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Title: Sympathy for the devil
Authors: [livejournal.com profile] wendyjoly
Genre: Yakuza, schemes and love
Special thanks to my beta the indispensable Juju ([livejournal.com profile] jtaytt)
Warnings: The yakuza world is violent and tough, if you’re uneasy with this kind of harshness you should probably not read this.
Type: Multichapter
Rating: PG-13 – NC-17
Fandoms: Arashi (main), mentioned also members of V6, Kanjani8 and other Johnny's groups. Ikuta Toma, Oguri Shun
Pairing: mainly Sakumiya
Summary: Ninomiya Kazunari is a yakuza, member of the most powerful clan of Tokyo. Since the death of the head of the clan, a race to succeed him had begun while new families of yakuza are trying to take the control of the city. In this turbulent situation, a new apprentice is entrusted to Ninomiya which is far to please him.



How did he manage to slide in his daily life so skillfully…surreptitiously? Sho couldn’t explain. Bit by bit, insidiously, Nino had become part of his daily scenery again, present at the club when he arrived, helping him to run his business discreetly.

The day Ken consulted Nino rather than him about an artist, he was sincerely surprised and startled. Sho didn’t see it coming. Nino was still so strong, so persistent and unexpected in spite of everything Sho knew about him. Since the day when Mee-na left with Ohno, they established a kind of status-quo. Not talking about their past relationship, about what they went, about what the future would hold…an absolute constraint of their feelings. Why? Putting words on the indescribable, trying to not break a bond so tenuous that it would split into pieces the moment one of them would open the fire was unthinkable. There were those exchanged gazes, those innuendos, this palpable sexual tension but nothing tangible and not once a confession. Sho was unsure how to forgive, unsure how to cope without him, he was totally aware of it and so he let time pass by, without speaking words about what he felt for him, and above all without reflecting about it.

But when Nino smirked, so tantalizingly that Sho’s body craved for him, he had to look elsewhere and thought about something else to turn himself off. If Nino was unlucky enough to talk to him in one of those moments, Sho poured out the wrath and the anger brought forth by his frustration on him. Nino was witty enough to pretend to be angry back, as if he didn’t get the reasons behind those mood swings, he left the place cursing and slamming the door. He came back the next morning without a comment. But there was no time machine and nothing would bring them back to the moment they were master and apprentice, when they trusted each other. They sucked with it. Taking a rain check.

“Did you hear about Mee-na lately?” Nino asked one night at closing time after making his report about the auditions he did in the afternoon.

Nino was slowly pacing in the office, playing with the books and junks on the shelves, clearly trying to have a conversation. Sho let him talk, with amusement, the ghost of a smile adorning his lips, without raising his gaze from his account book.

“Yeah, she sent me a telegram last week. Nothing new, she's still teaching children of the village, she’s doing fine, Ohno taught her how to fish and Momo is expecting a child.”

“This Momo girl would get through everything,” Nino laughed, his cigarette hanging from the corner of his lips as he sat on a couch.

“Not everybody is made for misfortune, you know.”

“Sho-kun, Sho-kun,” Nino sighed. “You sound like an old widow…you’ll see her soon, your Mee-na!”

“I know…but I can’t help it, I miss her,” Sho took off his glasses, rubbing his tired eyes. It was pretty rare to hear Sho talking so openly, Nino decided to push his luck further.


“And? What?”

“When the great Sakurai Sho goes back home, alone…”

“What do you want to know exactly, Nino?” Sho asked leaning back in his armchair, taking a cigarette, and putting it to his mouth slowly gauging Nino.

“It’s been a while since you go back home, to Shinjuku. You always seem to come from your apartment upstairs.”

“Are you spying on me now?!”

“No need to spy on you to see, it’s pretty obvious.”

“Okay, it’s true and?”

“I don’t know. You could sell it. Why do you keep that house?”

“That is a family house, you won’t get the concept but I can’t just sell it. It’s sentimental.”

“Because that’s where you lived with Ikuta?”

“Because that’s where I lived with Mee-na and my mother, asshole,” Sho began to lose his composure like every time they evoked a personal subject. “Why are you talking about this suddenly?”

“He’s gone for months and despite all those twinks turning around you –your employees to begin with - you’re always alone. I was thinking that you were still in love, that’s all. If you want to talk about it, I’m here…”

Sho remained silent then chuckled ironically and lighted his cigarette. Then he got serious, scowling at Nino.

“Okay. Let’s go back to the moment you didn’t give a shit about my love and lust stories and I’ll do the same.”

“Why are you so aggressive when I’m only trying to be nice to you?” Nino was doing his best not to lose his calm, for once he hoped they could have this conversation that Sho had been refusing him so far.

“Nino…have you ever feel so pathetic and sleazy that you can’t even face the person you hurt? Of course, you know how it feels.”

“Let’s say I didn’t hear that,” Nino looked around, sighing with despise.

“That’s what happened with Toma. He offered me his heart and I shredded it to pieces. For an entire year. I’ve never been able to love him and I let him leave me without even trying to hold him back. End of the story. Do you want to know who I fuck since he left? No one.”

Nino was staring at him with intensity. Was he the only one responsible for the sadness of his ex-shatei? Was it his fault that the man who shared his life left him? He tried to crush the inappropriate glimmer of joy he felt hearing that unexpected confession. Nino raised up and sat down at the edge of Sho’s desk and the latter gazed at him without a move.


But nothing came, no intelligent or witty line…he leaned forward slowly and put his hand on Sho’s cheek, making him raise his chin, asking for permission to kiss him. They stared at each other straightforwardly for an endless minute, then Sho half-closed his eyes and moved forward, giving up to the struggle. Perhaps it was the thing to do after all. Giving up to the desire that was killing them and see what would come. As they were pecking each other’s lips, a loud knock on the door interrupted them. Nino moved back and cursed. He jumped from his place, opening the door, deciding to send the one who dared disturb them to hell. But the man on the threshold was the last person he expected to see.

“Chief Matsumoto, what are you doing here?”

“I had to meet the two of you. Don’t be surprised to see me here, I’m pretty well informed, despite what you guys are thinking. I wanted to bring you the news by myself, I guess everybody will know soon. Oguri is dead.”


“No, Oguri son. The fallen Oyabun…he killed himself two hours ago.”

Nino whirled around and looked at Sho, the hand still on the doorknob, too dumbfounded to say a word.

“What happened?” Sho asked, approaching Matsumoto.

“He was found dead in his office at the Fifth Ace, gutted. Apparently he used a katana he kept in the office. There was a woman by his side and his personal chest had been opened. We guessed they fought since his face was covered by scratches. The barman of the club called me.”

Sho saw Nino’s knuckles whitening on the metallic piece and walked toward him, fore feeling of the drama to come.

“And the woman?” Sho asked blankly.

“Dead too, he strangled her. He did his best shot though, her trachea was almost crashed…”

“Do you know who she was?”

“Hm, sure,” he took off the notebook from his inner pocket. “It was Hiroshima Rosa, the owner of the club,” Matsumoto concluded, clasping the black notebook to close it. “Was she a friend of yours?”

“More or less,” Sho murmured taking a glance at his colleague who was clenching his jaws.

“Thanks for coming, Matsumoto-san.”

“You’re welcome. After all, you worked as hard as me to make him fall I had to tell you in person.”

“Good night.”

“Good night,” the policeman mimicked a smile before he took his leave.

Sho and Nino remained silent for a while, each of them paralyzed, like thunderstruck. Sho brushed his mouth, his gaze on the petite silhouette by his side. He put his hand on his shoulder to support him.

“Nino, I~”

“Don’t touch me!!” Nino screamed, pushing his arm firmly, red with anger.


“Was it you? That’s it? Your revenge?”

Sho opened his eyes wide, unable to believe what he heard. “What?!”

“I took your sister and you gave him Rosa?”

“What fucking shit are you talking about?”

“To Oguri. Did you tell him she was the one stealing his fucking files?!”

“You’re blinded by the pain, I won’t ever do this kind of abomination, and you know it,” Sho kept his voice even, his heart squeezing painfully for Nino. “I loved Rosa.”

Nino crouched on the floor, his hands cupping his head, visibly biting the inside of his cheeks. He was losing his head and Sho who always saw him as a master of himself suddenly freaked out. In the span of a minute, he saw the teenager hidden in the restroom where his father was just murdered before his eyes.

Nino growled huskily, “I deserve it, right? She did this for me, he killed her because of me. Say it, SAY IT!! Tell me it serves me right, I made my bed, now I have to lie in it!! Do tell me, you’re dying to!”

Sho moved forward, cautiously kneeling by his side, putting a hand on his back. Nino curled himself up a bit more, his body jolting, offering no room for Sho to comfort him. Sho insisted and managed to hold Nino against him. He let him sob his grief, like an inconsolable child who just lost his mother. Sho lulled him tenderly until the moment he felt him relaxing, until the sobs became silent tears.

“Come,” he whispered against his hair, taking his elbow to help him stand.

He led him to his flat upstairs and made him sit down on his couch, then poured him a whisky that he put in his hand.

“Drink it,” Sho commanded him.

Nino’s eyes were puffy and swollen but he obeyed without thinking twice, his gaze empty, grimacing as the alcohol was burning his throat. Sho sat across from him, taking off his vest when Nino’s whisper surprised him.

“His chest was open, she was probably stealing files when he caught her red-handed. That’s probably why he killed himself, to cleanse his honor. When he understood that she had sold him to the police and that he was about to be totally discredited.”

“She knew what she was doing, Nino. Nothing would have forced her to go against her will. She was a sensible woman. He was the monster! Just like the death of your father…you’re not responsible for what people are doing for love, even for you. It was their free will.”

Nino gave him the look of a man who was drowning.

“It doesn’t change what I did,” Nino murmured. “I should have known better. You have to be careful about what you wish. I had my revenge. The precious son is dead. And Rosa’s life was the price to be paid.”

“What’s the point in hurting yourself?”

Nino left the couch and began to pace around the room, his voice raising bit by bit, amplifying.

“Why? Why are you so gentle with me now? Why don’t you tell me I’m a monster who killed the woman he loved like a mother and destroyed your sister’s life to quench his thirst of revenge?”

“It’s useless,” Sho answered tiredly. “And Mee-na forgave you.”

“But Rosa would never have the chance to forgive me. I killed her as surely as if I had strangled her myself. And you…because of me, you’re a lonely man, Sho. Your sister is living far from you and the man you loved and who loved you broke up with you.”

“You have nothing to do with my story with Toma.”

“Of course I do! Open your fucking eyes! If you hadn’t been blinded by the hatred you had for me and your desire to save Mee-na you would have realized that you loved him.”

“I…I didn’t.”

“Stop it with those bullshit already! Why did you stay with him for so long? Do you really think I can’t see that you’re not going home anymore because you can’t stand to be in that house when he isn’t? But I keep my mouth shut, I let you think I’m better than him, I let you sink into your loneliness because it will be easier to have you for myself if you’re down.”

“What are you looking for Nino? Do you want me to be angry with you? Should I beat you, to punish you for what you did to Rosa? Will that make you feel better?”

“Yes, please,” Nino said huskily, looking at Sho straightforwardly. “Punch me. Think about what he did to Mee-na thanks to me.”

Sho felt the familiar rage overwhelming him as he imagined Oguri’s hand around Rosa’s neck, around Mee-na’s neck…he didn’t think further and gaining momentum, made him fall on the floor with a powerful punch, the bones of his hand cracking just like Nino’s face. Nino rolled on the floor and straightened up, the arch of the eyebrow and the cheekbone bleeding badly, the scarlet blood dripping to his chin.

“Again,” he said firmly, standing solidly on his two legs.

Sho ran to him, tossing away the armchair in his way, beating Nino up. Nino didn’t answer, didn’t protect himself, the both of them fell to the floor. All the rage and the resentment from those months of nightmares poured abundantly and continuously onto his ex-partner.

Blinded by his anger, Sho barely noticed that Nino was motionless, totally unresponsive under his fists. Straddling him, holding him firmly, he watched his knuckles covered with blood, wondering if it was his own blood. Panic took him as he regained control of himself. Did he kill him? He shook Nino to make him react, his heart beating like a drum.

“Nino! Hey! Open your eyes! Nino!”

He grabbed Nino to carry him to his bed. Sho opened Nino’s shirt, panicking when he noticed the numerous bruises on his torso.

“Fuck Nino, come back! Don’t leave me alone! NINO!!”

Sho put his ear over Nino’s heart and sighed with relief when he heard it beating firmly. He fetched what he needed to take care of the injuries from his small washroom and after cleaning them with water and soap, he used his whisky to disinfect the wounds. Nino tensed and groaned.

“Did you just try to kill me?” he murmured feebly. Sho laughed with relief and resumed his task.

“It serves you right.”

“I know,” Nino said, half-opening a swollen eyelid. “Thanks,” he caressed Sho’s wrist gratefully.

“You’re welcome, my friend.”


“Excuse me, I’m looking for Ohno Mee-na-san.”

“You’ll find her at school…,” an old lady said with a quavering voice pointing a wooden house boarding the beach.

“Thanks,” Sho answered putting his bag on his back.

After Rosa’s brutal death, Sho didn’t leave Nino’s side. He feared what he would do to himself if he was alone. Now that Rosa was gone, he blamed himself for her death, his old demons began haunting his days and nights. After the closing the club he joined Nino in his apartment, he tried to soothe him, even if he knew that only time would ease his pain. Time and his presence by his side.

When he laid with him in the dark and he heard his shallow and painful breath because of his cracked ribs, Sho couldn’t help but caress his hair tenderly to comfort him. Sho would have cried in anger, yet he knew that Nino’s physical pain was less intense than the moral torture which he was experiencing, that being beaten prevented him from committing suicide like Oguri. Sho would like erasing all this mess magically, to find back the cocky Nino with his characteristic mischievous look. But when he gazed at him, all he could see was a deep suffering and the love Nino had for him. And his heart clutched for him. Paralyzed by his old resentments, he was unable to give him the love he begged for. The love he had for him, was it strong enough for him to trust Nino, to forget the hatred he bore, all the wrongs they did to each other? Time…just time…too many questions without answers piled up in his head, making any decision impossible to take.


“Nino…I have to leave,” Sho announced the day after Rosa’s inhumation as they were lying in bed together.

“Where are you going?”

“I have to see Mee-na and Ohno, tell them what happened. She can come back in Tokyo if she wants. Nothing threatens her now.”

“For how long will you be away?”

“Don’t know. I thought I should go to Osaka too,” Sho said quickly.


“I have to meet Toma. To apologize for what I did to him.”

Nino had rolled over to face Sho, hiding a grimace of pain. “Will you come back? Or stay with him?”

Sho watched Nino reaching out without daring a real touch. “I don’t know yet, Nino. I met my attorney, you will replace me at the Nemesis as long as I’m away.”

Sho stopped talking and they remained silent, each of them lost in their thoughts.

“Do you love him?” Nino finally asked, following the train of his thoughts. Sho didn’t answer, obstinately fixated on the ceiling. He heard Nino cursing when he rose up, then he felt him caressing his cheek to make him turn his head.

“Whatever you do, I won’t move, don’t worry for me…thanks for taking care of me, I would have understood if you had kick my ass out. You’re a good man, even if I didn’t meet a lot of good men in my life, I can’t really compare…”

Sho laughed and swallowed the knot in his throat, suppressing a tear blurring his view. He was gone the next morning without waking up his companion and taking the train for Osaka before riding to Yokohama.


He found the fishermen’s town with the map drawn by his sister easily and had been stunned by the peaceful atmosphere of the place. No wonder the executioner hid his sister here. One could easily forget the rest of the world in this out-of-time village.

He stopped in front of a wooden house. The door was open so he could hear the voices and the laughter of the children. They were saying good-bye to their teacher and he waited patiently for the last student’s departure to lean against the frame door. Mee-na was at her desk on the other side of the classroom, with her back to him.

“Ohno-san?” Sho called.

Mee-na whirled around and ran to him, screaming, hugging Sho as if her life was depending on it. Sho hugged her back but Mee-na felt him tensing in her embrace.

“Sho? What happens?”

“I think that…your husband has his sword on my back,” Sho murmured, feeling the pressure decreasing on his back. Mee-na looked over his brother’s shoulder and laughed genuinely crossing the serious gaze of her husband who was putting his sword away.

“Someone told me a man was looking for my wife,” Ohno said without really apologizing.

“Good evening, Ohno-san,” Sho turned around to greet his brother-in-law with a smirk on his face. “I see you’re keeping a close eye on my sister.”

“Not really,” the ex-yakuza said, hanging his head.

“You see, I’m well protected,” Mee-na laughed again, walking past her brother to reach Satoshi, kissing him on the cheek, making him blush like a newlywed.

Sho arched a skeptical eyebrow wondering where he just landed.

“Are you hungry, Oppa?”

Sho smiled joyfully. This smile, this Oppa that he never thought he would hear again. “Yeah, I’m starving.”

“So come home with us , I’m so happy to see you!” she took his hand and dragged him outside.

The three of them walked through the village and Mee-na introduced him to everybody, proudly, Sho was greeting them awkwardly, feeling like a stranger in this community which welcomed his sister so gently.

Ohno’s house was nice and welcoming and Sho’s heart skipped a beat when he noticed beyond the ocean smell, there was the floral perfume of his sister. A feeling of well-being overwhelmed him, his look falling on the happy couple who were eyeing each other as if nothing else existed in the universe. They seemed to be happy…a happiness like he never witnessed for a long time, probably never. He would have gladly slide into the peaceful and sweet happiness, seeing them smiling with simplicity and love. He didn’t speak a word, just sat down and watched them.

When the tea had been served, Sho opened the fire. “Oguri is dead.”

Ohno and Mee-na exchanged a gaze and Sho tried to understand their silent conversation. They didn’t answer yet, they simply linked their hands, intertwined their ringed fingers.

“So, Ohno-san, you’re free. I can bring back Mee-na with me back to Tokyo, she isn’t threatened anymore,” Sho said mischievously.

Mee-na opened the mouth to argue but nothing seemed to come up.

“That’s…yes, I understand…but…”

“But?” Sho smiled.

She blushed lightly and taking a look at her husband she said, “I want to stay with Satoshi. I want to stay with my husband.”

“Oh, I see…,” Sho just said.

When the evening came, Mee-na walked with him along the beach and they sat down on the sand, watching the sun going down coloring the sky with orange and pink.

“You really do love him, right, Mee-na ?”

“Hm…Yes, I do. Definitely. Like I never thought I could love someone…,” she smiled wider.

“I never saw you this happy before. I’m glad for the both of you.”

“He’s a wonderful man. And I found a real family here. Can I…tell you a secret?”

“Sure. I won’t say anything,” Sho approached her leaned toward his sister like a conspirator.

“I was intending to say it today to Satoshi. But since you’re here, you are the first to know…I’m expecting a little baby.”

Sho smiled at this unexpected happiness.

“Congratulations, Sister.”




“How can you be so serene after everything you went through? I’m so…angry.”

“Are you still blaming Nino?” she asked with perspicacity.

Sho nodded quickly, eyeing the ocean.

“You’re proud, Sho. But pride won’t bring you happiness.”

“I’m not proud!”

Mee-na chuckled. Sho could be so childish sometimes, it was good to tease him again.

“Are you in love with him?”

“NO! I’m not. Yakuza aren’t gays.”

She laughed genuinely seeing the prude air of her brother.

“I’m a big girl now, you can tell me anything, you know…I won’t scold you.”

“Nee-chan…,” Sho moved closer until he was being all against her like they did when they were children, when his sister could fix everything. She put an arm around his shoulders, kissing his cheek, letting the sound of the waves penetrate their brain, bringing them a peace of mind.

“Life is beautiful, Sho,” she murmured after a while, putting her palm on her belly. “But like every important lesson learned, there is a heavy price to pay.”

Sho straightened and cuddled her. She was freeing him from his protector’s condition and pushed him to live his own life.

“Since when is my big sister so wise?”

“I’ve always been…you just didn’t notice, that’s all.”

“I miss you so much, Mee-na.”

“I miss you too, Oppa.”

That night, when Sho laid down on his futon, he heard the couple murmuring on the other side of the thin wall, then heard a scream followed by a “husssssh”, then some giggles.
He smiled for his sister’s happiness, the weight of the guilt finally falling from his shoulders.


When he came back to Tokyo and entered the Nemesis he greeted everybody and walked straight to his office where he found Nino sitting at the desk, reading an account book. His face had lost its shades of red and when Sho came in he held his breath, rapidly hanging the head to hide his feelings.

“They are expecting a baby,” Sho began after tossing his coat and his bag onto the couch. “Mee-na and Ohno, they are expecting a baby.”

“Oh…,” Nino said without raising the head.

“If you can see her. She’s so happy, she looks like a twelve year old girl. As if nothing happened.”

“Mee-na is a very strong woman,” Nino said, finally crossing Sho’s gaze.

“I didn’t know. But yes, she’s stronger than the entire clan. And Ohno became a loving and caring husband!”

“I’d like to see that,” Nino walked by the desk and poured two glasses of whisky.

“I’d like you to see that,” Sho achieved without a look.

Nino felt his heart beating faster. Did he dream the hint or did he really speak about a common future?

“I brought you some gifts!” Sho showed a package. “Mee-na gave me some food. I’m not sure you want to eat this, she pretty sucks in the kitchen, but her husband is still walking on his two legs so~”

“Don’t make me laugh!” Nino grimaced, putting his two hands at his ribs.

“Sorry,” Sho said, pointing Nino’s chest.

“You don’t have to apologize. We overcame this, right?”


“The way we hurt each other.”

“You’re right, we overcame that.”

“And Osaka?” Nino asked taking a sip of his whisky.

“I went before going to Yokohama.”

“Do you want to talk about it?”

“Not really.”

“Very well.”

“But I met him and I apologized. He thanked me and told me he's seeing someone. A woman. He wishes us to be happy.”



They remained silent for one or two seconds, then Sho leaned toward Nino, half-closing his eyelids, zeroing on his perfect kissable lips, his breath becoming shallow before taking the unavoidable kiss. Nino moaned in the kiss and Sho moved back.

“Oh, sorry! I forgot! Did I hurt you?”

“Five seconds ago, we said we don’t have to apologize.”

“True…I forgot.”

“And for the record. I wasn’t moaning because it hurt.”

“You’re moaning because you like my kiss?”

“You’re doing pretty well, yes.”

“So…do we continue?”

“Yeah, you can kiss me. Please. Kiss me.”

Sho smiled and put tenderly his mouth on Nino’s, taking it with shallow and sweet pecking while the latter sat on his laps, untying his tie and opening the first buttons of his shirt to slide his hand inside. When Nino tried to deepen their kiss, Sho pushed him away.


“First, we have to wait a bit before going farther, then…”


“Rhmmm…,” Sho cleared his throat looking over his shoulder. “If you don’t climb out from my laps right now, I can’t swear I’ll behave.”

“We don’t give a shit about behaving. We’re not meant to behave anyway.”

“So move!” Sho commanded, pushing Nino for good, readjusting his pants.

“But we just said…and look at your state! I’m pretty sure I can help you with that.”

“I have no doubts about it. But I won’t do this in my office.”

“Do what?”

“Love. I won’t make love to you in my office.”

Nino opened the mouth to answer but he blushed instead. Sho laughed when Nino took their coats hastily and swung open the door, reaching out to take his hand.

Happy new year
to all of you my dear Arashians!! May this year 2016 bring you everything you always dreamed of! My Dear [livejournal.com profile] jtaytt is already realizing my most cherished dream (I envy you so much my friend, I wish one day we'll go together in Japan and our sweet[livejournal.com profile] sky_fish7 with us :).
This is the end of this story I hope you like it, I really enjoyed living among those yakuza arashi for a while. I'm working on the next story but I don't know when I'll begin to post it. I worked for an exchange those past months and I'll post the story as soon as I can (after the revelation XD)
Love you all my friends ∩( ・ω・)∩

To celebrate the end of the story there is a little bonus!



Mee-na thought that sometimes being married to a so uncommunicative man wasn’t easy while she was laid by Satoshi’s side on their futon. Since they were together she learnt to know the concern in his gaze but she ignored the reason why. Elbowing, laying on her side she put her index finger between his eyebrows, on his forehead wrinkled by worries, to appease his tension.

“What are you doing?” He whispered, his eyelids still closed.

Of course, she was a fool to imagine he was sleeping deeply.

“Nothing.” She whispered quickly.
“You’re tossing and turning yet.”
“I can’t sleep.”
“I can see that.” Satoshi murmured as he faced her, his half-closed eyelids revealing his piercing gaze. “But why can’t you sleep?”
“I was thinking…about some stuff…”
“Are you worried about something?”
“Not really.” Ohno pouted cutely.
“If I had done something wrong you’d tell me, right?”
“What kind of wrong can you do?” Satoshi chuckled, gently mocking his tender wife.
“Since Sho visited us…since you know we’re expecting a baby, you~”

She didn’t achieved the sentence, his entire face burning with shame. Mee-na laid down on her back caressing her still flat belly with her palms. Satoshi observed her without a move, waiting for the expected end of the phrase.
Mee-na eventually found the courage to gaze at him.

“You didn’t touch me.”

Satoshi laid down at his turn, one inch from his wife but didn’t touching her.

“Aren’t you happy?”
“I am, I am!”

He leaned on her and caressed her face to chase away the concern he could read on it. Mee-na grabbed Satoshi’s nape gently, brushing his hair and straightened a bit to kiss him but he moved back.
She sighed loudly out of frustration while he was leaving the bedroom. She rose from the bed, tying the belt of her yukata around her waist and entered the kitchen where her husband was drinking a glass of water. She put her arms around Satoshi’s waist and her forehead between his shoulder blades. He tensed against her.

“Satoshi, I miss you.”

She heard him sighing then putting his hands on hers’ in a caress and leaned his head back. Mee-na felt her heart skipping a beat and she pecked his so tantalizing lips. Satoshi cupped her face and deepened the kiss. She stuck a bit more against his back and roamed her hand on his torso until his waistband.

“Since we’re married I feel like a kind of pervert. I can’t think about anything but you and our nights. I want you so bad…so, tell me.” She murmured.

There were a moment of silent and Mee-na stop breathing, feeling Satoshi’s heart beating faster.

“I have hard time to be with you if I can’t make love to you…and with the baby~”
“What? What about the baby?”

He turned around slowly and she raised on him a stunning gaze, then she understood what he meant.

“Are you thinking that making love will hurt our baby?”
“Are you thinking we won’t make love for the next 6 months?!” She said horrified.

He hanged the head awkwardly but didn’t answer. Did they ever had useful conversation between men?! She burst in anger.

“Hey, look at me! I can assure you that this baby is perfectly protected where he is, but I can promise you one thing, Ohno Satoshi…” Ohno seemed sincerely surprised by Mee-na’s determined look. “I won’t let you turning your back to me one more night or I’ll be so angry at you that this baby will born angry too! And I swear to you, I’ll harass you until you give up!”

She pointed her index finger on his chest, her look burning with intensity. Satoshi smirked, proud of her wife. She changed so much by love.

“And I~” He interrupted her, cupping her face to attract her and kiss her passionately, making her shut.

“You’re very determined Ohno-san.” He murmured against her lips.
“Yes…I…I…” She said in a whisper her head slightly dizzy. Mee-na felt her cheeks flushing hard and her legs becoming jelly. “Did I convince you?”

He took her mouth again, nodding in the kiss.

“Plus we have to enjoy our last months, we will have to be cautious when the baby will be here.”

Ohno leaned on her neck and pecked the pristine skin, making her thrill with delight.

“To be cautious?” He said sulkily.
“With the baby…”
“St…Stop kissing me, I can’t make my mind work.”
“You should decide…should I kiss you or not?” Satoshi susurrated, putting away a piece of material to take her rigid breast into his hot mouth.
“Harass me.” He murmured, leaning back on the wall.

Mee-na smirked awkwardly, torn between the idea to be audacious and the shyness she still had during their intimate relationships.
But he was opening a door and to be honest, she showed her the way. She bit her lip and put the hands on the bare stomach of her husband, flushing with anticipation about what she was about to do. He closed his eyes, the ghost of a smile adorning his lips, the head against the wall.
Her legs slightly trembling, she kneeled before him, sliding her fingers inside Satoshi’s pants, putting it down unhurriedly. She suddenly faced the crude reality of his desire.
She felt her inside burning a bit more, dying to pleasure him yet frightened to not be able to. A little voice in her mind commanded her to throw her reluctances by the window. She took a glance at Satoshi who didn’t move a muscle and was waited her with a smirk, his eyes firmly closed.
Mee-na took his length, feeling it so sweet and hot. Putting it at her lips she darted her tongue and lapped the extremity up. It thickened in her hand and straightened, and she was marveled to see her small efforts so quickly rewarded, encouraged to be more daring. Half-closing her eyes she opened the mouth and the suave taste of a salty liquid dripped along her throat. Mee-na swallowed it, feeling a void inside her lower belly, the need to feel him inside growing bigger, painfully after several weeks of privation.
Satoshi caressed her hair and when she crossed his stare, it was inhabited by the same crazy desire. Without breaking the gaze she raised up and kissed him avidly while he was gripping her wrists to nail her gently against the wall.
He untied the belt of her yukata and gasped as she moaned with delight :

“You’re so beautiful…I love my so audacious wife”
“It’s because of you.” Mee-na stuttered. “You made me self-confident”

His hand roamed all over her body, igniting each ounce of flesh and skin on its way. He put his two hands on her hips, lost during a second in his contemplation, then grabbed her right leg to raise it to his hips. His other hand went between them, caressing her soft lower belly, her hair, skilfully opening her tender flesh to rub her clit with his thumb making her pant and moan louder. When he slid a finger inside her she put her forehead on Satoshi’s shoulder and her arms around his neck, finding a balance to ease her access. Mee-na swallowed a sigh of frustration when he withdrew his fingers but she actually realized he intended to replace them by something much consequent.

“Oh God yes.” She panted as he was gently thrusting into her.
Satoshi penetrated her and she suddenly figured out she was still dressed, against the wall of their kitchen, far from their bedroom, far from the bed. And strangely, her excitement got amplified. She was sharing this moment of total trust with Satoshi, she could tell him without fear that she died to be taken here and now, and it was deeply erotic.
She took Satoshi’s mouth again while she was placing her leg higher to let him go deeper. She welcomed him with a scream of pleasure, clinging on him a bit more to let him move leisurely. Mee-na felt alive again as he came and went sensuously, the sweet battle played by their tongues growing intense as Satoshi began to move faster.
Unable to hold it any longer, Satoshi gripped her butt, picking her up and she snaked her legs around his waist, penetrating her deeper, making them totally losing ground and they climaxed together powerfully.
They caught their breath, exchanging some sloppy kisses but when Mee-na tried to put her legs back on the floor, Satoshi turned around, making her laugh and walked through the kitchen to carry her to their bedroom. He laid her down on the futon gently and closed her yukata properly.

“What are you doing?” She frowned at him.
“You’ll catch a cold.”
“So, stay on me.”
“You’re incredible! But it’s enough for today.” He murmured, laying on her breast with a smile, sliding rapidly into sleep a hand on her belly.
Mee-na caressed his hair and enjoyed her happiness. Now she had tasted her husband’s fantasy, she knew she won’t get enough. The kitchen today…perhaps will she join him to the bath tomorrow?

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