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Title: Sympathy for the devil
Authors: [livejournal.com profile] wendyjoly
Genre: Yakuza, schemes and love
Special thanks to my beta the indispensable Juju ([livejournal.com profile] jtaytt)
Warnings: The yakuza world is violent and tough, if you’re uneasy with this kind of harshness you should probably not read this.
Type: Multichapter
Rating: PG-13 – NC-17
Fandoms: Arashi (main), mentioned also members of V6, Kanjani8 and other Johnny's groups. Ikuta Toma, Oguri Shun
Pairing: mainly Sakumiya
Summary: Ninomiya Kazunari is a yakuza, member of the most powerful clan of Tokyo. Since the death of the head of the clan, a race to succeed him had begun while new families of yakuza are trying to take the control of the city. In this turbulent situation, a new apprentice is entrusted to Ninomiya which is far to please him.



“I’ll meet Aiba tonight at the Nemesis.”

“I see.” Toma answered in an undertone.

He grabbed the carrot that Sho was handing him and began to slice it thoughtfully, his forehead wrinkled and his lips slightly pinched. Sho knew those signs of intense concentration well. He approached him surreptitiously.

“You’ll come with me, right?”


“Toma, did you hear me?”

Toma smirked ironically.

“’Course I heard you, you’re two inches away from me.”

“So why don’t you answer?”

“Because…,” Toma kept on working, without looking at Sho and he sighed. “Actually, I don’t know.”

“What? If you’ll come with me?”

“No, Sho, not about that. Not really.”

Sho grabbed Toma’s wrist, pissed off by the calmness of his companion. “Toma, do tell me!”

Toma gently pushed Sho’s hand away and caressed his cheek. “Let me finish this nabe, we’ll talk after, okay?”

“Do you need help?”

“I don’t. Sit down, it won’t take long.”

Sho pouted but agreed to give his companion the reflection time he implicitly asked for. He moved away and sat down on a cushion, taking today's newspaper. He was barely sitting when he gazed up to his lover’s back, unable to focus on his reading. The latter was cooking in silence, totally concentrated and Sho tried to imagine what he wanted to say. Thinking thoroughly about their life together, Sho was unable to give an overview about their relationship.

Were they happy together? He wasn’t sure. Toma loved him, he told him again and again and Sho was sincerely sad for not feeling the same way. He had been his rock since Mee-na was gone, he was strong, and so indulgent toward him that he almost forgot that he was older than Toma.
After a moment, Sho raised to set the table and soon they were sitting together, Sho said an “Itadakimasu” but Toma remained silent. He began to eat but Sho didn’t move, completely focused on Toma.


No answer.

“What did you want to tell me?” Sho insisted. This silence was nerve-cracking.

“Can we eat first?” Toma asked quietly.

“No, I can’t eat as long as I don’t know.”

“Not really sure that you’ll be hungry after though,” Toma answered in an undertone.

“Toma…please. I’ve never been a patient man, and you’re killing me here.”

Toma put his chopsticks onto the table and intertwined his fingers. “Okay. I won’t come with you tonight.”

Sho arched his eyebrow, startled. “…But you agreed to sleep with a girl with me.”

“What you intend to do has nothing to do with a personal fantasy. And even if I wasn’t enthusiastic I would have done it for you.”

“So why? Earlier, you said you won’t hesitate about accompanying me!”

“True. But I was already sure I won’t.”

Sho moved back, putting his arms around his knees. “I don’t get it. Why?”

“Sho, how many siblings do I have?”

“I don’t know…how many…why this question?!”

“You got lost in Tokyo when you were 10, Mee-na found you wandering downtown after more than 12 hours, your mother was worried sick. The first day you went to school, a kid called you hamster because you ate glutinously and that name stayed for years. Do I have to go on, or do you get it already?”

“I don’t. What’s your point?”

“I want you to understand that you never got involved in our story. We’re not a couple, Sho.”

“We live together, we eat together, we work together and we are exclusive, I never fucked anyone else, so what’s a couple according to you?”

“Two people who love each other and care about each other.”

“I care about you,” Sho said sheepishly.

“But you don’t love me.” An awkward silence fell on the room. “Why did you ask me to stay when you lost Mee-na?”

“Because I wanted to see you, because I needed you.”

Toma moved forward and grabbed Sho’s hands. “You came to find me because you knew I wouldn’t hurt you. After Nino, you looked for the most reliable person, emotionally speaking. I will not make you suffer because you will never fall in love with me. I always knew that and I accepted it. As long as you needed me, I was by your side but now…why do you want to meet Aiba? Your plan worked, he’s gonna be important for the clan, just as the Oyabun, he’s clean. What more can you ask for?”

“I want him to be so in love with me that he will do everything I’ll ask him, even to stand up for me when I claim Mee-na. And if I have to sleep with him, I’ll do that,” Sho said angrily.

“Just like what you did with me, right?” Toma asked sadly. “Don’t get me wrong…I don’t regret what I did for love Sho. Staying in Tokyo, far from my brothers, helping you to build the Nemesis, being your safety buoy.”

Sho caressed Toma’s cheek. “It has nothing to do! I never~”

“I’m not telling you to feel anything for me but if you meet Aiba tonight, if you have sex with him to use him…you will lose your soul. For good. Think about Mee-na, about what she will think. She won’t accept this, even for her own sake. We’ll find another way, I’ll help you.”

“There’s no other way.”

“You’re decided to go?”

Sho hanged the head stubbornly, his fists clenched so tightly that his knuckles whitened.

“I won’t support this. I love you too much to watch you lose every bit of humanity. You’re sweet and gentle, Sho, you’re not manipulative. Even if you’re smart enough to be…Don’t let Nino win, don’t become like him.”

“Why are we talking about him?” Sho snapped.

“Because the day he took Mee-na from you, he crashed your heart twice. Your brother’s heart and your man in love’s heart. And that’s why I can’t forgive him but you should because he was important to you, he still is. Revenge won’t bring you a peace of mind.”

“You’re not in a good position to lecture me.”

“True, and you’re right. I’m not flawless. My brothers and I aren’t good men…but we were raised in the same orphanage, we always knew each other and if life has been harsh with us, we repaid it hundredfold. But the first time I saw you at the club, you were so luminous…with gentleness, innocence. I could see no one else but you. I fell for you, even when I knew you wanted Nino, I tried to seduce you. I wanted to be a better man for you. When you asked me to stay, I didn’t think twice, but today, I have to stop you…because no one loves you the way I do.”

“As soon as Mee-na is free, I swear~”

Toma leaped to his feet. “But you won’t be able to look at the man in the mirror! You won’t be able to forget all the bad things you did, I know it!”

“Toma…please…,” Sho begged, reaching out, but Toma turned his back to him.

“You won’t change your mind?” Toma asked.

“I don’t have a choice, I have to do what I have to do.”

Toma went to the bedroom and came back with his jacket.

“Where are you going?” Sho asked.

The other put the hands on his hips, his head hanged, and walked toward Sho, hugging him. He squeezed him tightly and cupped his face to peck his lips.

“When you come back home, I won’t be here anymore,” Toma murmured softly. Then he left without a noise.


Sho knew him well. It was a trick to make him change his mind. But he couldn’t. He drank a glass of alcohol and drove to the club.
When he entered, Aiba was at the main table waving at him.

“Good evening, Masaki-san.”

“Hello, Sho-kun. Are you alone?”


“Toma will join us later?”

“I don’t think so,” Sho smirked apologetically.

“Love quarrel?”

“More or less.”

“I invited someone, I hope you don’t mind,” he smiled genuinely. What did he prepare?

When Sho spotted his ex-partner he swallowed hard.

“Nino, we’re here!” Aiba said loudly.

Nino sat down at the table, his everlasting smirk adorning his face. Sho appalled and got tense like each time he was in Nino’s presence.

“It’s so great to see you together!” Masaki said, snaking his arms around the two men’s shoulders.

“Masaki-san, what does this mean? I thought we had an appointment,” Sho beginning to fear the worst. What if he decided to include Nino in their sex session? Would he have to fuck him too? He was unable to decipher his feelings about this, he could take his revenge but on the other hand he had refused to share his bed again. And if he was totally honest with himself, he feared of coming undone once more.

“The more the merrier!” Aiba smiled goofily.

Nino hanged the head and despite his efforts he couldn’t hide his hilarity. Anger seized Sho suddenly.

“If you can see your face now!” Nino laughed openly. “Masaki-san, it’s wrong to deceive our brother.”

“Sorry, sorry, it was too funny! Smile, Sho-kun I won’t eat you, you can rest assured!” Aiba chuckled.

“So why did you want to meet me?” Sho didn’t find this joke pleasant at all. Not because his pride was hurt, but being mocked once again was a serious slap to his face. He thought he was worthy of playing their game, but it seemed he was still a newbie after all.

“First of all, I wanted to tell you that I’m straight, 100 % straight.”

“But…,” Sho felt so idiotic suddenly. “You kissed me! And you told me about the withdrawal…”

“I played with you a bit, sorry. Our new Oyabun didn’t give me a choice, he’s very strict about the rules within the clan, including the one about drugs. Plus Nino refused to give me anything.”

“I see. So why this masquerade?”

“Because it was fun and because Nino asked me to help you. I thought I could do him a favor but actually, you’re a very interesting man, Sho-kun. And surprisingly, I’d blame myself when I had to break your relationship. Don’t blame me, okay?”

Sho was confused. He looked at the two men successively wondering what he should do…they misled him, true but…

“Nino?” Sho asked and a cloud of sadness darkened Nino’s gaze.

“I really saw Mee-na, Sho, I can swear on my father’s head. Masaki-san saw her too, he’s the one who helped me to break into the house.”

Sho glanced at Aiba who was quietly sipping his drink as if he was totally at ease with this.

“But neither of us knows where she is now. Our Oyabun protects her as if she is Fort-fucking-Knox. And Ohno is her bodyguard,” Nino spat out very fast, getting rid of the bad news. Sho focused on Aiba.

“Why would you help us to free Mee-na?”

“Because Shun is not himself when he’s with her. I’m sorry but I have to say that she didn’t bring out the best in him…and because I never especially liked men hurting non-consenting women.”

“Thanks Masaki-san,” Sho bowed gratefully. He was perfectly aware that nothing was settled, far from it but for the first time he saw a light at the end of the tunnel. Even if being Nino’s partner once again was deplorable. “So what do we do?” he asked enthusiastically and Nino had to bite his lips in order not to smile.

“We will find her, we will find a way to free her without being slayed by Ohno. But first of all, we have to find a place for her and for you too. I guess you won’t leave her alone.”

“I won’t,” Sho said hastily.

“So let’s say we find a new home and that we’re still alive, able to hide her, we’ll only have to pray to escape from Oguri’s vengeful wrath.”

“A piece of cake,” Sho smirked, lighting a cigarette.

“A piece of cake,” Nino repeated, unable to take off his eyes of Sho, so obviously glad that they finally managed to on speaking terms again.

“I’m...I’ll have to take my leave!” Sho leaped onto his feet as if suddenly remembering an emergency. The two others startled but only nodded.

Sho ran home to tell the good news to his companion. He had been right from the very beginning. There was a way to save Mee-na without losing his soul, even if he had to accept Nino’s presence.

“Toma!” he yelled after closing the door. But the house was dark and empty.

Sho strode to the bedroom but found nothing. His heart flinched when he didn’t find Toma’s suitcase in the closet. His manly perfume was still here, replacing Mee-na sweet odor. He crouched down, clutching his hands. He was alone once again…why did he always realize the preciousness of a relationship when it was over?




“Ohno-san, are you married?”

“I’m not,” the bodyguard pouted, his arms still crossed before his chest.

“Ohno-san, what’s your first name…Ohno-saaan?” Momo ran after the man who skilfully disappeared when she turned her back.

Mee-na smiled, seeing the disappointed look of the young maid who was the most persistent person on earth when it was about the mute Ohno. She crossed her own image in the mirror, which faced her, and turned her head in order not to see the freaking ghost she had become. Yet since that night she escaped from the house, her life had changed drastically.

Seeing Sho after so long and learning that he was happy drained her from her last strengths. Since she was Oguri’s prisoner, only the thought of being with her brother again kept her standing, despite everything. But Sho was doing great, he had a flourishing business, he had friends. Everything was the best in all possible worlds.

Ohno kept her secret when she was convinced he wouldn’t. Why did he cover her? The more she thought about him, the more enigmatic he was. When the cab left them at the house, he entered without a word, without waiting for her, without checking her bedroom. Yet he was observing her, there’s no doubt about it. So why did he leave her alone when they passed the threshold? And why was he so gentle with her? So many questions she couldn’t answer, but during those long days of laziness they became her obsessions.

Seeing the cold yakuza being tortured by his exact opposite, an exuberant and chatterbox young woman, gave her great joy, a sweet revenge for Mee-na who never manage to destabilize him.
She was spending her days at the window, watching the garden. She couldn’t even be more relieved by her wonderful loneliness. Her master just married and he was traveling around the country to pay a visit to the most powerful yakuza clans, announcing the brand new alliance of their two families.

“Madam…what kind of man is Mister?” Momo asked her one day while she was dressing.

Mee-na pinched her lips. “He’s…he’s not a sweet man,” she answered, remembering the words he told her one day.

“He’s the one who did this to you?” Momo pointed at an old burn which had become a scar after some months.

“Yes he did this to me,” Mee-na felt a sense of remorse in letting an innocent young girl enter her world of violence, but she couldn’t find any better explanation about the marks displayed under her eyes each and every day.

“My father beat my mother too,” Momo said laconically. “But only when he was smashed. And her bruises didn’t look like yours. Did you…did you make him angry, Madam?”

“No, Momo-chan. I can’t really find the words to explain our relationship, but he doesn’t need to be angry to be brutal,” Mee-na understated in order to spare the young maid.

Momo looked at her without understanding and Mee-na wished she didn’t have to meet Oguri soon.



“Ohno-san told me you were a teacher?”

Mee-na shifted around, eyeing Momo, surprised. “What? Ohno-san told you that?”

“Yes. And he told me you taught children how to write and read.”

Mee-na’s heart skipped a beat when she heard about her past life. That period when she was ignorant of the darkness of human souls. And Ohno talked about her? She blushed. “Oh…he told you so many things. It’s a bit…how should I put it…unusual.”

“Madam, will you teach me?”

“How to write?”

“My name,” Momo was looking at her hopefully and Mee-na didn’t have the heart to refuse. Even if doing what she loved before was painful.

“Okay. I can show you.”

Momo offered a ravishing smile and didn’t give up until Mee-na actually accepted to teach her under the mocking eyes of Ohno, too happy to be able to finally get rid of his groupie.

“Ohno-san?” Mee-na called him without raising her gaze from the sheet where Momo was reproducing the kanjis of her name, her tongue out with concentration.

The yakuza slightly jolted, surprised while he was lost in his thoughts.

“I remember I wrote your name once. Do you still have the page in question?”

He nodded, visibly wondering what would come next.

“I just realize I never explained you the meaning of the kanjis I gave to you…Should I show you?”

Ohno looked at Momo who was totally unaware of their conversation and sat down graciously by Mee-na’s side. She took another page and a painting brush and she began her calligraphy.

« 大, means 'big', and you read itおお 'oo', the next kanj, 野, means 'field'. And you read it like a の [no], 智, means ‘wise', 'intelligent', or 'reason’. And you read it like this, さとし [satoshi]. If you combine everything, you have a big field of wisdom...大野智,” she concluded with a light movement of her brush before looking at him with a smile.

He was zeroing on the sheet and smiled wide in answer, revealing a perfect rank of white teeth. “He seemed to be so angelic and innocent at this moment,” thought Mee-na. Her heart clenched slightly and she reached out awkwardly, giving him the page, trying to chase away this weirdness between them.

“Thanks,” Ohno said, staring at the calligraphy.

“Would you…would you like to try?” Mee-na gave him the brush.

Ohno took it and put the model onto the table, reproducing the complicated drawing easily. Without noticing the two women stopped breathing, totally mesmerized.

“You’re damn good, Ohno-san!!”

“Thanks,” Ohno moaned, embarrassed from being praised.

Mee-na felt so incredibly full of pride seeing the both of them so proud of themselves. She totally forgot the pleasure to be a teacher. Feeling the sweet gaze of the bodyguard she knew undoubtedly that he talked about her former work – this man who weighted each word he spoke - to the oblivious maid on purpose.

“Thanks,” she murmured to Ohno before resuming her work.


Life went on smoothly for the strange trio, without other clashes than the ones due to the too spontaneous Momo. Mee-na almost forgot that it was only an exceptional diversion in her life as a sexual slave.

“Are you really sure, Mee-na-san?”

“Of course, I’m pretty skilled you know? When I was at home, I was the only one who cook.”

The maid raised a skeptical eyebrow. “But when was the last time you cooked?”

Mee-na grinned joyfully. “Stop it already Momo-chan! Enjoy this moment of freedom, I’m pretty sure you’ll love it. Have you eat Korean food before?”


“See! I’m cooking the favorite meal of my brother, Sho. He loved it so much…it's my grandmother's recipe. Hand me the ginger, please.”

Momo did what she was told with a suspicious look, glaring at the smoking pot. Mee-na didn’t lose the delighted smile plastered on her face when she smelled the delicious odor, so full of memories. She skilfully spun the wooden spoon and handed it to Momo.

“Here, taste it!”

“No way,” Momo grimaced.

“Come on, Momo-chan, aren’t you adventurous?”

“OHNO-SAN!” the younger called, her eyes fixated onto the spoon as if it was a weapon. The yakuza was there in a blink of an eye and watched the two women facing each other, one with a spoon in the hand, the other eyeing it suspiciously.

“Would you like to taste what Mee-na-san cooked?”

The yakuza scowled “Not that much.”

“Ohno-san, you’re a fierce yakuza, right?” Mee-na said playfully handing him the object of the crime.

He reached out and taste it cautiously.

“So?!” Mee-na said enthusiastically, ready to be praised.

“Hm…I guess it’s good.”

“Is that the truth, Ohno-san?” Momo asked, eyeing the bodyguard who blushed comically.

“It’s a bit…special.”

“What?” Mee-na said startled. “ I followed the recipe and Sho loved it so much that I never had the chance to eat it,” she said before taking a mouthful of it. Then she grimaced. “Oh God, it’s so gross! Sorry Ohno-san if I had known…”

The two others laughed out loud seeing her disgusted look and Ohno took the spoon from her hands while laughing genuinely. “Your brother must loves you deeply if he eats that!”

Mee-na smirked and blushed, moved, now unable to suppress the butterflies in her belly.

“Well, well, seems like someone is having fun here,” a low voice said behind their backs.

Mee-na felt a drop of cold sweat dripping along her spine without even looking at the newcomer.
Ohno’s face got impassive as usual while Momo was bowing zealously. Oguri smiled coldly and handed his coat to the maid, then walked to Mee-na.

“Are you cooking Mee-na?”

“Y…Yes,” she murmured, petrified.

“May I taste it?”

She nodded and gave him the spoon gingerly.

“Hm…It’s not bad,” he said appreciatively. “Ohno,” Oguri acknowledged the bodyguard with a small move of the head.

“When did you come back?” Mee-na asked as Momo was leaving the kitchen.

“This afternoon and my first visit is to you…I missed you,” he moved behind her, putting his arms around her waist. Mee-na closed her eyes and clenched her jaw, barely suppressing a thrill of disgust when she felt his hands on her.

“How was your trip?” she asked in a breath.

“I’d wished you were there. Can you imagine how many times I dreamed of you?”

She clenched her fists a bit tighter in order not to show her thoughts about what he was hinting.

“Everything went fine during my absence, Ohno?” Oguri asked putting his lips to the crook of his slave’s neck, keeping his stare on Ohno who wasn’t moving a muscle.

Ohno nodded without answering.

Oguri slipped a hand under Mee-na’s collar, grabbing one of her perfect breasts while the other hand was caressing her thigh, pushing her dress up to reveal the edge of her stockings. She tried to push his hand away, fidgeting between his arms, avoiding at all cost Ohno’s gaze, ashamed. But Oguri was holding her firmly and squeezed harder to keep her still.

“You don’t seem to be happy to see me, Angel.”

Mee-na opened her eyes and crossed Ohno’s furious gaze, which was on a big knife on the table. If she didn’t move now, Ohno would attack Oguri, she knew it, she could feel it. And if something should happen to the Oyabun, the clan would kill the assaulter. She stopped resisting Oguri and shifted around. Feeling her relaxing, he released his grip and let her go.

“I’m so happy that you came back, Oguri-san,” she murmured, putting her arms around his neck, kissing his cold lips.

He was upset. Oguri was stiff in her arms, all his muscles tensed against her, making her feel as if she as holding a granite block. He was observing her through his half-closed eyelids, the prominent vein on his neck pulsing rapidly. She darted her tongue, licking his lower lip, caressing the nape of his neck, teasing him. Finally Mee-na saw his gaze changing, blurring and as he parted his lips, she felt him hardening against her stomach. She kissed him softly, moving sensually to divert his attention from Ohno. She almost sighed with relief when he pulled her hair hard to break the kiss, looking at her straightforwardly.

Ohno stepped forward but Oguri called him. “Where are you going?”

“I’m leaving you.”

Ohno made another step and Oguri stopped him again. He turned around and Mee-na was laid on the table while his master was taking off his suspenders.

“No need to come back here, from now on, you’ll stay with me. Someone else will take care of Mee-na.”

Ohno felt his blood boiling. Mee-na had turned her head in order not to look at him anymore, totally motionless. He exited the house, slamming the door and hailed a cab. Half an hour later he was climbing the stairs of a condo in a slum not far from the center of the city. He knocked on the first door of the third level and a groan answered from the other side. Nino opened, wearing only a tank top and large pants. If he was surprised to see Ohno on his threshold, he didn't show it.

“Ohno-san? To what do I owe this visit?”

“I’m gonna help you save her.”

That time, Nino couldn’t suppress a gasp of sincere surprise…then he moved aside to let him in.


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