookstore any more. They weren’t looking for any advice from a flesh and blood librarian, skimming some customer’s reviews online to choose their next book. Such a pity…
Somehow Nino could understand the real interest of ordering from the internet but in his opinion nothing could replace human relationships. A good advice according to the client’s likings was a precious thing even if people tended to forget it. Yet, the bookstore was so much more than a shop. It was a place to live, to share, to eat some good pastries, to make friends sometimes but Nino had to face a cruel reality, it wasn’t enough anymore.
He didn’t fear the financial loss, he could totally lead a satisfying life with the various groups he led but he loved his shop and the sole idea of closing its door for the last time was physically and morally painful. He had to find a solution and quickly. He had an idea but, it was beyond achievable. Better focused on positive things…
He met this guy, this Sakurai Sho, a week ago and Nino had to admit –to himself at least- that he was everything he loved in a man. He was clever but easy to read, self-confident but not snob, gentle but virile. The fact that he was handsome only added to his appeal. His gorgeous physique and his friendly smile were quite a combination.
Besides the fact that Sakurai was straight as an arrow, dating a client was an absolute no-no. Unethical clearly plus Nino wasn’t looking for a relationship, he had more than his share with his last boyfriend who cheated on him openly for months. After two years he was still recovering from this disastrous and toxic liaison with Masataka. Not a month passed without one or two mails from his ex-lover but Nino never dare to open one. He was still too angry with him and with his own naivety.
Yet the meeting he shared with Sakurai made Nino strangely self-conscious for the first time, since a long time. Talking about sex was his daily task, he had a knack for helping people to be at ease with their sexuality even with prude or tense people. Sakurai wasn’t prude or tense, but for some reason he thought sex was a duty, something that he could improve said Mao. A duty? No need to say he never met the right girl, thought Nino because this man couldn’t possibly be a frigid man. He was too sexy for that and once or twice during their short encounter, Nino saw something in his gaze, something which could definitely be interpreted like a blatant sensuality. If only he wasn’t his coach, he would have gladly show him one or two tip to “improve” the way to perform his duty.
“Why are you smiling like a fool?”
Nino turned his head to watch his associate, Jun walking in followed by his boyfriend Masaki. They hanged their coats on the big wooden frame in the shape of a tree set at the entrance and turned around the “open” sign. Then Masaki sat with Nino while Jun poured three mugs of coffee.
They used to take a moment each morning to talk about their two lines of businesses and to organize their schedules. They ran several housewives groups, did some coaching for couples or single people and they had to run the shop at the same time, it required serious organization. The coaching allowed them to keep the bookstore afloat so they couldn’t possibly spit on any new requests even if they had to work their ass out to make it.

“I’m not smiling like a fool, that’s a natural state. I’m here with my two best friends, a purring cat on my knees, obviously I’m smiling like a fool.”
“You were smiling all alone Nino…” Aiba laughed, grabbing the slim cat to put him on his own lap. The cat mewled then dozed off, revelling in Masaki’s expert caresses.
“I was thinking about this new client, the attorney, Sakurai Sho.” Nino confessed gladly. He didn’t fear the judgement of his friends and they obviously noticed Sakurai’s attractiveness.
“Do you like him?” Jun asked, putting his arm surreptitiously around his boyfriend’s shoulder. Those two couldn’t spend more than ten minutes without touching.
“I’d be picky and it wasn’t the case. But I won’t make any move, don’t worry. He’s straight and a client, two major reasons for keeping my hands in my pockets.”
“We’re not worried actually” Jun alleged with a smile “Our only concern is your lack of relationship.”
“I do have relationships!”
“One-night stand doesn’t count as relationship Nino.” Masaki sighed.” You need to find a partner, a real one, someone who will cherish you and will make love to you all night long.”
“I don’t…” Nino chuckled “I don’t even know how to answer to that. I’m not totally ready to~”
“What Masaki is trying to say is that we’d be happy for you if you could fall in love once again. Whoever the guy is, we already love him.”
“You’re precious guys but Sakurai isn’t the man.” Nino sighed bitterly. Things weren’t that simple in his life.
“Whoever the guy is.” Jun repeated, taking the cat from Masaki’s knees to put him back on Nino’s lap.


During several days Sho thought about this strange and unorthodox coaching idea. He and his sister were raised by his mother and his grandmother, his very serious father being absent most of the time for work. Somehow they tended to forget that he was a man. If one could think it was an advantage to understand women, it was far from the truth for Sho Sakurai. On contrary, the lack of man’s presence became a real problem in his life. He didn’t have any virile pattern to follow and he never knew how to compensate for it.
He always thought things would come naturally, that once at the university he would meet the woman fated to be his wife but each time his relationships were short-lived. The waltz of the gokon began shortly after his graduation and each of them was an endless ordeal for the young man who feared leaving a bad impression. If he was brilliant in Court because he played a role and he began to think he wasn’t able to keep a girl more than a few months.
That’s why he finally gave up and followed Mao’s advice to meet Ninomiya. He expected an arrogant man with a tailored suit, some womanizer, certainly not this gentle, discreet, and adorable man. Since then, something tormented Sho. He kept playing in his mind that afternoon spent talking about...hm…fellatio. The way Nino mimicked it with this sex toys tickled his imagination more than he could confess. Sex wasn’t Sho’s thing, and that was it but he felt funny whenever he was with Ninomiya. And this very morning he woke up with a start, because of a vivid wet dream with Ninomiya as the main character. The mail he received later that day from Nino to settle a date in the evening didn’t help him to decipher his feelings. Talking about sex was a bad thing for his peace of mind.
Sho spent the entire day in a haze, wondering what surprise this outing might hold. He went back home after work, showered and carefully chose the most accurate outfit. He used to go to the karaoke with his colleagues but he never set a foot in a nightclub. Too noisy, too many people, no way to talk and too much dancing, it wasn’t his cup of tea. But if Nino decided to meet him there, there must be a reason behind it.
He opted for a classic black shirt and slack and at the appointed time, he parked his car before the “Right side” ironically written upside down. The bouncer opened the door and showed him the way after Sho spoke Nino’s name. Once the threshold crossed, he was surprised by the music. Pleasantly. Nothing too heavy or too loud but a cosy and comfortable atmosphere with a soft jazzy music in the background. The club was only lighted by some dim lights wisely placed around the small groups of drinkers. There were no particular theme like in most of the nightclubs in town, people seemed to be very…normal. No one paid attention to him and Sho felt reassured as he walked to the bar. He asked the barmaid –a tattooed and pierced girl with dreadlocks- if she saw a young, cute and slender man and after a smile she pointed to a place Sho didn’t notice at first.
He took seat in the opened booth situated away from the most boisterous clients after greeting the owner of the bookstore. Nino’s youth hit Sho once again. How old could he be? He was wearing the same kind of clothes from the other day and the same pair of red chucks. Sho put on the table two draft beer, sliding one to Nino.

“I didn’t know if you had a drink choice.”
“Thanks, it’s perfect.” Nino said taking a sip then sucking at the foam on his upper lips. Sho swallowed hard, his gaze inevitably attracted by the delicious mouth. What was wrong with him, Sho thought, feeling his cheeks flushed in a very revealing way. He took off his jacket and gulped a big sip of beer.

“How was your day?” Sho said to pull himself together. Nino smirked and played with his glass.
“It was a busy day…”
“Did you have a meeting?”
“No, I was at the shop all day long. You?” Nino said casually as if they were two friends meeting after a long week of work.
“Too many meetings for one day…” Sho chuckled, surprised that he was badmouthing about a work which was the centre of his life. “I guess your mail saved my day.”
“You love your job?”
“Yeah sure. You?” Without really knowing where this conversation was leading or what the link with his coaching was, Sho began to relax, feeling strangely comfortable with Nino.
“I love both of my jobs. Well, I inherited the shop from my aunt who taught me everything about books and women.” Nino smiled and Sho melted a bit more. “But I have to admit that it doesn’t work out that well lately, we’ll have to close the bookstore if I don’t find a solution soon.”
“Oh, I’m sorry to hear this. What could be the solution?”
Nino thought thoroughly, frowning intensely. “Organize an event to attract people I guess.”
“What kind of event?” Sho insisted, sincerely interested.
Nino put his chin on his opened palm, the ghost of a smile on his lips. “Inviting a well-known writer for a signing session?”
Sho looked around and observed for a while the dancers swaying on the dance floor. “Do you have someone in mind?” Sho whispered, instinctively he knew Nino had an author in mind.
“Ohno S.”
“Ohno S. No one knows her but she’s a best seller, if she accepted to do a signing session at The Kettle pot people around the country would come to meet her. But she’s a ghost. People say she lives on an island, they say she lives abroad…anyway she always refused to meet me. It’s a lost cause.” Nino grinned bitterly and Sho felt like caressing his hand to cheer him up, but he couldn’t right?
“What kind of book does she write?”
“Erotic books of course. Her last one is called “Cucumber, banana and tofu.””
Sho laughed out loud “What kind of name is that?!”
“It’s pretty simple in fact. She classified men’s sex in three categories, the cucumbers, the bananas and the tofu. Imagine you take one and hit your palm with it, do you get the analogy?”
“…” Sho bit his lips and lost himself in the contemplation of his beer to repress the sudden warm under his belt.
“Anyway, this book follows three gay couples, a one in their 50’s, one in their 30’s and the last one a couple in their 20’s. It’s erotic and brilliant.”
“Why this fascination with erotic literature?” Erotic in a general way, Sho wanted to ask, feeling the sting of jealousy pinching him as insane as it seemed.
“I have a knack for the erotic stuff generally speaking, I guess. Let’s say you love playing video games and someone offers a chance you to play all day long for a tidy sum, would you refuse?”
“I don’t know, I’m not talented for anything except work. But don’t you ever get enough of it?”
“If I keep the analogy with the video games, I’d say there are new games each week, each day.”
“Why are we here?” Sho said, trying to move away from this slippery slope.
“Clubs are perfect for meeting people, to observe them. It’s the place to hit on people, do you club from time to time?”
“Never.” Sho shook his head.
“Even with friends?”
“Never, I don’t like clubs but somehow it’s different here, we can talk and people are pretty normal…”
Nino grinned ironically. “For a so self-confident man you’re very timid.”
“I had some bad experience.” Sho thought Nino was about to mock him but he didn’t.
“But you’re doing what it takes to change it, it’s great.” Nino reached out and brushed Sho’s hand gently. Sho blushed but didn’t move his hand –no way- until he felt a gaze on him.
“Hello Nino!”
“Hi Toma, how are you? It’s been a while…” Nino said taking back his hand surreptitiously.
“Nothing new under the sun, the usual stuff. Tell me…” The new incomer detailed Sho shamelessly and leaned on Nino’s ear to whisper something.
“No, he’s a friend.” Nino answered back.
Toma smiled and brushed Nino’s lips with his.
“Call me.”
“I’ll do. Promise.”

The man strode back to the counter and Nino looked at him with a smile.

“Why did he look at me that way?” Sho asked, irritated.
“Nothing. He wanted to know if you were my boyfriend.”
“Your boyfriend? But…don’t you like women?” Sho felt like slapping himself for being so stupid. For the way his heart fluttered too.
“I’m gay if this is the implied question. Does it bother you?” Nino asked straightforwardly.
“Of course not. And this Toma guy was your boyfriend?” Why did he sound like an angry jealous mistress thought Sho, yet unable to keep his mouth shut.
Nino moved forward to tease him. “Are you interested?”
“I’m curious, that’s all.” Sho tried his best to keep his composure, failing lamentably.
“Curiosity is good and I’m glad to interest you that much. He’s only a friend with benefits.”
“I can’t.” Sho said firmly. “I can’t do this. The friend with benefits stuff. If I meet a woman I want to see her like the woman of my life, I want to cherish her and make love to her.”
“You know, that’s probably your problem. You putting too much pressure on her shoulders and on yours too. You certainly are a very thoughtful lover, following every advice you ever read in books about making love. Ten minutes of foreplay, perhaps a cunnilingus to prepare her, privileging her orgasm above yours.”
Right on the mark thought Sho bitterly. “And that’s a bad thing?”
Nino scooted aside until touching Sho, then leaned forward to talk in confidence. “For being a good lover you have to be more egotistic. Think about your own pleasure. Nothing is as arousing as an aroused partner. Stop thinking and unleash the beast.” Nino murmured all against Sho’s ear.
“I…I can’t.” Sho swallowed the lump in his throat.
“Just close your eyes Sho.” Sho was surprised to hear his first name but it created an intimacy which moved him deeply, setting his chest on fire. He shut his eyelids slowly and felt Nino moving closer and closer, feeling his warmth all against his body.
“I’m gonna ask you to let yourself go. Try to focus on the sensations, okay?”
Sho nodded in silent, his body tensed, waiting and apprehending what would come next. He felt Nino’s breath tickling his jaw then his cold lips on his neck, just under the lobe of his ear. He was paralyzed and thrilled.

“Hush…relax.” Nino murmured in his ear. ”Do you feel the warm of my tongue and the freshness of my breath, the wetness of my lips? Is it good?”

Sho felt his heart hammering and his skin itching under the too delightful caress. He was unable to answer, words were stuck in his painful throat. Nino began to nibble the lobe of Sho’s ear, whispering sweet words before going back to the cheek, which he kissed tenderly.
Nino moved back and Sho was about to protest when he sensed Nino’s lips on his eyelids then at the corner of his eyes. Sho felt a flock of butterflies taking off in his lower belly but he didn’t dare to move in order not to break the magic moment. No haste, no hands on him, only Nino’s mouth exploring his face with a confusing sensuality. Nino kissed his cheekbones and Sho licked his dry lips. He could swear he heard Nino smiling. But he had only one desire, to let him take his mouth, to feel it on his, he was craving for it.
It was wrong.
But at this very moment, he didn’t care, it was too delicious and too pleasurable to reject Nino. On contrary, he wanted his hands on him, he wanted him to want him, this so adorable and sexy man. He couldn’t suppress a moan when Nino pecked the corner of his lips then a chaste kiss on his mouth. Then finally, finally, Sho felt a hot tongue brushing his lower lip, Nino’s hot breath, exciting him madly. His pants grew tighter and tighter and he was perfectly aware that Nino could see his erection through his tight-fitting pants. But he was rather proud. He didn’t mind if Nino knew how he felt when he kissed him, he wanted nothing but make love to him.

“Open your mouth.”

Sho opened gladly complied. Nino’s tongue immediately caressed his. At last. It was like a firework exploding through his body, through his brain. Softly, smoothly, Sho tasted him, enjoying the unexpected groan of pleasure from Nino. Sho kept his hands on his own lap even though he was dying to caress those messy hair, that delicate neck and slide a thumb into his delicious mouth.

“You can open your eyes.”

Already? Sho opened his eyes and fell back on earth. His cheeks were beet red and his breath was shallow. He wanted to tell him to carry on, to ask him to go somewhere else, his home or Nino’s, he was ready.

“You’re too good to let things go for my own sanity, sorry.” Nino said looking everyone but Sho.
“I’ve got to go. I’ll call you later?”

Nino raised, leaving behind a perplexed Sho. He had to wait a moment before going back to his car, he couldn’t walk through the dance floor with a boner so he observed Nino, who was now with the guy he met before. This Toma. Nino grabbed the guy’s butt unsubtly. Apparently he wasn’t the only one who needed to find some release and Sho admitted willingly that somehow he wished that Nino asked him for help.


“Mister Ninomiya? Ohno sensei can’t answer positively to your request unfortunately.”
Nino sighed desperately “Can you at least leave her a message?”
“Of course. Like I always did. Each time you called us.”

Nino hanged up out of irritation. This literary agent was a frigging watchdog. He called the publishing house of Ohno for the umpteenth time and not once did he have the chance to talk to the author. Was the woman even real?! It was so frustrating and damn…Nino was totally fucked up. Nothing seemed to work lately.
Last night had been such a disaster, Nino idiotically thought that he could get lucky with Ohno. His aunt always said ”lucky at card, unlucky in love. Seems that idiom was a crap too.
He cursed another time when a stack of book he didn’t notice fell on the floor noisily.

“Are you okay Nino?” Aiba called from the kitchen and Nino reassured him vaguely.

His head was a mess and if he had to be totally honest, it had nothing to do with Ohno or with the bookstore but everything to do with his last client.
What did he do to Sakurai?! Where were his good resolutions, his ethics? Probably somewhere in his pants…or in Sakurai’s.
That outing had a purpose, to show Sho that he could seduce, be desired and maybe spent a night of sex with a beautiful girl he barely knew. To prove him that sex without commitment could be fun and liberating.
God. He screwed up everything.
The club had another advantage, they won’t be alone and Nino sincerely believed he could resist the temptation, to push Sakurai towards the first woman he could like.
Nothing went as he planned from the very beginning. He watched Sakurai entering the club, walking to the counter and ordering two beers –what a gentleman- and he saw his gaze changing the second their eyes met. Was it joy, kindness or real interest? The only thing Nino knew was that he spent the next hour talking about his life, about his job and such, which was far from the goal of the outing. It wasn’t a damn date, Nino repeated to himself again and again, yet he couldn’t help but enjoy that face-to-face. This man was perfect. A perfect perfection and the icing on the cake? He didn’t have a clue. The funniest thing was that Sakurai acted as if they were on date truly. He seemed to be interested in him not as coach but as human being and did he really imagine those tender looks, those flushed cheeks?
Sho had rolled his sleeves up and for the first time Nino noticed the knobby bones of his wrists that duck out and looked so…bitable. Forearms were Nino’s fetish and Sho’s were fan-fucking-tastic. That was probably the moment Nino knew he was smitten. Or fucked, depending.
Nino knew when someone hit on him, when someone was receptive to his charm but with Sakurai he was lost. How did they slide from a general conversation to this small game of seduction? Nino ignored it, or rather he knew too well he wanted to seduce him. See me, he wanted to scream, kiss me. He craved to taste Sakurai’s mouth since the day they met. Yet he never thought he had a chance. But Toma interrupted them and everything changed. Sakurai was jealous, it was written all over his face and Nino gave up resisting. He really thought that Sakurai would push him away. Sincerely. But he didn’t.
Nino smelled Sho’s chiseled jaw, his perfumed and so soft skin and the next thing he knew was that they were kissing as if there was no tomorrow without paying attention to the world around them.
During this kiss, his mind howled at him, to move away, to leave Sho alone but kissing him was like no other experience, a piece of heaven. Surprisingly Sho’s sulky moan had been his saving grace. Nino was hard as rock and for a second he contemplated the idea to grab Sho’s hand to put it to his crotch, to go to the next level by showing him how he felt. What an irony, only a few minutes before he told him that he had to be egotistic but Nino refused to be egotistic with Sho. It would be like taking advantage of a man who had never explored his sensuality. No way.

“What happened Nino? Just climb down this ladder please, you gonna hurt yourself.”

Nino looked down at Jun who was reaching out. He took his hand and let Jun leading him to a table where Aiba had already sat.

“Do tell us.” Aiba slid a cup of tea to Nino.
“I screwed up everything with Sakurai yesterday. I…I kissed him.”
Jun and Masaki exchanged an accomplice look and together murmured a “And?”
“And nothing. I managed to run away before things go too wild.”
“Did he reject you?” Masaki asked, concerned.
“No! No, it was a good kiss, it was beyond good, it was…thrilling. It was a fuck-me-tease-me kiss.”
“So why did you run away?!”
“Because he’s a client and he wants a wife not a boyfriend.”
“That, you don’t know.” Jun argued, grabbing Masaki’s hand to intertwine their fingers. “Did you apologize, mailed him, texted him?”
“No I…don’t yell at me, I left the club with Toma under Sakurai’s eyes. To make him understand, you know…” Nino said sheepishly, feeling pitiful like never before.
“Did you spend the night with Toma?” Jun groaned. Masaki and Jun disliked deeply Toma because he was –according the happy couple- too shallow and fickle for Nino.
“Of course not. After Sho…I didn’t want someone else.”
“Call him.” Masaki said enthusiastically.
“No. And I won’t. You guys will take over the job.”
Jun sighed desperately. “I don’t get you here. I know you’re fond of him, why don’t you give your story a chance?”
“Because there is no story, only in my head. I don’t want to fall for a het.”
“You already fell for him, right?” Masaki said emotionally.
“That’s why I ask you to take care of him. I can’t face him now.”
After a long silence Jun petted Nino’s head. “’Course we’ll do.”

Nino hated himself for choosing the easy way but honestly, he couldn’t deal with his crush now. Just a few days and he would get over it.

Nino was restless. Wandering in his own bookstore, talking to some clients, creating new signs for the new writing contest planned for the next month, cleaning the counter and the windows…but nothing could distract him enough to make him stop thinking about what was happening at this very moment.
Jun was with Sho in a coffee shop and together they will go to a new lit club, aka another housewives sex frat. Nino hated that thought. He was angry, jealous and so tired because he didn’t sleep the previous night.
Sho called him again and again but not once Nino did answered. He simply gave his number to Jun and as soon as the latter called Sho, the phone calls stopped. It hurt more than Nino could tell, as idiotic as it seemed. What did he expect? A song under his balcony, a declaration of his undying love? He wasn’t a kid anymore and that’s precisely why he wanted to avoid Sho.
All in all, he felt lucky to have cut shorted this silliness, if it hurt now it would have been far worse later once he was really involved. Yes, Nino felt lucky.
Gosh he hated his qualms.
Jun hadn’t be very talkative about what he planned to do with Sho and Masaki didn’t evocated the delicate subject either. They helped him a lot when Masataki broke Nino’s heart, since then they were very protective like elder brothers watching over a fragile little brother. But he wasn’t fragile, he was just insecure when it came to his love life. And Sho was definitely the type of man who will be able to break his heart in thousand pieces.
Where were they now? What are they talking about already …what was the subject of the day? Ah yeah, sodomy…argh!
Nino closed the shop very late that evening, he never really had things like opening and closing hours. He used to follow his mood and the schedule of his extra activities. It was almost ten when he closed the door on the last customer and Nino stopped short on the threshold.
On the other side of the street Sakurai was standing, hands in his pockets and he was staring at him. Nino didn’t think twice and stepped forward while Sho joined him under the sign of the shop.
“Why the Kettle pot and the cat?” Sho asked with a smile.
“I guess my aunt had a wild imagination…or not at all. This antique red kettle pot had always been here and there are always some cats in the bookstore. Why are you here Mister Sakurai?”
“I figured out I didn’t know the name of the cat.”
“Don’t know either. He never told me.” Nino murmured, looking at the fluffy white cat behind the window. Sho laughed and Nino couldn’t help but smile like a fool. He didn’t know why Sho was here but Nino was happy beyond words to see him when he didn’t expect him anymore.
Sho moved toward him surreptitiously and Nino stepped back until his back met the stone wall. He was stuck against it and Sho’s body and his lower belly started a dance of joy. He couldn’t lie to himself any longer, he was pining after Sho, badly. Yet the same problem remained.

“Did…did you meet Jun tonight?”
“I didn’t go, I spent my evening watching you from the other side of the street.” Nino chuckled awkwardly “Nothing creepy, don’t worry!” Sho corrected immediately.
Nino smirked nicely. “You spent the evening watching me but it’s not creepy?”
“I had to take a decision.” Sho closed the small gap between them putting a hesitant hand on Nino’s cheek.
Nino’s gaze fell on this pulpous mouth that he craved for so much “What decision?”
“Don’t give up on me yet, Nino.”
“I…” Sho didn’t let him finish, taking his lips fiercely while pinning him against the wall his two hands on Nino’s hips. Nino didn’t even think about pushing him away or to struggle, he simply knotted his arms around Sho’s neck and swallowed a moan of delight. The man was a serious kisser and quickly Nino lost ground, asking for more, grabbing the nape of Sho’s neck harder to deepen the kiss. He parted his legs and welcomed Sho between his thighs. But Sho stepped back.
“I didn’t…I came to give you something.”

Nino caught his breath, half confused, half disappointed, hundred percent aroused. He shrugged warily.

“Here.” Sho retrieved a folded paper in his back pocket and after lifting Nino’s hand to put it in his palm. “That’s all for tonight…I guess.”
“I guess.”
Sho gave him a boyish smile and after a last peck, left the place. Nino began to sober up after a few seconds opened his hand, unfolded the paper and smothered a cry.
“No. Way.” Nino murmured before running back to the bookstore.

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