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Title: Sympathy for the devil
Authors: [livejournal.com profile] wendyjoly
Genre: Yakuza, schemes and love
Special thanks to my beta the indispensable Juju ([livejournal.com profile] jtaytt)
Warnings: The yakuza world is violent and tough, if you’re uneasy with this kind of harshness you should probably not read this.
Type: Multichapter
Rating: PG-13 – NC-17
Fandoms: Arashi (main), mentioned also members of V6, Kanjani8 and other Johnny's groups. Ikuta Toma, Oguri Shun
Pairing: mainly Sakumiya
Summary: Ninomiya Kazunari is a yakuza, member of the most powerful clan of Tokyo. Since the death of the head of the clan, a race to succeed him had begun while new families of yakuza are trying to take the control of the city. In this turbulent situation, a new apprentice is entrusted to Ninomiya which is far to please him.


100 SUNS

“Ohno-san, where are we going?”

“To the temple.”

“Now? In the middle of the night?”

Ohno was striding, along the dark streets, as if all this had been planned since a long time ago. He rang the bell and woke up the priest who slept in the Shinto temple, as if the situation was normal. He asked him to marry him to the woman by his side and the priest agreed willingly when Ohno handed him a wade of cash. He complied and gave the official contract and the family record with the seal of the temple to the young couple.

Ohno asked for a copy and put the two sheets in his bag before leading the two women to an upper-class area of Tokyo that Mee-na had never been to before. He made them wait in the car while he knocked on the door of an impressive mansion. He entered and when he came back he opened the doors of the car.

“We have to walk from now. The car stays here.”

“Everything is fine, Ohno-san?” Mee-na asked.

“Yes. I gave Masaki-san one of our certificates and the cup I received on the day of my ceremony, he accepted it. I’m not part of the clan anymore.”

Mee-na was startled by the neutral tone he used to signify the end of a life he led for years. He didn’t seem to be sad, or worried, or hesitant, and she was hit by the way everything seemed to be simple and effortless with him. This man could calm her down even in the most dramatic moments.

And the fact that he didn’t ask if she was able to walk made her feel so good. He thought she was a strong woman and not a fragile creature, just a woman. If he had asked her to fly at this very moment, she thought she could had, sincerely. Momo ran to catch up with the ex-yakuza.

“Ohno-san, where are we going?”

“To the train station.”

“Okay, but to go where?”

“My hometown. But we’ll leave you at your parent’s home.”

“No!” the maid screamed, grabbing Mee-na’s hand “Please, let me come with you. I swear to you, I won’t bother you, but I can’t go back there, Mee-na-san, please. It will be a shame for them.”

“I can’t make the decision, Momo-chan…Ohno-san?”

“Whatever, I don’t mind,” he said before resuming his walk.

“Thank you, thank you, you won’t regret it!” Momo smiled with her usual enthusiasm.

They strode to the Tokyo station and waited for the first train of the morning. Mee-na was sitting on a bench when she took a glance at Momo who was sleeping quietly on her shoulder despite being so scared just a few hours ago. Then she looked at the man leaning against the wall on the other side, motionless like a statue. Momo almost fell in her sleep, when she jolted and groaned before taking back her place. Mee-na chuckled. Ohno gazed at her and smiled naturally. She blushed and turned her head to avoid his piercing eyes.

They climbed into the first train and sat among families, aged people, workers, and students. Mee-na couldn’t believe it was real. Yesterday she was in living hell, she was ready to die and now she was in a train for Yokohama –Ohno told her-, leaving Tokyo for a new life. She had the chance to meet her brother and got married …even when she pinched herself, she couldn’t fully comprehend it.

The travel didn't take long, Yokohama wasn’t far from Tokyo, but the scenery was totally different. Everything seemed more beautiful, more luminous and the view of the ocean made her feel as if she was on holidays.

So, this harbor was Ohno’s hometown, thought Mee-na. What did his parents do to earn their livings? Did he even have a family? Mee-na didn’t dare to ask these questions and just followed him. They took the road leading to the ocean and by the end of the day, they entered a small fishermen village outside of town. A small township around a central muddy street, where the wheel of the carts full of fishes left deep traces. The houses were stuck to each other, in line and identical…but the entire thing was harmonious and calm especially with the sound of the waves in the background.

“This is my place,” Ohno gestured around vaguely.

“Do you have any family?” Mee-na finally asked.

Ohno pouted. “Yeah, My parents and my siblings.”

Mee-na swallowed hard, hearing that unexpected answer. She couldn’t imagine a man with a family choosing to become a yakuza and this very earthy worry seized her. How would they react meeting this fell-from-the-sky daughter-in-law? And what if he was promised to another woman? In this small village it would make sense. And what if they hated her? The spectrum of the fear that she experienced since her childhood of being an alien overwhelmed her.

“Satoshi?” an incredulous voice called from the window of one of the houses behind them. Ohno whirled around.

“Okaa-san, I’m home.”

The woman disappeared and a few seconds later, she swung open the door and ran to her son, hugging him tight with emotion. She was small, her skin tanned by the sun and the sea spray. Her wrinkled face was totally different from her son’s but they were united by the same joy. She was crying with happiness and Ohno kissed her cheek, then noticed his mother’s look on the two women.

“Oh, Okaa-san, this is Momo-chan and this is Mee-na, my wife.”

They bowed and Mee-na smiled to hide her embarrassment. Ohno’s mother walked toward her and hugged her with warmth, squeezing her in her embrace.

“Be blessed for bringing me back my son, Mee-na-chan.”

That’s how Mee-na began her life in the small fishermen town.

That very evening she met Ohno’s two brothers and his sister, and their wives and husband, each of them with children. For the very first time in her life, she felt like coming back home. No one asked her how they met, when they married, or why Ohno disappeared for ten years. She understood better now why he was so unobtrusive and nonchalant. They congratulated him for finding such a beautiful wife, even if ten years had been needed. They mocked his laziness. She heard some jokes about the unfortunate girls who were waiting for him for ages but Ohno only shrugged absentmindedly.

When the night fell, he led the two women to a house and they learnt that he owed it. It was small but neat (since Ohno-san’s mother took the pain to clean it regularly) and was very well equipped, even if it was only a fisherman’s house, as if the entire family was waiting for his return.

“There, you’re at my place, our home,” he said while they were walking around. It was far from what she had in Tokyo and if Ohno didn’t speak those words, Mee-na knew he was thinking it. Yet, she was grateful for his silence. It was a life she would try to forget for the rest of her day.

“Thanks, Ohno-san, I’m so grateful. For everything you did, for the gentleness of your family, for this house.”

“Don’t thank me. You will sleep with Momo-chan in the big bedroom, I’ll take the other.”

“Very well…may I ask you something?” she called him as he was walking away.


“You’re calling me Mee-na-san and I call you Ohno-san…I mean your family won’t find it strange…we’re married after all.”

He nodded. “You’re right. You can call me Satoshi.”

“And you can call me Mee-na,” she lowered her head to hide her crimsoned cheeks. “Well, I'll go to bed, it was a long day.”

“Good night, Mee-na.”

“Good night, Satoshi.”


His hands on her throat, she couldn’t breathe, she tried to scream but she couldn’t. He had those crazy eyes, those crazy words you’re my angel, I love you so much “Noooo! Leave me alone!”

“Mee-na! Mee-na!”

Mee-na jolted on her futon as she heard her name and opened her eyes, seeing Ohno who kneeled before her, gently shaking her.


“You were screaming, I thought someone was hurting you…”

“Forgive me, it was only a bad dream.”

“Everything is fine…you’re in Yokohama with me.”


“She’s already out, it’s dawn.”

“Sorry…,” she brushed her face, wiping the beads of sweat on her forehead.

“It’s fine. You have nothing to fear, I’ll protect you,” he said firmly, his eyebrows knitted.

She dived into his gaze where no doubts laid and she felt so reassured. She sighed with relief. Yes, with him, she wasn’t afraid. Without thinking further, she put her arms around his neck slowly. Ohno stiffed a bit but didn’t dare to push her away or squeeze her. Mee-na closed her eyes and smelled his wonderful virile odor, mixed of leather and cotton wet with sweat, nuzzling against the crook of his neck, feeling the warmth of his body, forgetting for an instant their improbable wedding. She pecked his jaw, then his cheek but he moved away, watching her intensely. An endless moment till she saw his face getting cold.

“I can’t,” he murmured.

“You have every right,” she answered huskily. “We’re married.”

“That’s not the reason why I married you.”

Mee-na hanged her head and readjusted her crumpled night dress as he left the bedroom without another look. She wiped a tear she didn’t feel, refusing to wallow in self-pity about her disastrous life. Oguri took everything from her, her self-confidence, her life as woman and a future with the man she loved without any hope of reciprocity. He would never desire a soiled woman.


“Where are we going?”


Sho stopped short, forcing his companion to look at him. “Nino, I had more than my share of surprises. Seriously, stop it already.”

“We’re going to Shinjuku,” Nino pointed a direction that Sho knew well.


“Hm…that’s what I just said, right?”

“What are we gonna do in Shinjuku?”

“Meet an old friend,” Nino snapped and resumed his walk.

“Don’t tell me…,” Sho caught him up, suddenly afraid of understanding where Nino was leading them.

“Yes, yes, I do tell you.”

He is the ace in your sleeve?”

“He is the ace in my sleeve.”

“That’s what I just said.”

“Ah-ah-ah,” Nino groaned “So fucking funny, a real duo of comedians…but I warn you, you’re the boke.”

Sho smirked and realized how much he missed this. That time he lived in an enchanted chapter before falling harshly into the awful reality. Yet, he finally woke up from the nightmare. Mee-na had knocked on the door of his heart and he was surprised to discover it still existed. When she forgave Nino he hadn’t been that surprised. It was so like her. But he was relieved. His tender and merciful Mee-na was still here. And life could go on, at last. But not before putting an end to Oguri’s schemes.

And in this matter, Nino was the only reliable man. It was early in the morning when they found themselves before the Yotoka household. At 7.25 am, Matsumoto exited by the main entrance and the two men walked toward him.



Sho was surprised to see him so changed. He had wrinkles at the corner of his eyes and a mindful pleat on his forehead that he never saw before. The last year hadn’t been kind to him visibly.

“We wanted to talk to you,” Nino said.

“Who are you?”

Nino stepped forward. “We’re members of one of the most powerful families in Tokyo and I possess something you could be very interested in.”

“I’m not interested,” Matsumoto said while walking away.

“I’m the brother of Sakurai Mee-na!” Sho screamed.

Matsumoto turned around slowly and watched the duo facing him. A new glimmer lit his gaze.

“We want to kick out Oguri from the clan and I’m pretty sure you’d like it too,” Sho said, approaching him.

“Follow me,” the police officer answered after a short hesitation, ostensibly opening his jacket to show them his gun.

Sho and Nino followed him into the house he had just left. Matsumoto led them to his bedroom where a desk was covered by several stacks of files and papers. He probably worked more here than in his office, thought Sho.

“I’m all ears,” Matsumoto sat down on the edge of the desk, crossing his arms.

Nino took a chair and sat down, putting a dark file onto the desk.

“The Oyabun of the clan, Oguri-san is a very meticulous man, extremely. He leaves a trace of every little thing linked to his business in his personal archives files, and keeps it in a place where no one can access. Well, that’s what he thinks at least,” Nino took off a little key from his sleeve he immediately hid again in the folds of his jacket.

“What’s this?” Matsumoto asked pointing at the black file.

“The report concerning the murder attempt on the Prime Minister, designating Oguri as the number one backer. He took notes of every minutes of the plan.”

“How did you get this?” Matsumoto opened the file, skimming voraciously the fascinating evidence. He never dared imagining such a precious evidence could even exist. How this cautious –obsessive- man had allowed such a document to leak?

“It’s a secret. I won’t tell you, but you have something in your hands which could send him to jail for decades. These are only the copies but I can give you the originals if you open an official investigation. Are you in?”

“Of course, I’m in. It’s been so long since I waited for this kind of miracle. How can I reach you?”

“We’ll come back.”

“Very soon,” Matsumoto smiled, his face suddenly turning red with excitement. “And Sakurai-san?”


“How is she doing?”

Sho smiled sadly. “She’s better now.”

“I’m relieved,” Matsumoto sounded sincere but Sho didn’t recognize in this jaded man from the petulant guy they met in a park not far from here months ago.

Nino and Sho left him to his reading and drove to the Nemesis, empty at this early hour. Sho brewed a coffee and they sat down at the counter.

“Who?” he asked without going into details. Nino knew whom he was talking about.

“The files?”


“…Rosa,” Nino smiled gently, while putting his ashes in the big marble ashtray set on the mahogany wooden bar.

“I see. She’s against Oguri?”

“She’s with me, it’s different,” Nino hissed, taking out a new cigarette.

“And you are aware he won’t go to jail with that? He has attorneys who will free him in the blink of an eye.”

Nino smirked mischievously and in the duration of a sigh, Sho felt their old complicity barging into the scene.

“’Course. But it will discredit him enough to make a room for Masaki as the head of the clan. Some of our brothers are fed up with our Oyabun’s perfectionism and are looking for a way out…by the way, those shares of the company, Aiba told me, and in my opinion, it’s a genius idea.”


“That, plus the fact that the Oyabun is keeping compromising evidences against the family, even sealed in a chest, it should clip his wings for a while.”

“You think we should have killed him?” Sho murmured after a second of silence.

“No, I think Ohno was right. Oguri will have to live with the conscious of his own cowardice now. Oguri isn’t an idiot. He knows Ohno can kill him easily and he won’t try his luck now that Aiba gave him a copy of the family register. He will think twice, especially when the police begin to investigate.”

“Do you trust this cop?”

“I don’t…But I do trust his hatred for Oguri. I observe him for a while and he’s a pit-bull. He never gives up. For the last few months he has been building a police unit like this American cop, Eliott Ness…men of trust, incorruptible, wishing nothing else than making yakuza’s heads roll.”

“Tough time for us…,” Sho smirked ironically. Nothing could really threaten a man like Nino.

“Not really. We’ll play another game, that’s all. But we won’t disappear, the world needs us.”

Sho felt like an empty shell. As if he just ran a marathon and wanted nothing more than rest. He stretched and Nino smiled behind his cup of coffee.


“Hm…I think I’ll take a nap before the opening of the club,” he said raising up. “What will you do?”

“I have some stuff to do,” Nino said leaving his chair.

“Will you come tonight to the club?”

Nino felt his heart melting. No animosity in Sho’s voice, not a silent reproach.

“‘Course,” he answered faking a quiet tone, even if he was perfectly aware that he couldn’t fool anyone with the intense blush of his cheeks.


“Mee-na, it’s time!”

“I’m coming, I’m coming! Wait a minute!”

It’s been three months since Mee-na arrived in the fishermen’s village and she was totally comfortable with the life she was leading. She was giving classes to the children of the village every day of the week, except on Sundays and she liked them more than anything. They gave her a reason to live and if sometimes she felt low, they never failed to cheer her up.

Momo left the newlyweds’ roof almost one month ago, when she fell in love with a fisherman, one of the numerous Ohno of the village. They were living together and the young woman was transformed. Good bye city girl, she became a real woman of the sea. Yet, she attended Mee-na’s class every day to learn how to read and write. Time was flying by and bit by bit she began to be less afraid of seeing Oguri appearing at her door one day. Sho told her Aiba was the new Oyabun and Mee-na felt like it’s been ages since she lived in Tokyo.
In the same way, no one would have recognized the yakuza executioner in the young man who went to sea each morning with his father and his brothers after eating breakfast cooked by his wife.

Mee-na was still confused about her strange wedding. Ohno had always been an enigma, which she sincerely doubted she could decipher one day. Since that dawn when they almost kissed, he was more aloof and his busy work days weren't the only reason why. They could spend several days without sharing more than one or two words. Ohno woke up at dawn, ate, thanked her with a nod, then went to the harbor, coming back sometimes late at night only when Mee-na was in bed. He avoided her, it was crystal clear and it made her sad, infinitely sad.

She listened out for his steps, waiting for the moment that he was finally home to close her eyes. When they had dinner with the rest of the family, and Ohno ignored that he was observed. Mee-na was staring at him intensely, her heart skipping a beat each time he laughed out loud or pouted. Or thought thoroughly. All those so endearing personality traits she was discovering bit by bit. Even if she feared the strength of her desire, her wounded body keeping the memory of those painful intercourses, she couldn’t help but want him, craving for him desperately.

She wasn’t the only one, like Ohno’s family told her jokingly when she arrived. When covered by the heat and humidity of the summer, he climbed down from the boat, bare-chested, burned by the sun, his tattoos dancing on his muscles tensed with efforts, Mee-na heard them, the girls of the village gossiping about the way this warrior was probably satisfying his wife in bed. How they wished they could be that wife. If they knew…

Yet, Mee-na couldn’t help thinking that, maybe, if she’d free him, he could marry another woman who would take care of him and make him children. To make him happy, to make him laugh like he never did when it was just the two of them. This idea drove her crazy and miserable.


“Hm, Momo-chan?”

The children had already left and the two women were cleaning the classroom before going back home.

“I was wondering…since we’re in Yokohama you gained some weight…are you pregnant?”

“What’s with this Momo-chan? Is it so obsessing, sounds like motherhood is the only reason to live for a woman…of course I’m not.”

“You’re married for three months, it would be normal. I’m pretty sure Ohno-san will be so happy to have a son.”

“I think you’re right. He deserves to be a father,” Mee-na said with a smile she hoped was convincing.

“So make him a baby!”

Mee-na blushed, embarrassed, knowing her former maid enough to know she wouldn’t give up. Better to explain to her. “It isn’t that simple…I…Oh…you know, to make children…well, you see…”

“What? Aren’t you sleeping together?!”

“No,” Mee-na whispered rapidly, crimsoned, hiding her mortification in the contemplation of her broomstick.

“Why? He’s handsome!”

“Yes, he is. That’s not the problem. You know what happened in Tokyo…with Oguri. I’m not the woman Ohno-san deserves.”

“What do you mean?”

“I was the mistress of this man and there is no way a man will desire a woman like me. I am begining to think that the biggest gift I can give him is leaving the village. He can marry a woman he’d love.”

“Mee-na-san,” Momo grabbed Mee-na’s hands, her eyes full of concern. “You are a gentle woman and no one can prove me wrong! Ohno-san is a lucky man to have you and if he’s dumb enough to not see it, too bad. You won’t disappear, right? Promise me!”

Mee-na bit her lips. “I’ll stay for the moment. But if he fall in love with someone?” she finally confessed her worst fear to her friend.

“Well…,” she was about to answer when someone knocked on the door.


The two women whirled around as if they were plotting.

“Oh…Satoshi-kun! I didn’t hear you.”

Ohno was on the threshold of the classroom, with the tired look of a man who worked hard all day long on his face. If he heard something he didn’t show it. Mee-na wished for that deeply.

“I’ll walk home with you,” he simply said.

“Okay. Momo-chan, will you close the classroom for me?”

“No problem. See you tomorrow, right Mee-na-chan?” Momo asked with a knowing smile.

“Yeah. Sure. Tomorrow.”

They walked through the village, side by side in a silence, only broken by the greetings to family and friends.

“How was your day?” she asked once they were at home, avoiding his look, like she did every day when she was lucky enough to see him after his return. She feared rejection so much that she couldn’t cross his gaze.

“Yeah. The fishing was good.”

“I’m gonna…I’m gonna cook dinner.”

She cooked and they ate in silence. Mee-na went to bed soon after, walled in by those endless interrogations, cursing her cowardice again and again. She took off her obi and washed her face in the small basin she had in her bedroom after lighting the candle that illuminated the thin wooden walls. In her slight interior cotton robe, she jolted when the door slid open.
Her husband was facing her and she noticed his determined gaze, like each time he had something important to do. He took a deep breath and approached her stopping only a few inches from her.

“Mee-na…I heard your conversation earlier. In the class.”

“Oh…OHHH!” Mee-na cupped her flushing cheeks.

“Do you intend to leave?”

“I promised Momo I won’t.”


“Because she asked me.”

“No…why do you want to leave me?”

She blessed in silent the darkness because only a ray of moonlight allowed him to see the flush on her face. Her voice was only a whisper when she kept on.

“I feel bad for you. You were so kind for me, I don’t deserve your sacrifice.”

“What sacrifice?”

“Renouncing a family, a wife you can love, children…”

Ohno arched his eyebrows. “I already have a wife.”

“But…I disgust you.”

“Mee-na…,” he said stepping forward, almost touching her but she stopped him.

“Wait. Don’t say a word. I know you didn’t really want me and I blame myself, it’s very selfish of me to cling to you this way.”

“Mee-na, listen to me,” Ohno cut her firmly. “I never thought I was too good for you. But I don’t want you to think that since we’re married I will force you to share my bed. That’s why I left the bedroom when you kissed me that time. Plus, I killed so many men with these hands…how can I ever touch you with these soiled hands?” he murmured, hanging his head to stare at his beautiful hands.

Mee-na was moved to hear his confession, which was so far from what she believed. Relief, joy, fear of misunderstanding…she cupped his face for him to look at her, choosing her words cautiously.

“Satoshi, I never met any person in my life deserving to be called a man. You’re the rightest, the sweetest man I ever met. And I couldn’t find a better husband. I…I love you.”

She took his hands and kissed them one after another.

“Touch me with these hands, please.”

He looked at her, opening his yukata and placing her trembling hands on his torso. She stepped forward and kissed his lips, then ran her mouth all along his jaw until his shoulder to finally reach his center of his chest, just over his heart. Ohno caressed her hair, then delicately took her nape, bringing her back to his face to kiss her tenderly. Mee-na brushed Satoshi’s shoulder, making his yukata fall in the process, feeling under her fingers the scars on his skin, drawing cabalistic shapes on his back.

She was stunned by the intense fire burning her body when at his turn, he pushed away the strap of her dress skillfully, revealing her shoulder before letting the thin material fall onto the floor in a pool. She was naked before him but fear left her body and her mind. Mee-na put her arms around his neck, yanking him to the futon, watching the moon dancing on his naked body. How many time did she dream of seeing him awakening under her fingers? But the dream was nothing compared to reality and what he was doing to her. It was a cold night and yet she was boiling, each ounce of her body claiming him desperately.

He caressed her softly, his hands roaming from her thin ankles to her round hip, his serious gaze following his sweet gestures and Mee-na felt him thickening against her thigh while her skin awakened under his fingers. His gestures were full of love and she felt a cloud of butterflies taking flight in her belly. She felt beautiful, for the first time in her life, under his touch and nothing had prepared her for this. She straightened to take off his pants and he protested feebly before letting her do, letting her observe him and caress him.

She swallowed hard seeing him so gorgeous, so not self-conscious when he moaned under her administrations. She hovered over him, enjoying the desire he felt for her, hard and erected against her lower belly, and she intertwined their fingers, darting her tongue to caress his lips. He parted his mouth timidly, watching her explore his body and moaning sensually. Mee-na moved her hips, taking his husband’s hands to put them on her beautiful butt, for him to savor the movement and smiled when he groaned loudly and arched his back to feel her better.
Then he surprised her, switching their positions.

He pecked her lips, licking her skin all along her neck then delicately kissed the tender skin between her breasts where her heart was beating like a drum. He heard her moaning as he brushed her chest with his hot breath and smirked, ravished before southing until her lower belly. He caressed the back of her knee, shifting her leg, taking place between her thighs. His intentions were clear, he wanted to kiss her there and suddenly Mee-na did not feel that brave.

“No…I…,” she said embarrassed. Ohno raised the head and murmured a “trust me.”

She nodded and tried to relax, making a delicious little cry when he put his mouth on her tender flesh before tasting her with his tongue.

Mee-na arched her back, feeling the pleasure overwhelming her a bit more. Satoshi was playing skillfully with his tongue on and inside her, as if she was an instrument between the hands of a virtuoso. He entered a finger in her and she tensed slightly, waiting for the familiar pain but on contrary she wanted more. She stroked his hair and grabbing his shoulders pulled him up.
Satoshi laid on her, between her thighs, caressing her face and kissing her, the taste of her pleasure still potent on his tongue. When she felt the reality of his desire tickling her entrance she couldn’t repress a thrill.

“Are you afraid?” he whispered against her mouth. “Do you want me to stop? I can wait, you know.”

“Don’t, please. It’s only a bit of apprehension, just like when you open a very beautiful paper covering a gift, wondering what’s inside…,” she chuckled and Satoshi laughed with her, slowly thrusting, anchoring deeply inside her.

Mee-na bit her lip, the pleasure carrying her away like a storm. She never thought those wonderful indescribable feelings existed. Satoshi got serious suddenly and as he was kissing her, he began to move. Slow circular movements without leaving her sweet warmth. Mee-na wrapped her legs around his butt, encouraging him to go deeper, her hands to his flanks accompanying his sensual waves. How long this dance lasted…she lost every notion of time and place, both of them carried in an ocean of pleasure.

“I love you Mee-na,” Satoshi breathed in her ear, pushing her to the edge.

A firework exploded inside her heart, inside her head and all over her body sending her on cloud nine. Mee-na felt Satoshi orgasming powerfully as he hid his mouth in her neck, his muscular butt tensing between her calves.

She put back her legs on the futon slowly, like spent and he stayed in her for a while, kissing her tenderly, kept moving his pelvis with a torturous slowness, caressing her endlessly and when he finally withdrew, she sighed with frustration. He laid down on his stomach, his gaze on her.
Mee-na turned on her side, and he faced her. She put her leg around his waist to pull his body to her. Never, she would let him go away. Never will she sleep far from him, now knowing what true love was.

Satoshi put his palm on her waist, roaming up to her breast, drawing the erected tip with his index finger. He smiled at her, feeling his sex thickening again, he laid down on his back, dragging Mee-na on top of him. She laughed joyfully then she felt the fire burning again, strongly.

She leaned on him, kissing his ear, hearing his moan of delight then she whispered, “Again.”

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Merry Christmas to all of you! May Santa Claus bring you what you wished for (Sho Sakurai is at the top of my list since years, I begin to think he doesn't exist(Santa Claus not Sakurai Sho, I do believe in Sakurai Sho, I do, I do...)perhaps. The thing is that if I stop believing in him he won't bring me Sakurai Sho for good. What a dilemna (*´▽`*)
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