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Title: Sympathy for the devil
Authors: [livejournal.com profile] wendyjoly
Genre: Yakuza, schemes and love
Special thanks to my beta the indispensable Juju ([livejournal.com profile] jtaytt)
Warnings: The yakuza world is violent and tough, if you’re uneasy with this kind of harshness you should probably not read this.
Type: Multichapter
Rating: PG-13 – NC-17
Fandoms: Arashi (main), mentioned also members of V6, Kanjani8 and other Johnny's groups. Ikuta Toma, Oguri Shun
Pairing: mainly Sakumiya
Summary: Ninomiya Kazunari is a yakuza, member of the most powerful clan of Tokyo. Since the death of the head of the clan, a race to succeed him had begun while new families of yakuza are trying to take the control of the city. In this turbulent situation, a new apprentice is entrusted to Ninomiya which is far to please him.



The Nemesis was full packed tonight.

Sho donned a black elegant and sober suit, like Toma did, both of them were strangely alike, moving through the room sensually, twin lovers making turning the heads literally and figuratively.
A sensual aura surrounded them, and the rumor of an irreproachable faithfulness drove women as well as men crazy, making them unreachable.

The smallest of their movements was observed, analyzed and a hand roaming on a thigh like a tender whisper fed the clients of the club's fantasies for ages. Sho was perfectly aware of the fact and that it was one of the reasons – among others - which explained the success of the Nemesis…and he played with Toma, the game of the perfect secret love, one who was ignorant of the fact that he was being observed. When he crossed the gaze of a woman as he negligently let his fingers caress his lover’s waist, he smiled innocently and squeezed Toma a bit tighter. He didn’t care about hiding his sexual preferences. It was part of his character and he had never been ashamed to show people that he was sharing Toma’s bed. Yet, Sho was always surprised when one of his groupies cornered him, convinced that homosexuality was an illness he could be cured from.

While he was in good position to know that having sex with a woman wasn’t a problem for Toma, Sho never desired one. Not because of a misplaced sexism, the yakuza knew that for earning respect it wasn’t required to desire a woman, but none of them aroused him like Toma did.
More than once, when they were in bed, Sho asked him what it feels like to take a woman.

“What do you want to know exactly?” Toma asked with a cocky smile.

“Don’t know, what do you feel…when you take one. Is it very different with a man?”

“Hm…women don’t make love like men, if that’s your actual question. Everyone is different, different woman has different preferences in sex matter, just like us.”

“Do you…,” Sho arched an eyebrow.

“Do you want to know if I miss that?”

“Yeah, pretty much.”

Toma had pecked his lips and laid back down on the mattress. “No, I don’t. Whether it’s a man or a woman in my bed, I don’t care as long as I like that person. I simply have the capacity to find both attractive, that’s all. It’s like asking if you missed screwing other men, do you get it?”

“I do.”

But seeing his look, Toma knew the conversation wasn’t over yet. “What?” he asked, hovering over Sho.

He didn’t answer but the way he swayed his hips was revealing enough.

“Do you want to try?” Toma whispered.

“Don’t know. I just think that perhaps I am missing something.”

Toma grimaced and moved away. “At least, it’s pretty clear.”

“Don’t be angry, it’s only an existential question that I have hundred times a day. Of course, you, you can’t understand, you already tried everything,” Sho snapped unfairly.

“Sho, I’m not a whore. I don’t deny what I did, it was part of my job and I enjoyed it, but…since we’re together, I never looked at anyone but you. If you feel the need to meet someone else, I won’t object.”

“And you’ll be fucking miserable.”

Toma chuckled. “It’s not as if I could help it. I can’t say that I’d be happy to see you between the thighs of a lady either.”

Sho laid on him and his body all against Toma’s, caressing his hair while he took his mouth, their breath quickened and becoming shallower.
“So, you will stay with me,” Sho murmured in his ear.


“If I want someone else, you will stay with me,” Sho kept on exploring his boyfriend’s skin with his tongue.

“You want…”

“Yes, you and me and a woman. What do you think about it?”

Toma stroke Sho’s sides then his back, making him feel his thickening member.

Sho smiled and said “I take this as a yes.”

On the stage tonight, a hypnotizing woman in a splendid but translucent pinkish kimono was stripping under a rain of cherry blossoms. She was dancing on the sound of a traditional shamisen and no one in the audience would doubt that the lady followed the teaching of a geisha household. Sho smirked when she winked at him discreetly. Like every night since the beginning of the last week he couldn’t wait to watch the clients’ faces when they discovered that the lady in question was a gentleman…
Aiba was sitting at a table with a young woman and Sho watched him striding toward him with a slight smile. Sho greeted them and took a quick glance at his glass.

“Are you enjoying the show, Masaki-kun?”

“I really do. This is a wonderful spectacle but should we keep on pretending that she’s a man?”

“People like great disclosures, let’s keep it a secret until the end.”

Aiba laughed out loud while the woman pretexted an emergency to leave the table barely hiding the fact that she was embarrassed by what she felt between the two men.

“You wanted to introduce me to someone?” Aiba asked without paying attention to the woman.

“Yes,” Sho sat down across him. “But it’s something big, Aiba-san, for the entire family, I mean.”

“I’m all ears.”

“That’s an idea I had, but I didn’t tell the Oyabun yet. I thought it could be the chance for you to get back your place.”

Aiba leaned back on his chair, his face suddenly deadly serious. For a second Sho wondered if he was really interested his offer. After all Aiba had been kept away from the power since his mother’s departure. If he wasn’t proud enough or too afraid to claim his due, Sho would lost his bet.

“I see. You don’t want to talk to Shun-kun? Because of your sister?” Sho’s heart skipped a beat.

“Did you see Mee-na?”

“Yes, a long time ago, at Oguri’s place. But she isn’t there anymore.”

“She isn’t there anymore?!” Sho repeated blankly, suddenly panicking even though he had the upper hand.

“You’re too far from the clan’s business, Sho-kun. Our Oyabun got married! His mistress couldn’t stay under the same roof as his wife.”

“What did he do to Mee-na?”

“He bought her a house, that’s everything I know. You know, he’s a very secretive man. He’s damn paranoid when it’s about her. He loves her so much, it’s bordering on obsession. I’m pretty sure he doesn’t even trust me! I met her before when I visited him but now, he’s the only one who knows the place of her new house. I guess it reassures him.”

“Masaki-kun, how was she? Did she look happy?”

Aiba took a look at the scene where the lady boy was removing her last cotton blouse, before leaning over the table.

“I don’t know, Sho-kun. Honestly. Each time I met her, Shun was there too and he seemed like he was ready to eat her alive. But…”


“Since she entered his life, a part of him changed. Even if he’s apparently still so calm and in control, I can’t swear that this passion doesn’t push him to some extremities.”

“What do you mean?” Sho asked, deadly worried.

Aiba’s gaze went back to the stage and he clapped his hands noisily, louder than everyone else to applaud the artist who was now leaving the stage. When he turned the head to Sho, he was smiling goofily.

“I probably misinterpreted, don’t care about what I said…so who’s this person you were talking about?”

End of the conversation. Aiba had always been a changeable man but he could be oblivious on purpose. No need to keep on questioning him about Mee-na, he was done with the private side of this business meeting.

“If you accept, please follow me, I’ll show you the way.”

Sho led him to a round table at the first level of the club where two men in their 40s where drinking whisky.


The other raised the head and smiled nervously. “Oh, Sakurai-san!”

Sho gestured toward Aiba. “This is the man I talked to you about - Aiba-san.”

“Nice to meet you,” the man said showing the two empty chairs.

Sho and Aiba took their seats and a waitress appeared as if by magic, bringing them two glasses. Two Oolong teas.

“Toru-san has a problem,” Sho began. “He’s the president of a textile company. His family thrives for generations and he’s now the head of one of the most powerful Japanese conglomerates.”

“We doubled our sales last year…,” the little man added proudly. Masaki raised an interrogative eyebrow.

“You can tell Aiba-san everything,” Sho said encouragingly.

The second man cleared his throat. “I’m Ryo Tomura, Toru-san’s secretary,” he bowed politely then kept on. “Toru-san has 7 siblings and when his father died, being the eldest he became president. His siblings inherited equal shares of the company.”

“And?” Aiba grew impatient.

“Toru-san heard about a big contract with the army and he wanted to be involved. We believe that a war is coming and if we can obtain it now, our future is assured. But…”

“My siblings are refusing!” the man exploded “The huge investment frightens them.”

“I get it,” Masaki said “But what can I do for you?”

Sho leaned back on his chair and lighted a cigarette.

“Toru-san is a regular customer of the Nemesis and I offered some help from the family. Let’s say he’s giving to you, Aiba-san, some shares of his company, some personal shares I mean. Enough to make you one of his board members.”

The other nodded, observing Aiba’s reaction.

“The family has an established reputation here in Tokyo,” Sho said in confidence. “Enough for Toru-san’s siblings to be inclined to vote like Aiba-san during each board meeting. By fear or persuasion. And you, Aiba-san, will vote like Toru-san. Thus, his ideas will be adopted by the board and you, you’ll receive each month the money that your shares are yielding.”

Toru nodded again and Aiba thought seriously, imagining where this brilliant idea could lead to. If his father who despised him so much had been alive, he would have eaten his toupee… He looked at Sho with admiration and reached out to shake his new associate’s hand.

“I’m your man,” he said firmly.

They drank to seal their brand new alliance then Sho and Aiba left the table. Masaki grabbed Sho’s arm before joining the woman he came with.

“I like you more and more…this is only a beginning, Sho-kun, you know it?”

Sho bowed to the yakuza and went back to the bar, glad that his plan worked out so well. As he finally was calming down his nerves, remembering each word of the conversation they had about Mee-na, he felt a presence by its side. No need to look to know it was his ex-partner.

“What are you doing here, Nino?”

“Meeting people, drinking a glass of wine, can’t you see it?”

Sho sighed angrily and gazed at him straightforwardly. He shouldn’t do that, he shouldn’t even look at him. He should be indifferent…

“So drink your wine and choke on it.”

“You are not very nice,” Nino said with a wary smile, taking a sip of the crimson alcohol.

“And if you could drink elsewhere, I’d appreciate. We don’t want to see you here.”


“Toma and I,” Sho snapped while smiling to a client.

“Oh, Toma doesn’t like me. What a surprise!”

Sho pinched his lips, emitting an irritating whistle then he turned around and left the bar, taking the corridor leading to his office.

“Sho, wait!”

Sho put his hands on his hips and faced Nino.


“I’ve been despicable it’s true, I’m unforgivable, true too and I can read in your eyes that you’d stabbed me gladly, but~”

Sho walked toward him and nailed him against the wall, gripping his collar violently.

“You want more?! You’re here every fucking night, luring at me and the only desire I have is to rip your head off.”

“So do it, Sho.”

“Stop calling me that! We’re no longer intimate, we’re not even friends, all I feel for you is disgust.”

Nino smirked and with a swift provoking move of his hips, he rubbed against Sho’s lower belly. “So what do I feel against my thigh?”

Sho clenched his jaws, his eyes blurry and he slowly leaned toward Nino. He brushed his mouth completely against Nino’s skin, completely against his cheek and Nino stop smiling, he parted his lips without noticing and half-closed his eyes.

“That’s what you want? You want me to fuck you? I’m hard and so? I screwed so many guys I can’t even remember their faces, you’re a number on a list, nothing more,” Sho hissed huskily.

“Number one,” Nino murmured on Sho’s lips. Sho took another step, releasing bit by bit Nino’s collar and leaning on his so kissable lips. He felt Nino’s breathe becoming fast and shallow while his already thickening member turned into a painful hard-on. “Sho…,” Nino moaned.

A giggle at the end of the corridor and Sho broke the contact, resuming his walk while he could.

“That’s not what I want!” Nino called behind him.


“I met Mee-na!” Nino yelled, as Sho reached his office. Sho stopped short, his hand clenching the doorknob hard.

He shifted slightly, gazing at his ex-partner once again. He tried to find deception in Nino’s eyes even if he knew he had never been able to.

“Go to hell,” Sho said eventually.

He closed the door behind him and found Toma who was standing behind the desk, sorting papers, his shirt’s sleeves rolled up on his forearms. Sho strode toward him and hugged him from behind. Toma chuckled and tossed his papers onto the desk, turning around to face Sho.

“Well, well, what happened? Usually you’re not that sentimental…”

“Hold me tight, please.”

Toma complied willingly, taking Sho’s nape in his hand and caressing it gently.

“Do you remember our conversation?”

“Which one?”

“About the girl.”

“Oh that conversation? Yeah, I do.”

Sho cupped Toma’s face to look at him directly. “It won’t be a girl.”

“What do you mean?”

“I have to sleep with Aiba. And I want you to be with me.”

Toma scowled at him. “Sho…what do…what do you want us to do?”

“I want you to help me fuck him. Please.”

Toma sighed and held him tighter, kissing his hair to appease him.


The house was so quiet. Not a noise, only the reflection of the moon that was giving the corridors a creepy appearance. After jumping the entrance fence, he tried all the windows of the mansion before finding one that was slightly opened.

Sneaking in discreetly, he listened to his instinct to find what he was looking for. But his sense of orientation had never been his forte and he pushed several doors open, making – more or less surprising – a discovery. Opening the door a little, putting his head through the gap, he found a room with a fireplace so creepy that he couldn’t suppress a thrill of horror. The room was almost empty except for a little table where some tools were set out very maniacally in a perfect line. Some links and accessories and if he thought, at first, that it was a torture chamber, the big number of sex-toys for women refuted his assumption. This room was made for sexual encounters, he was sure of it now. And since it was in this house, there’s no doubts about the users either. He gazed up and saw the iron ring hanging from the ceiling and had to suppress his sense of nausea.

Taking a few seconds to ponder, he thought that the bedroom of the sexual partner of the owner of the house, if she lived here, shouldn’t be too far from the torture chamber. Perhaps he was totally wrong but he had to begin somewhere and this theory was worth a try.
Readjusting his hood, he opened the first door facing him. In the bed, a woman was sleeping and if he was lucky enough, it would be her.

Tiptoeing, he approached her and he recognized immediately her flourished perfume. Doubt flew away immediately. He stepped forward and watched her profile in a ray of moonlight. She was still so beautiful, so innocent. Forgetting his fear of waiting her up, he began to breathe with relief.
But she turned the head and he opened his mouth to explain his presence in the middle of the night while she was sleeping. Yet, he clearly saw the bump misshaping her face, the injury on her lower lip and the bruise on her cheekbone. It felt like a sucker punch to his stomach. If Mee-na stayed under Oguri’s roof he would kill her eventually. Sooner or later. More or less painfully.

He reached out and heard a scream behind him. Opening the door to his right, he jumped without thinking twice, crossing Mee-na's gaze for a second. She seemed to be surprised but not worried at all. He waved at her and disappeared into the night before she figured out she had a piece of paper in her hand. She read it, then hid it under her pillow.

“My love, is everything okay?!”


Oguri came running from the headquarters in the middle of the night when Maria called him, terrorized because she had found a man in Mee-na’s bedroom. His anxious face would have deceived her if her face hadn’t been misshaped by the injuries due to his punches. He whirled around, furious, facing his henchmen at the door.

“How is it even possible?! How did a man manage to sneak into my house without being noticed? He could have hurt Mee-na. Thank god, Maria was here.”

“He took advantage of the general meeting tonight at the headquarters, everybody was there,” a big man, who Mee-na recognized, said.

“So he was well informed about us, but why was he in my house? Mee-na did you know him?”

She looked at her torturer straightforwardly. “I didn’t see his face, he had a hood.”

Oguri sighed, frustrated. “Okay. Sleep my angel. Don’t worry, it won’t happen again…and this man will pay. I promise.”

Mee-na laid down again and prayed for the night intruder's sake.

“Ohno, come with me,” Oguri commanded, walking to the library. He closed the door behind them and began to walk in circles. “Do you think he wanted to kill her?”

“I don’t know.”

Ohno was now used to the way Oguri got nervous when it was about his mistress. She was the only person on earth who could make him lose ground.

“It can’t be anything else. He wanted to kill her to hurt me. Or is it a killer sent by my future wife’s family…to kill the woman I love. No, it’s impossible, it is my right to have a mistress, they won’t risk a war over such an insignificant thing,” Oguri was thinking out loud and Ohno let him continued talking while he in silence. He kept on. “She has to move out next week. I won’t see her for a while, at least until the beginning of my marriage. If I want an heir rapidly, I have to stay with my wife for a while. If a man was in my house tonight, what will happen when she is in her own house? Ohno!”

“Yes, Oguri-san?”

“I want you to stay with her. At least for a few weeks. Nothing can happen to her, do you hear me?!”

“I hear you,” Ohno said obediently, emotionless like always.

“Very well, take care of her for the time being. I’ll tell her tomorrow,” Oguri smiled, relieved.
“On second thought, it is a good idea. I planned three men to guard her house, but a woman, a maid and a man won’t attract people’s attraction. Plus, Mee-na will be more confident, she knows you. You can go now, be here first thing in the morning. Good night, Ohno-kun.”

Oguri was now impatient to go back to Mee-na. Ohno bowed and went to his own room far from Mee-na’s bedroom. If Oguri was going to spend the night with her, her screams would fill the house soon.

The next morning when Mee-na entered the kitchen, Ohno was there.

“Hello, Ohno-san,” she said softly.

“Good morning Mee-na-san.”

“Oguri-san told me you will be my new bodyguard.”

He nodded, pinching his lips.

“You know…,” she said, pouring herself a cup of tea, talking to herself like every time they were together. “When I began to live in this house, I found you on my way frequently. Without warning you were by my side or behind me, and I was sincerely grateful. I had been so afraid of the men in black suits, but I felt protected by you and Oguri-san. I was so naïve. Actually, you didn’t protect me, right? You wanted to keep me inside, right? Just like those clothes, those shoes I can’t run with, those dresses, uncovering my body more than dressing it. I thought the danger was outside while the worst was right here under my nose,” she smiled at him and kept on joyfully. “Ready for the move?”

Ohno nodded and looked outside, leaving her to eat alone.

Two hours later they were driving to the new house of Mee-na. It was still very cold for the season and Mee-na was covered with a warm winter coat and a hat with a veil to protect her from the curious eyes of the neighborhood. It was a nice house, nothing like the luxury Oguri household, but the area was quiet and her master found one with a big garden for her daily stroll.
On the threshold a young woman was waiting for her, dressed in balk and white like some European maids and with a warm smile she bowed to her new mistress and her bodyguard.

“Good morning Madam, I’m Momo and I’ll be your maid from today on.”

Mee-na expected an old shrewish woman and was sincerely startled by the Oyabun’s choice.

“How old are you?” she asked gently.

“20 years old, Madam.”

Mee-na grinned and handed the girl her coat, her gloves and her hat, walking down the hall.

“Did you fall, Madam?”

Mee-na touched her bruised face. “No, Momo-chan, I didn’t fall.”

The maid took a glance at the bodyguard who didn’t leave Mee-na's side, unable to decipher visibly the slightest emotion on his closed face. She returned to Mee-na and couldn’t help but admire her. She was very beautiful, gracious, and the melancholy in her gaze so touching.
Momo heard the clicking of her high heels on the marbled floor moving from one room to another.

“I guess this is your bedroom, Ohno-san?” she said, entering an almost totally empty room with a futon, a low table and a shelf for swords. “So mine shouldn’t be far.”

She opened some other doors, recognizing Oguri’s taste in each and every room of the house. When she reached the end of the corridor, her heart drummed in her chest and fear paralyzed her limbs.

The room of her nightmares was here too.

The very same chamber of torture. The same ring hanging from the ceiling, the ropes ready to be used on the wall. Alien pleasure tools he never forgot to bring back from his travels.
Without noticing, Mee-na was covering her mouth with her hand, tears already wetting her cheeks.

What did she expect? That once she was away from Oguri’s house, he would give up torturing her? She looked at Ohno who kept his eyes on the floor stubbornly. She stepped back and ran to her bedroom closing the door softly.

When the night fell, she waited long hours near the windows. Then she took the flat shoes she stole from Maria and dressed in the men’s clothes she took from the gardener. She opened the window and jumped into the garden discreetly, the precious paper in her fist. Slowly she climbed the fence of the property, feeling the wind of freedom giving her wings. Then she walked. For several hours, she followed Tokyo’s streets, sometimes asking for direction from people she came across. She wasn’t afraid. After looking into the eyes of the Devil, nothing could frighten her.

It was dawn when she saw the Nemesis. As it was written on the paper, it was Sho’s club. On the other side of the street, Mee-na observed the line of cabs, people coming and going, laughing, having fun. So far from her.

And suddenly her heart skipped a beat. He was there, before the door. He grew up for sure. He had a dark suit and he looked so self-confident. Seeing him so gorgeous, her big sister’s heart clenched. He seemed great. Did he totally forget her? No way.

In her throat she felt a silent scream when he laughed and she stepped forward. But someone pulled her back hard and put a hand over her mouth, an iron grip preventing any movement. Ohno was on her.

“Where did you intend to go?” he asked coldly.

“Ohno-san, please! Let me see him. Just a bit. He’s so close.”

“And if you run to him, will he let you leave?”

Mee-na lowered her head “Please,” she murmured.

“Mee-na,” Ohno whispered “You will get him killed. If he fights Oguri, he will die.”

Mee-na comprehended Ohno’s gaze, and lost her fight. She gazed at Sho once again, as he was moving away, grabbing another man’s shoulder. They were laughing together. He seemed to be happy.

“Let’s go back home,” she said to Ohno, sadly.

He nodded and helped her to climb into a cab. They sat side by side in silence and the engine started. Perhaps freedom was elsewhere? In this so creepy room perhaps? This ring, this rope.
Mee-na jolted when she felt a warm hand grabbing her timidly. She looked at her companion who was staring at her seriously. Did he read her mind? Mee-na observed how these beautiful hands killed so many men. But they were warm and pleasing and while she intertwined their fingers, she felt her aching heart beating a bit faster.


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