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Title: Sympathy for the devil
Authors: [livejournal.com profile] wendyjoly
Genre: Yakuza, schemes and love
Special thanks to my beta the indispensable Juju ([livejournal.com profile] jtaytt)
Warnings: The yakuza world is violent and tough, if you’re uneasy with this kind of harshness you should probably not read this.
Type: Multichapter
Rating: PG-13 – NC-17
Fandoms: Arashi (main), mentioned also members of V6, Kanjani8 and other Johnny's groups. Ikuta Toma, Oguri Shun
Pairing: mainly Sakumiya
Summary: Ninomiya Kazunari is a yakuza, member of the most powerful clan of Tokyo. Since the death of the head of the clan, a race to succeed him had begun while new families of yakuza are trying to take the control of the city. In this turbulent situation, a new apprentice is entrusted to Ninomiya which is far to please him.



Once Ohno stopped talking, Nino didn’t know what shocked him the most. The madness of Oguri, beyond his wildest fears, the fact that Mee-na was still alive after such a nightmare and that she had found the strength to escape, or the fact that Ohno was so far from the man he thought he was.

He knew Mee-na could do miracles, that’s why he put her on Oguri’s path in first place ages ago, but he couldn’t believe she influenced Ohno enough to make him turn his back to the Oyabun. The executioner probably saw a lot of things during his life as an executioner and yet, hearing him talked about his life with Mee-na proved to Nino how little he understood him so far. Actually he was a man who had no other master than the man he decided to follow. Until now, he admired Oguri for his brilliant mind and his sense of diplomacy but… since Mee-na, Ohno lost the man he knew for years.

At first, when she began to live with the future Oyabun, Ohno had little faith in her. He thought of her as one of those frivolous women using her charms to alienate a powerful man, but time proved him wrong. This woman, full of dignity and strength, was worthy to be admired and that was what he did, deeply. Then the situation became unbearable and Oguri began to use him to hurt Mee-na.

When they were in the kitchen, earlier that day, Ohno really wanted to stab Oguri, he was dying to do so but suddenly Mee-na became aware of his intentions and she sacrificed herself to protect him. Yet, Ohno was convinced Oguri would kill her any time soon, intentionally or not. Immediately the man of the situation popped into his mind, Ninomiya Kazunari. Ohno wasn’t talkative but he knew by heart each and every scheme of every member of the clan. As long as nothing threatened his boss, he let Nino to his little business but he kept an eye on him. He never thought he could be so brilliant.

“To summarize, you’re telling me she has a new bodyguard or several and Oguri is protecting her as if she was the apple of his eyes.”

“Exactly,” Ohno said.

“Now he’s back and he probably did everything in his power to have an heir, I guess he will spend a lot of time with his beloved mistress. He probably missed her during those long weeks,” Nino summarized bitterly.

The two men tried to find a way to save Mee-na from this hell without getting her killed sooner or later, and for that they had to keep their heads cold, far from any emotional judgment.

“It won’t be easy.”

“Her brother?” Ohno asked.

“I don’t think you should tell him what you just told me. It will be too hard for him and if we can save her, we shouldn’t spoil the memories he still has.”


“However, we have an advantage. Masaki-san accepted to help us.”

“Masaki-san is on our side?!” Ohno asked skeptically.

“Yeah, I think he wants to become head of the clan. In my opinion, he can’t swallow the way Oguri kicked his mother out of the clan. It’s not a filial love matter, though.”

“It makes sense.”

“Do you think you can help her escape from the house at night?”

“Yes, I just have to kill the guard,” Ohno said simply and Nino couldn’t help but chuckled.

“Okay, unsheathe your katana, samurai. If you kill him, they will know it’s you.”

“Except if Masaki-san asks for me that very night and testifies I am with him.”

Nino arched an eyebrow. “You’re scary. Seriously. When you talk, you’re even scarier.”

“Should I keep my mouth shut?”

“No, no, I’m just astonished, that’s all…do you have any other thoughts?”

“We need a shelter,” Ohno said wisely.

“Exactly. And no one should know where she is except the person who will bring her there.”

“I agree,” Ohno nodded.

“I’ll take care of it,” Nino raised to fetch a cup of tea from the kitchen but Ohno stopped him.

“That is my role for more than one year. I will take care of her,” Ohno said firmly.

“I know that, but if you don’t take your place by Oguri’s side, once again, he will know it’s you for sure. He doesn’t pay attention to me, I can disappear or a few days, he won’t notice.”

“And then?”

“The best we can wish for her is to live far away from any yakuza.”

Ohno hanged his head, trying to convince himself that it was the best for Mee-na.


That night like every night, Nino went to the Nemesis and no one really paid attention to this regular client. Greeting some of his acquaintances on his way, he walked to the counter, where Sho was refilling the shelves with bottles of alcohol helped by the barman, Okada. He sat across him.

“Good evening, Sakurai-san,” Nino said with emphasis.

“Yo, Nino,” Sho answered without looking at him, emotionlessly and Nino grinned.

Sho kept on working, chatting with Okada pleasantly, then he walked by the counter gesturing for Nino to follow him.
They sat down at a table in a corner of the room and Sho placed on the table the two beers he had grabbed at the bar.

“Masaki-san shouldn’t be long. Ah, talking about the devil…”

At the entrance door, the yakuza was with a new girlfriend wearing a very showy dress – like every girlfriend of Masaki - who giggled when he snaked his arm around her waist. Seeing the duo, he showed her a table not far from the stage, then he joined them.

“Good evening, brothers.”

“Good evening, Masaki-san.”

“So?” Masaki asked right from the bat while sitting. “What’s new?”

“We have a new partner~,” Nino began.

“Wait Nino! Aren’t we partners in this? You should have asked us before plus…,” Sho interrupted him. “We’ll get caught if we’re more than the three of us, we don’t need it!”

“I can assure you, we need him.”

“Him?” Sho scowled.

“Ohno Satoshi,” Nino murmured, enjoying the startled looks of the two men.

“Why? Why will he help us?” Sho asked after a second.

“He has a point. He’s the executioner of the clan, why will he betray Oguri?” Masaki completed.

“For the simplest reason: he’s in love with her,” Nino smiled cockily.

Sho took a new sip of beer to swallow the sudden knot in his throat.

“Things are getting worse…after the Oyabun, the executioner,” he said gloomily.

“They have nothing to do with each other,” Nino said as Masaki was nodding to agree. “He’s not what he appear to be, Ohno doesn’t kill for pleasure. He came to me willingly to offer his help.”

“You’re the one who told me to not approach him, Nino!” Sho argued, unable to believe that those two made a pair.

“And since when do you believe in what I tell you?!” Nino said with an obvious bad faith. “Jokes aside, I’d never thought he could fall for her,” he concluded with a genuine smile at Sho.

“What did he tell you?”

“He told me we had to be fast,” Nino refused to detail the horrible situation Sho’s sister was in but he wanted to convey the urgency. “He can break into the house at night and find her a shelter.”

“A shelter?”

“He will bring her back to me at first and then I’ll hide her.”


“I can’t tell you, Sho-kun. The less we know, the safer we are.”

Sho’s blood boiled suddenly. “Are you telling me I won’t see her at all? Are you telling me to trust you enough not imagine you selling her to Oguri once again, for some obscure reason?!”
Nino sighed and pinched the edge of his nose. When he raised the head, Sho read a sincerity he never saw before, except that night when he told him his story. He was clearly pleading his cause.

“I know it’s hard to swallow but if Mee-na is kidnapped and you disappear from the club simultaneously, what will he think?”

“How long?” Sho snapped.

Nino felt so bad for his ex-shatei. Not that he was ignorant of Sho’s anger, his bitterness and his quench for revenge before but being by his side, talking about her was a light in his deep sadness. He reached out, wanting to pat his shoulder but Sho smirked and leaned back on his chair. Thus, Nino simply muttered an “I don’t know Sho, I don’t know.”

Sho, only Sho. Nino was surprised to not hear his usual protests but he enjoyed the small victory.

“Masaki-san, we need you to ask Oguri to lend you Ohno for one night.”


“The sooner the better. That will be the night that Mee-na escapes. The next day, you will testify he was with you all night long.”

“Okay, I’ll meet him tomorrow,” Masaki nodded and waved at the girl who was eyeing at their table with impatience.

“Thank you, Masaki-san,” Sho bowed gratefully.

“I’ll tell you as soon as I know the day but it will be done this week. I will take my leave, someone is waiting for me.”

Nino and Sho raised to greet him then sat back down in silence, each of them lost in their thoughts.

“What does Toma think about the entire thing?” Nino asked softly after a while.

“Nothing at all.”

“What do you mean?”

“He’s back to Kansai.”


“Definitely,” Sho said bitterly.

Nino was playing with his glass of beer. “I see,” he said seriously, trying to cross Sho’s gaze.

“I don’t. If you understand, I’m relieved.”


“No, I’m lying,” Sho grinned and looked at him directly.

“You know…it’s very strange to talk with someone without trying to hide something,” Nino murmured honestly.

“You always have something to hide, Nino. I don’t even know if and when you will take out an ace from your sleeve to save your ass once she will be out and Oguri on our heel.”

“They called me the Magician you know,” once again Nino side-stepped his question and Sho glared at him.

“Very funny.”

Nino felt he was losing the small progress he made during the last few weeks and suddenly he was afraid. He had nothing to lose before because Sho was so far away, so hateful. Now that a tiny hope existed, he couldn’t afford to lose it. “Sho, I swear to you, I’ll do my best to help her to escape unharmed.”

Sho clenched his jaws in anger. He approached Nino, almost touching his face.

“Stop it already with your bullshit. You really think I’m still a naïve kid, right? You think I don’t know what she has to go through each day? That I don’t know that she won’t be the same person. You know, the last time I saw her was that morning when I was about to become a kobun…I told her I loved her. That’s the last words we spoke. I sincerely hope that she still holds on to the memory, just like I do. That’s my only reason for not giving up.”

“I’m sorry, Sho, sincerely. For everything I did to you,” Nino said, apologizing for the very first time in his life. He did a lot of bad things, he regretted some of them, felt remorse for others but he never really apologized before. He wanted Sho's forgiveness even if it didn’t mean they could be friends again.

Sho shifted and leaned toward him. Nino held his breathe.

“And for what you did to her too? So let me tell you something. When Ohno brings her to you, so that you can hide her in this shelter that you’re the only one who knows, I hope you’ll have the guts to tell her what you did. Face to face. And then I hope she will spit in your face.”

Nino lowered the head, hit by the violent hate that Sho was still bearing.

“You’ll never forgive me, right?” Nino whispered.

“Never. I tolerate you for her sake. That’s all. What did you tell me that day? Ah yeah, you made your bed, now lie in it.”

Sho picked up the two glasses and returned to the bar without a word.
Nino bit his lips, watching Sho leave the room. He had been right that night when he told him he didn’t know what hell was. Since then, Nino was walking with bare feet on embers, trying to appease the pain coming from the conscious of being a torturer, far more than the monsters who killed his father.


“Mee-na-san, you have to eat, please.”

Mee-na turned her head to the wall in order not to see the meal that made her feel nauseous. Momo shrugged with despair and took a look at the man leaning against the frame door. A giant sweating and repulsing, unable to button his too tight jacket. He took over Ohno’s role and if the young maid was disappointed by Ohno’s disappearance, she had to admit this one was more talkative. Yet, Mee-na disliked him, she could see it.

Since the day Oguri came back from his travels and that this new bodyguard entered their lives, she refused to get out of her bedroom and eat a proper meal. Momo managed to make her drink some infusion – with sugar - and soups, but nothing else passed her closed mouth. Her gaze was empty but she kept on smiling perfunctorily, and it frightened Momo more than anything. She seemed to be happy to finally have a foot in the grave, Momo felt it intimately. As soon as Oguri passed the doors of the house, she told him her worries and his sincere concerns comforted her a bit. With such a loving man, Mee-na will get through her melancholy eventually. Maybe she was desperate because she couldn’t give him a child, she said to Oguri in confidence. He acquiesced quickly and strode toward the bedroom of his mistress. She was sitting in an armchair, facing the window.

“Mee-na,” Oguri called her softly. “Sweetie, what happened?”

She didn’t look at him, as if she didn’t hear him.

“Momo-chan is concerned about you. She said you refused to eat. You have to. I brought you a bowl of curry, here, eat it,” he handed her the bowl, crouching down at her knees, but she didn’t move. “Don’t act like a child. You should be hungry! Are you…are you expecting?”

Mee-na glared at him with disgust. “Never,” she said firmly. “I’ll never bear your child.”
Oguri chuckled. “What are you saying? Of course, you’ll get pregnant one day. Should I explain to you how to make a child? It’s pretty natural for a man and a woman in love,” he brushed a strand of hair behind her ear.

“I’d rather be dead than bear such a monstrosity.”

Oguri stopped short and his face appalled.

“You’ll eat, Mee-na, I swear to you. Willingly or not.”

“To let you rape me and hit me again?” Mee-na snapped.

Oguri stood up and paced within the bedroom, trying to contain his anger. “Are you totally insane?! What are you talking about?”

“You’re disgusting to me. Each time you look at me I feel like puking,” she growled.

“You didn’t always think that …remember, you asked me to make love to you, you told me you weren't fragile!”

“Since then, I pay for my silliness with tears of blood.”

“Don’t push me, Mee-na, you know I’m not a patient man.”

“You don’t scare me anymore.”

Oguri walked to her, one of his hands around her throat, the other on the armchair, close to her head. Mee-na gazed at him straightforwardly and he didn’t see any fear in her look. Only joy. That’s what she wished for? He released her suddenly and stepped back while gauging her.

“You refuse to eat. Very well. You want to die of starvation, perfect. Whatever. On the other side of this door is a young girl who will take your place.”

Mee-na’s eyes widened with horror. From the beginning, it was his plan. A young maid and not an old servant to be her companion. A leverage, nothing else. Now his sadism was a real way of life, he would never stop, even if he had to lose the woman he desired more than anything.

“I’m sure she will be very obedient,” he smiled, proud of himself as she panicked.

“Don’t do that, please!” she begged, grabbing his jacket. “She’s only a girl.”

“But you were too, right?”

“Don’t hurt her, please.”

Oguri reached out, giving her the bowl. “So eat and take your place back.”

Mee-na took the bowl reluctantly, “I’m gonna eat, I promise.”


Oguri fetched a chair, brought to Mee-na and sat on it. He took a spoon full of curry and put it against her lips. Mee-na took the mouthful, suppressing her nausea as a tear rolled along her cheek. Oguri smiled appreciatively and caressed her hand.

“I’m worried about you. I can’t live without you, you’re my only love, angel,” he murmured.

At this very moment, Mee-na knew she had no choice. If she wanted to die, she had to kill Oguri too or he would do the same thing to Momo. But she had to gain some strength and let him think that she had accepted her fate.

The next day, she raised early to take a stroll in the garden to strengthen her legs. After one week without a proper meal she would need a few days to get used to eating again. But she was ready for the battle.

“Oguri-san convinced you to eat, Mee-na-san, I’m glad. You’re damn lucky to have a man so in love with you. True, he’s married to another woman, but sometimes men have some obligations, don’t you think?”

“Momo-chan, you have to promise me something,” Mee-na seized Momo’s hands. “Don’t be alone with him. You have to swear!”

Momo chuckled. “Don’t worry, Madam, he’s in love with you and I’m not a man thief.”

“This isn’t a joke, Momo, he can hurt you, do you hear me?”

The maid sent her an amused gaze. She thought it was only the warnings of a jealous mistress…
Whatever, thought Mee-na, as soon as she was strong enough, the threat would disappear with her.

But two nights later, Mee-na heard a loud bang from a room nearby. It must be the cat, she thought half-asleep before leaping from her bed. She ran to the window and saw Oguri’s car in the alley. Tip toeing out of her bedroom, she followed the corridor, her heart drumming loudly in her chest, listening attentively. Her worst fear was coming true. The clear moans came from Momo’s room.

Mee-na went to Ohno’s room where nothing had changed. She took one of the big swords he owned and went back to the maid's bedroom. She trembled from head to toe, she couldn’t believe the moment had come, but she had to save Momo.

Taking a deep breathe, holding firmly to the katana, like how she saw Ohno do so many times, she opened the door. Oguri has his back to her. The sleeves on his shirt were rolled onto his forearms, his suspenders were already hanging loosely on his thighs. When he moved aside, Mee-na saw Momo tied to her bed, a gag on her mouth preventing her from screaming her fear. Mee-na stepped forward without a noise until she was touching the back of her torturer with the tip of the sword. He turned around slowly, raising his arms and arched a surprised eyebrow when he crossed the gaze of his assaulter.

“Put it down, Mee-na, you gonna hurt yourself.”

She stepped aside, holding the weapon tightly, feeling Ohno’s shadow supporting her, lending her his strength. She thrust the sword into his stomach and watched the white shirt getting soiled with blood.

“Untie her!” she commanded.

He smiled, lowering his head to gaze at the blood, nonetheless he did what she told him. Momo jumped out of the bed and ran to Mee-na, hiding behind her back.

“You don’t know what you’re doing, angel.”

“I do!” she drawled. “For the first time in months, I’m doing what should have been done. You will never touch her or me anymore!” she eructed while she moved forward quickly, ready to split him with the katana.

She barely had time to read the fear in Oguri’s eyes, and someone grabbed her arm. When she whirled around, Ohno had taken back his katana.

“Ohno, thanks god, you’re here! Tie those lunatics!” Oguri smirked, relieved.

“Why?” Mee-na muttered to the bodyguard.

“You’re not like him. It’s not for you to kill him.”

The Oyabun feared deeply seeing Ohno’s eyes on him. “What are you doing?” he murmured.

In a few rapid steps, Ohno was on him, his katana on Oguri’s throat. The latter closed his eyes, and he opened them, surprised to be alive.

“I take my freedom back. And I take Mee-na with me,” he said huskily, his face against Oguri’s. “Try to find us, and I’ll kill you,” he concluded, turning his back to take Mee-na’s hand, dragging her outside.

Momo remained silent for a second, then grabbed a lamp on the nightstand to club him. Then she began to run to catch up with her mistress.
They exited the house, Ohno still holding his katana, passing the guards without being stopped.
The three of them walked to an adjacent street and climbed into a car driven by Nino.

“It’s been a long time,” he said to Mee-na.


“Hi…Glad to see you, Mee-na-chan. You have clothes on the backseat.”

The two women found a package with kimonos and shoes. They dressed in silence. Totally startled by the surreal scene that just happened in Oguri’s house, Mee-na couldn't believe that she was breathing freely on the other side of the doors of her prison.

“Turn here,” Ohno said to Nino.

“What? But it isn’t our way.”

“I’m telling you to turn.”

“Okay…you’re the one holding a katana,” Nino whispered, turning the steering wheel.

In a small street, they parked in a dark place and Ohno got out of the car, opening the door for Mee-na.

“Where are we?” she asked to Ohno.

“Don’t be afraid, I won’t leave you.”

She nodded and followed him to a condo, Nino and Momo on her heel. She hid behind Ohno without noticing while he was knocking at a door. A few seconds later, someone was opening and Mee-na brought her hands to her mouth when she faced the brother she hadn’t met for more than a year.

She remained motionless, zeroing in on him, watching Sho’s look coming and going from Ohno to Nino, then to Momo before falling on her. He gazed at her incredulously then stepped forward and hugged her tightly. Sho hid his head in the crook of Mee-na’s neck, breathing her perfume deeply, horrified to feel her so thin in his arms, so light when he carried her. He heard Nino’s voice afar.

“Sho, if we stay on the threshold, we’ll get spotted.”

Sho raised his head, finally coming back to reality, his eyes lost, then carried his sister into his office.

“How was it?” Sho asked to the two yakuza while he sat Mee-na onto the couch by his side without releasing her hand.

“Not very well. When I went there, Mee-na was already trying to kill Oguri. I had to improvise.”

“Is he dead?”

“No. He will live.”

“But he will seek for revenge. It’s crystal clear,” Nino said, speaking the words that they all had in mind. “We have to hide them.”

“I’ll take care of them. Anyway, Oguri knows they are with me,” Ohno said. He was leaning against the door, his arms crossed in front of his chest, his eyes on the siblings.

“So what will we do, Ohno-san?” Mee-na asked. Sho felt a bit relieved, she trusted him deeply. She still had this sweet look despite the pain and the tiredness he could read in her eyes. Mee-na was holding his hand steadily, with strength and her brother noticed with surprise that he was finally breathing freely. With full lungs, the sweet fragrance of his sister overwhelming his brain, the deep love he felt for her chasing away the shadows of nostalgia that was obscuring his sky since she disappeared.

Nino was walking around in the room worryingly, his hands on his hips. “First of all, we have to neutralize Oguri.”

“How do we do that?” Sho asked skeptically.

“I know how to proceed, leave it to me. Meanwhile, Ohno will find a shelter for the two girls. We have to be quick, before he could claim her, she’s his mistress after all. Sorry, Mee-na-chan…,” he added seeing Sho scowling at him.

“I have a plan,” Ohno said pensively. “But I don’t know if it’s acceptable for Mee-na-san.”

“What?” Nino asked.

“Oguri is very strict about the rules of the clan…”

“Oh I see,” Nino smirked.

“I don’t…so explain,” Sho asked to Nino.

“If Mee-na is married to another man, he won’t be able to touch her anymore. ‘You won’t take
your brother’s wife’, remember?”

“And it will stop him?” Mee-na leaned forward.

“Perhaps not, but I’ll have the right to kill him without risking retaliation. Mee-na-san?” Ohno looked at her.

She shook her head. “I can’t accept.”

“Why?” Nino was stunned that she could refuse such a perfect plan.

“And if you want to marry someone one day, what will you do? I refuse to take your future from you, I’m already so ashamed of myself for what you did to protect me.”

“He won’t propose if he didn’t want, right, Satoshi-kun?” Nino said joyfully before frowning when he crossed the gaze of the executioner who didn’t seem to appreciate the way he called him.

“Sho, what do you think about it?” she asked to Sho. He caressed her hand tenderly.

“I think that this is the only way to save you. Ohno-san will protect you until the day I’ll take over.”

“Aren’t you coming with me?!”

“I have to stay for a while to resolve Oguri’s doubts and close the club. I’ll find you after, don’t worry.”

Mee-na nodded and cuddled her brother.

“She agrees, Ohno-san.” Sho said.

“Very well, let’s be quick. Momo-chan, you come with us.”

“Where are we going?” the maid spoke for the first time for what seemed to be ages.

“To a safe place,” Ohno opened the door.

Sho stood up and once again hugged his sister.

“Send me telegrams. Tell me you’re fine and we’ll meet soon.”

“Okay, I promise.”

“Ohno-san take good care of her and thank you for allowing me to see her,” Sho bowed gratefully.

“I’ll protect her with more than my life,” Ohno said seriously.

As they were about to pass the threshold, Nino put a hand on Mee-na’s arm to stop her.

“Mee-na-san…I have something to tell you.”


“Everything, all this, is my fault. Oguri. You met him because I plotted it and it is my fault that you had been used for the nyotaimori. I am sincerely sorry for what I did to the both of you,” Nino bowed, placing his hands on his thighs, holding his breathe. Sho looked at his sister, holding his breath but she smiled softly.

She faced Nino. “Are you regretting it?”

“It is unforgivable and unforgettable. It is what I regret the most in my entire life,” he looked at her straightforwardly with sincerity.

Mee-na leaned forward and kissed Nino’s cheek. Nino froze, tetanized and watched her leave his life with grace.



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