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Title: Sympathy for the devil
Authors: [livejournal.com profile] wendyjoly
Genre: Yakuza, schemes and love
Special thanks to my beta the indispensable Juju ([livejournal.com profile] jtaytt)
Warnings: The yakuza world is violent and tough, if you’re uneasy with this kind of harshness you should probably not read this.
Type: Multichapter
Rating: PG-13 – NC-17
Fandoms: Arashi (main), mentioned also members of V6, Kanjani8 and other Johnny's groups. Ikuta Toma, Oguri Shun
Pairing: mainly Sakumiya
Summary: Ninomiya Kazunari is a yakuza, member of the most powerful clan of Tokyo. Since the death of the head of the clan, a race to succeed him had begun while new families of yakuza are trying to take the control of the city. In this turbulent situation, a new apprentice is entrusted to Ninomiya which is far to please him.


Closer to the edge

“I love you, Sho.”

The sun was already high in the sky. Sho laid on the bed, stretching his sore body, his heart slowly getting back to a normal rhythm.
He watched the man by his side, his reddish cheeks enhancing his beautiful features, his straight nose and his dark eyes, his sexy mouth, his black bangs hiding his forehead. He smiled to him.

“I know.” Sho answered.
“You piss me off.” Toma snapped, jumping out of the occidental bed and Sho chuckled, replacing the sheet on his lower belly while he turned around to watch him leisurely.
“What are you doing?”
“I’m dressing, isn’t it obvious?”
“Are you coming to the club today?”
“Yeah. Later.”
“So we’ll meet there.” Sho said with a grin.
“What are you looking at?” Toma asked while putting on his pants.
“You ass.”

Sho laughed joyfully and Toma turned around to hide his own smile. He put on his shirt and while buttoning it, he bent forward on the bed and kissed him tenderly.

“One day, I’ll leave you.” Toma whispered against his mouth.
“Never. You can’t get enough of me.”
“I know and that’s why you piss me off. You’re too addictive for my own good.” Sho put his arms around Toma’s neck, kissing him teasingly.
“So stay a bit.” He said, stroking Toma’s crotch.
“You’re insatiable. But I can’t, I have an appointment. See you later.”
“Ok, no problem.” Sho watched him left the house after a last wink.

He rose from the bed, stretching his naked body once again and went to the kitchen to drink a glass of water. The same as every day, after dressing he went to Mee-na’s bedroom where nothing changed. As if she could come back home magically during the night. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath of the floral perfume the way she smelled a long time ago. But he had to rely on his sole memory now. It disappeared since ages ago and existed only in his mind.
He indulged himself in a moment of nostalgia then closed the door. It was time to put on his dandy disguise.
Sho donned one of his luxury suit and lighted a cigarette before leaving the house. He drove to the center of the town, parking on the spot reserved to his car.
Saying that the “Nemesis” was the place to be in Tokyo was an understatement. Every politician, banker, artist or yakuza wished an open sesame for the club.
But there was no access without sponsoring and famous reputation, which allowed to Sho to build connections with some of them while they wasted a fortune to have to right to brag for being part of the chosen ones.
Sho greeted the guard at the entrance and climbed down the stairs to the wrought iron grill. The threshold barely passed, a man with a kinky grin walked to him. He was smaller than Sho, looked like an eternal teenager, a very cute one.

“Hi, Sakurai-san.”
“Hello, Ken-kun. What do we have today?”
“Are we talking business right on the bat? Okay, we have auditions. This girl stripping with a giant snake…”
“I see. Inohara and Okada can take care of this for me.” Sho was walking by while Ken was reading his listing.
“Okay boss. There’s this one playing a strange Korean musical instrument.”
Sho stopped short but didn’t turn around.
“A gayageum?”

Ken whistled with appreciation, surprised once again by Sho’s knowledge.

“I’ll see her.”
“No problem and the snake?”
“Leave her to Okada and Inohara.” Sho shifted a bit and smirked. “That’s all?”
“Masaki-san is here, waiting for you at the bar.” Ken was visibly embarrassed and kept this information for the end of the conversation. Sho couldn’t blame him though, Masaki’s presence wasn’t necessarily a good omen. Sho tousled his employee’s hair, making him blush.
“Thanks Ken.”

Ken nodded and left the place, disappearing into one of the numerous dark corners of the club.

When Sho found himself alone with Toma with nothing else but the idea to take over the Kansai squad’s business, he didn’t imagine how hard it would be to create a club. Toma often mocked him, called him a kid then, and opened the little notebook which never left his inner pocket.
Saying Toma had a very extended set of connections would be a mere understatement. In Tokyo everybody in the underground network seemed to know him, or owe him a favor. He introduced Sho to some “friends”, then stepped back to let him lead their boat. After all, it was his vision, his business and even if Sho refused to acknowledge it, Toma was ‘only’ a mediator.
They found a place downtown, an old factory, partly underground that they bought for nothing, then he created a team. Inohara, Okada, Miyake, Morita, Nagano and Sakamoto were all specialists in their own field. The night underground business field, strictly speaking. Each of them worked in the same area as the Kansai squad and they frequently required for some specific missions due to their talents. Yet no one never had the idea to build a team with them. Sho created it, what Toma called ironically the Tokyo squad.
They already knew each other very well, they worked together more than once for some clients and becoming a team didn’t frightened them. As long as someone was there to lead and share the benefits equally, to give them new and thrilling challenges, they were in.
The club was a secret place, very different from the Fifth Ace. They had a main stage too, but it was set in the middle of the main hall, the center of the client’s attention. And Sho had a knack of finding and hiring very rare and exceptional talented people. Not the kind of artist you could see or hear everywhere in town, he was a precursor.
For the rest…Toma’s connections work very well and after six months, they were able to pay back their investors. They owed nothing but to the clan. Each first day of the month they paid cash on the nail, end of the story.
Sho lighted a cigarette and breathed out the divine smoke as he walked through the empty room eyeing Masaki’s thin silhouette elbowed at the bar.
He took a high chair and sat graciously.
The other took a glance at him and smirked.

“Masaki-san, what brings you here?”
“I wanted to meet you obviously, it’s been a while.” Masaki eyeing him from head to toe.
“Well, I’m still here. Busy like you can see, the business is flourishing that I can pay my contribution to the family each month.”
“I know, I know, everybody talks about the Nemesis to the highest level.”
“The highest level? Are you talking about the Oyabun?”
“Exactly. You met him, did he come already?” Masaki said, taking a sip of his drink absentmindedly.
“Not yet but I guess he’s well informed, he probably knows this place inside out, right?”
Masaki laughed “Undoubtedly.”
Sho subtly glanced Masaki’s drink “May I offer you another drink?”
“If it’s a not so subtle way to know what I’m drinking you can ask, I’ll tell you. An Oolong tea.”

Sho smirked, visibly amused.

“That’s what you wished, right?” Masaki hanged the head.
“Honestly, I never thought you would make it.”
“Man of little faith…” Masaki handed his drink to Sho for him to check.
“Don’t get me wrong, I admired you!”
“But you’re convinced that as soon as you turn your heel, I’ll fall back into my old habits.”
“I must confess I’d have never bet on your abstinence.” Sho said, offering a melting smile to the yakuza.
“You’re pretty strict, Sho-kun.”
“I’m realistic Masaki-san. Nine months ago when you entered the Nemesis for the first time, you could barely stand alone and you tried to kiss me when you had already two girls on your arms.”
“And you told me that as long as I wasn’t be clean you won’t even look at me, so…” Masaki’s smile widened.
“So…?” Sho elbowed at the bar and bit his lip.
“I’m clean.”

Masaki leaned toward the handsome man and eyed him straightforwardly. Sho didn’t move, he was smiling playfully, letting him come. The taller put his hand on Sho’s cheek and half-closing his eyelids kissed the corner of his mouth.
Sho didn’t reject him, he felt the hot breath of Masaki on his face and closed his eyes, the menthol odor he used to smell tickling his nostrils. Yes, he seemed to be clean. No more opium vapor around him, no more whisky fragrance on his clothes and his drenched skin. Sho smiled for himself, thinking that he managed to make him forget his too numerous addictions, temporarily at last. All it left to do was to keep him clean long enough for him to use him.
Sho parted lightly his lips and his tongue brushed Masaki’s. When the kiss deepened Sho moved back immediately.

“What?” Masaki snapped.
“It’s enough for the moment.”
“I’d like to introduce someone to you tonight. Are you free?”
Masaki went back to his drink, fair play. “I’ll clear my schedule. Will I see you?”
“’Course, I’m here each and every night.”

Masaki caressed his cheek one last time then stood up. He put on his hat then smiled to Toma who just entered the club and was glaring at them a few meters away. Masaki left the place and Toma joined Sho at the bar.

“What the fuck are you doing?”
“I’m not cheating on you, don’t worry.”
“But you’re about to do it.”
“Who knows?”
“Fuck Sho! Do you even realize what you’re saying?”
“Come with me.” Sho readjusted his jacket and walked to his office, Toma on his heel.

He closed the door behind and sat on the desk.

“Are you angry?” He began after a few seconds of deafening silence.
Toma put his hands on his hips, after tossing his vest on a chair. “Of course I’m angry! I caught you making out with Masaki in the middle of the club, what do you think I’m feeling?”
Sho frowned. “You know why I do that.”
“I know you’re persisting to take the most dangerous path!” Toma burst in anger and Sho leaped from the desk.
“I won’t give up as long as Mee-na is his prisoner, do you understand?”
“Yeah, I know and you’ll get yourself killed.” Toma murmured sadly.
“I’m not that weak.”
“You changed Sho. Since your sister is gone~”
“She isn’t gone! He took her from me! Nino took her from me.” Sho exploded, the rage he felt was never too far and even if he knew that Toma had the best intention for him, he couldn’t keep his mask any longer.
“And killing all the yakuza of the world won’t replace the time you spent away from each other.”
Sho’s face hardened. “I know. That’s why they have to pay.”
“Did you even know what she became?”

Sho gazed at Toma, suddenly panicked.

“She’s with the Oyabun.”
“And just like you, she probably changed during this year spent by its side. Why do you think she’s miserable out there? Perhaps has she a child now?”

Sho clenched his jaws stubbornly and Toma kicked the desk out of frustration, then he turned around, walking on Sho, cupping his cheeks.

“Come with me. Let’s not give a shit about them, let’s not give a shit about this place. Come with me in Osaka, we’ll be happy, we’re happy together, right?”

Sho didn’t avoid his gaze but didn’t answer. Toma sighed.

“Are you still in love with him?”
“Who?” Sho scowled.
Sho looked at him as if Toma had lost his mind. “I hate him! Stop it already with this jealousy crap!”
“The opposite of love is not hate, it’s indifference.” Toma said wisely.
“So tell him not to come at the club anymore.”
“I didn’t precisely invited him. He’s family, we can’t refuse him.”
Toma brushed his face tiredly.

“Be honest with you and with me for once. There are too many people in our relationship, too many ghosts. Mee-na, Nino, Masaki, Oguri…there’s no room for me.”

Sho stepped forward and pressed his forehead against Toma’s, snaking his hands around his neck.

“One day, you’ll wake up and you won’t find me in your bed, Sho.” Toma said, putting his arms around Sho’s waist. “I’m tired of feeling like an old mistress, left behind and jealous.”
“You won’t ever be that.”
“So come, come with me!”
“Not yet. But when it is over, we’ll leave when it’s over.”
“If you’re still in one piece.”

Sho chuckled but Toma was dead serious. He feared for the life of the man he loved and couldn’t help but be worried. Sho whispered:

“I’m not in one piece since ages ago.”

Then he stepped back, brushing his thumb on his lip to chase away the lingering menthol perfume and buttoned his jacket.

“I have auditions, would you keep me company?”

Toma smiled bitterly.

“What do we have?”
“A Gayageum player.” Sho smirked and Toma couldn’t help but answer to his smile.
“Sounds promising.”

Sho took Toma’s hand and led him to the main room, sitting at a table before the stage. The woman, behind her huge music instrument, was ready to play and when he gestured to her, she began to play.
Sho swallowed a painful ache in his throat, letting the sense of nostalgia overwhelmed him for the second time today.


“Do you know how much I love you, Angel?”

She nodded slowly, the so familiar fear taking possession of her mind. He was on her back and she comprehended clearly what he planned for her today.
He was so imaginative, each session expanded his share of unhealthy discovery pushing again and again the limits of horror. Mee-na didn’t react when he tied her wrists with the usual silk link, strong enough to bother her movements, loose enough to not cut her skin, which he loved doing sometimes.
Oguri caressed the back of the young woman, moving with the tip of his fingers in the branches of the tree that was drew on her skin, on the leaves flying in the wind and fell on the ground, on her lower back. At the exact place he tattooed his name.
Her hands immobilized, she sighed with relief. At least he didn’t intend to use the ring on the ceiling to hang her by her arms.
Yet she felt a silk scarf slipping around her neck.
Mee-na tried to breathe deeply, taking in a lot of air while she could do it easily but as always, fear paralyzed her throat.

“I brought you a gift from China…” He murmured in her ear and she trembled. “A scarf cut in a very rare silk…come.” He kneeled before her, each end of the scarf in his fists.
When she was standing, he gazed up at her and pulled on the scarf, never leaving her scared face.

“Come down on me.” He commanded.

Mee-na came down cautiously and straddled him. Oguri entered her and began to move slowly. The young woman kept her head up allowing him to read everything she felt. He didn’t need to command her to do it now, she knew he was waiting for her breaking point and if Mee-na was convinced of one thing, it was that it would come eventually.
While the familiar burnt due to the lack of desire began to invade her lower belly, she felt the scarf squeezing her neck as Oguri was pulling it, cutting off her air flow.
She wanted to move away the scarf but with her tied hands she couldn’t. Mee-na straightened a bit on her thighs, causing him to almost leave her body before he loosened his grip, allowing her to breathe freely again. He thrust violently into her again, as if stabbing to cut off her respiration.
The Oyabun toppled her over the floor, kissing her lips discolored by asphyxia, his features lost in ecstasy.
How many time did she see this look, the moment he tipped into madness? This was the very moment when she really feared for her life, when he finally got what he wanted from her? More than once Mee-na had thought that she would stop fearing for her life one day, she would wish for an end to the ordeal and finally out of tears, too dry to give him what he was looking for…
But each time she chocked or fainted, out of pain, her survival instinct was the strongest and she refused to die. She couldn’t die without seeing Sho a last time. Perhaps wasn’t she totally desperate…
When she felt her thighs wet from her master’s semen, Mee-na prayed for him to be too tired to play with her.
She smiled bravely in order not to wake his desire and he kissed her passionately before making her turn around, untying the link at her wrists. He stared at her directly, caressing her face.

“Mee-na…I have something to tell you.” He said softly as if fearing Mee-na’s anger. “But first, I’m gonna wash you.”

She followed him silently without resisting to the baths in the house.
He made her sit between his legs and taking a towel began to wash her tenderly. ”He takes care of his toys.” thought Mee-na bitterly. She could think it was an act of love, but she had lost her illusions ages ago.
When he had finished, he called Maria who brought her clothes without saying a word, then they dressed in silence, facing each other.

“You’re too thin, my angel.” He grabbed her hips. “You have to eat more, I don’t want you to get sick.”

Mee-na nodded and they walked to the living room where the table had been set.
Ohno was guarding at the door and she crossed his gaze as she took place. She smiled, embarrassed, but he couldn’t answer. God knows what Oguri could have done to him if he felt an ounce of connivance between them. He would disappear from her life for sure.
Ohno never openly showed any sympathy toward her but he was at her side since the very beginning and he was the only one whom she was never been afraid of, even if she learned coincidentally that he was the clan’s executioner.
Oguri sat cross-legged on the other end of the table and after one or two mouthful, he began to speak.

“Mee-na, you have to move out.”

She raised a hopeful gaze, sincerely surprised by his demand.

“Are you allowing me to leave?”

He kept on without paying attention to her.

“I’m gonna get married. You know, since I’ve became Oyabun, I was looking for the best wedding match for the family and finally, after these long months, I have found a woman who will be the perfect match.” He said unemotionally but Mee-na knew him well, he was uncomfortable.

“When will be the wedding?” She asked softly.
“Next week. That’s why you have to move out, but rest assured, I bought you a house and your life won’t change at all. I’ll simply meet you there. But…my wife has to live here. Do you get it?”

She didn’t answer, too many questions were crossing her restless mind. “Will I be on my own, there?”
“No, of course not. I hired a girl who will take of you and one of my men will guard you, don’t worry. Plus I’ll be with you more than her, nothing will change between us.” He repeated, trying to convince her.

Eventually he rose from his chair and crouched before her, gripping her hands.

“I love you, my angel, you know that. She won’t replace you. Never.” He brushed a rebel strand of hair behind her ear as a warm smile adorned her face.

“Maybe…” She began, lowering her head. “Maybe I could go back to my house with my brother. It will be better for your wife, I don’t want to be the mistress of a married man.”

He put a finger under her chin, forcingher gaze.

“Do you want to leave me?” He said skeptically.
“I refuse to be your mistress, it is wrong.” She repeated courageously, perfectly aware that she was drifting on a slippery slope.

“Mee-na…never…never I’ll let you leave me. What will my life be without you, do you even think about it?”
“You’ll have a wife, Oguri-san.”
“But she won’t have my heart. Everything we’re sharing, Mee-na belongs to us…”

He really thought she was jealous, that she wanted to disappear discreetly to let him live a marital romance?! This man was totally insane…he never failed to surprise her.

“Let me go, Oguri-san, please.” She pleaded stroking his hands with her thumbs, his eyes imploring. “Take care of your wife like a good husband and let’s keep for ourselves our precious memories.”

She observed his reaction, thinking that he would finally understand. He raised up slowly, clenching his jaws, a big vein pulsating at his neck. Oguri brushed his lips with his thumb then slapped her violently, making her fall from the chair.
He straddled her and grabbed her chin, his face misshaped with rage.

“Never! Over fucking your dead body than let you leave me…you want to crawl in another man’s bed, that’s what you want?”
“Oguri…san.” She moaned while his hand went to squeeze her throat.
But it was not a sexual game, he wanted to kill her, really.
At last, she thought. At last. Her vision was blurry once again, she barely saw him now. Mee-na closed her eyes, letting the usual pain of the asphyxia overwhelmed her.
But her lungs struggled despite her thoughts and she coughed, opening her eyes to figure out why she was freely breathing again.
Above her, Ohno was holding back Oguri’s arm. His crazy eyes were slowly turning back to normal.

“Oguri-san, you are killing her.” He said firmly.

Oguri looked around, his fist clenched. He barely looked Mee-na, who was laying on the floor at his feet, and slowly raised his gaze to the man who was gripping his arm.

“Take care of her.” He spit to the yakuza with a disgusted pout. He left the living room hastily.
“Come here, please.” Ohno said, bending on her “We have to clean this.” He pointed her cheek. Mee-na put a hand at her face and felt blood dripping onto her fingers.
She cautiously touched her swollen right eye. With Ohno’s help she sat on the chair and he fetched a wet towel from the kitchen to clean her face.

“It won’t ever end, right?” She said bitterly “And you know what I’m thinking Ohno-san? I think I would never see my brother again, perhaps he is dead, perhaps he did kill him…he can do it. He can’t stand to share me. The craziest thing in this sordid story, is my deepest fear that one day this vicious love will bear fruits…this child cannot live, he will rather kill him in my womb than share me.”

Mee-na was speaking for herself while the yakuza was cleaning her injuries, remaining silent.

“I know you don’t care, but you’re the only person I can speak to, sorry…thanks for protecting me today. Thanks. Ohno-san, I have to confess something. All this, this is my fault, I’m the one who pushed him to rape me in the first time.”
She tried to cross his gaze but Ohno didn’t show any emotions, his eyes focused on the injury. Yet, after a few seconds of silence, he said clearly:
“He’s alive.”
“Your brother, he’s alive…and I don’t think you’re the one to blame. Love doesn’t hurt.”

Mee-na smiled gratefully, a bittersweet pinch in the heart. She almost forgot those feelings. Gratefulness, humanity, kindness.



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