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Title: Sympathy for the devil
Authors: [livejournal.com profile] wendyjoly
Genre: Yakuza, schemes and love
Special thanks to my beta the indispensable Juju ([livejournal.com profile] jtaytt)
Warnings: The yakuza world is violent and tough, if you’re uneasy with this kind of harshness you should probably not read this.
Type: Multichapter
Rating: PG-13 – NC-17
Fandoms: Arashi (main), mentioned also members of V6, Kanjani8 and other Johnny's groups. Ikuta Toma, Oguri Shun
Pairing: mainly Sakumiya
Summary: Ninomiya Kazunari is a yakuza, member of the most powerful clan of Tokyo. Since the death of the head of the clan, a race to succeed him had begun while new families of yakuza are trying to take the control of the city. In this turbulent situation, a new apprentice is entrusted to Ninomiya which is far to please him.



“Milady didn’t want to sleep in her bedroom, Sir.”

“Where did she sleep?” Oguri smirked and took a sip of coffee. Seeing his butler's look he could easily guess that something didn’t happen that well with his guest.

“In the library,” Isogai said.

“In the library?”

“Maria kept the fire alive all night long, Sir.”

“You will thank Maria for this and I’ll take care of this from now Isogai.”

“Very well, Sir,” Isogai bowed and took his leave.

Shun left his newspaper and with a smile he strolled to the library. An indescribable joy, almost painful, clenched his heart because he knew what he would find behind the door. He opened it delicately and he skipped a breath when he didn’t see her. The room was in the dark, the fuming ashes were the only source of light. Shun made a few steps and noticed her, curled up to herself in the armchair he occupied the previous night. She was wearing a pajama for men, a silk one he gladly gave to her, her small feet one above the other as if she was a child. Shun knelt down by her side and smiled to himself, reaching out to touch Mee-na’s hair before pulling himself back, he couldn’t wake her up.


Shun knitted his eyebrow. Seeing Mee-na’s pain he felt the same anger overwhelming him and he left the library, determined.

Yet when he exited the house, he had his usual serene look and without losing time, drove to his father’s office downtown. The latter was at his desk and when his son passed the threshold, he leaped on his feet, crimsoned.

“Here you are! You shamed the entire family! And you asked Ohno to refuse opening your door for me last night?! Are you totally insane?”

Shun didn’t lose his quiet look, entering the office to take a seat without being invited. “Absolutely not. I think we have a problem with Madam.”

“Who’s that girl?”

Shun arched an eyebrow. “My mistress,” he said with a low voice, looking at his father straightforwardly. No doubt could remain.

“I don’t understand, Shun…,” his father said softly while he sat back, destabilized by this revelation.

Not once he saw his son with a woman or devoted to something other than his clan, especially not to a human relationship. Hearing Madam’s name linked to the idea perturbed him immensely…he never liked that woman. Since the Oyabun’s death she was more a problem than a solution. She began to put her nose in the family business and even if he had to admit she could be useful, it disgusted him deeply. If she didn’t had had a son to claim the title of head of the clan, he would gladly send her into a charming little country town far far away.

“What do you mean?”

“I think that Madam tried to discredit me intentionally with the police and the Korean family.”

“What for?”

“To destroy my chance of becoming the new Oyabun,” Shun said, crossing his legs and leaning back in the chair. It sounded so clear now...

“Thus, her son would be the only choice,” his father grimaced and clasped his hand on the desk angrily.


“It won’t happen!”


“Do you have something in mind, Shun?”

“First of all, I’ll send her squad back to Kansai. And I’ll tell her right now, you want to join me?”

“Of course. It's high time for her to understand that she can’t attack the Oguri without facing the consequences.” Shun smiled cockily and got out of the office, his father on his heel.

Isogai drove them to the other side of the town, to the headquarters. It was unusual to see the Oguri father and son so early in the residence of the clan and they walked through the house surrounded by a respectful silence. A quick knock at the door, followed by a discrete “Come in” and they pushed it open, finding Madam overdressed despite the morning hour. She was visibly expecting them and was ready for the fight.

“Good morning, Madam.”

“Good morning, Saiko-komon, Kashira. I’m very honored by your visit but can I ask why you are at my door so early in the morning?”

“I think you know perfectly why,” Shun answered, taking a seat without being invited by the owner of the apartment, taking off his gloves and tossing them onto the huge table in the living room.

His father sat down cross legged into a deep armchair and the Oyabun’s widow had no choice but to follow his example, feeling like a guest in her own house.

“If you’re talking about last night…I can assure you that all this is a total misunderstanding!” she said embarrassed.

“I’m listening to your explanation,” Shun said jauntily. Was she able to reveal how she intended to punish her lover, a mere kobun, to the powerful Saiko-komon? Shun had the upper hand and he was familiar enough with her to know she was cornered.

“I thought, she was Matsumoto’s mistress.”

“And so without any consultation or guarantee, you decided on your own to send your squad to kidnap my lover, the sister of one of our kobuns, and you displayed her naked in front of a rival family.”

Madam flushed and stuttered, moved her hands restlessly, her frightened gaze running from the father to the son. “I…I am totally ignorant of what she was to you or I won’t have given the command to the Kansai squad, that’s the truth!”

Shun stood up and walked to her. “Undoubtedly. Yet someone has to take the responsibility for this deplorable incident. Will you?”

“Of course, Kashira, I take the entire responsibility. What do you want me to do?”

“First, you will send the squad back to Kansai and explain to their clan that we won’t need them from now on. I’ll have to fix your blunder with the Korean clan.”

“What will you do, Shun?” Oguri father didn’t pay attention to Madam any more, his entire attention focused again on his brilliant son.

“I’ll open a school for the kids of Shinjuku – they are mostly Korean recent immigrants - to prove our good will. We will teach them the Japanese as well as Korean language among other things. It will please them enough to avoid an open war. We have too much to lose, we’re not prepared yet.”

The Saiko-komon and the defeated widow could only give their agreement to this great display of diplomacy. Once again, he seemed to have planned everything and they could barely imagine that this very man was the one who burst out in anger last night.

“About the police, I’ll let you know in due time,” Shun concluded, officially assuming the role of the principal decision-maker of the clan. “Ah, another thing…” Turning around as if he had forgotten something. “I will suggest that you to go along with the squad to Kansai. It will be a great honor for their family to shelter you for an indefinite period.”

The Oyabun’s widow raised her head and watched them leave the place even if they didn’t show her the same politeness.

“Should I drive you back to your office, Father?”

“Please. Will you work with me today or will you take care of this splendid mistress of yours?” Oguri father smirked suggestively, clearly enjoying this new relationship.

“No, I’ll have to work in Shinjuku for this school.”

“I’m proud of you, Son. You’re fit to become an Oyabun. By the way, will this woman stay at your place?”

“Yes, she will.”

“Do you intend to marry her?”

“I still don’t know, Father.”

“Son…,” his father leaned forward, speaking in confidence. “Keep it a secret for the moment. Find her a house, it is better if you don’t live with her. We need you for a future alliance.”

“I know.”

“So, do it.”

“Certainly, Father.”

Shun went for the very first time with Isogai to the house with the red door. He wanted to meet Sakurai outside of the clan, because even if he thought he knew the man, he shared a relationship with Mee-na that he knew nothing about. The door swung open and he faced a desperate Sakurai. The man didn’t sleep, Oguri could swear it.


“Sakurai. I had to see you, may I come in?”

Sho didn’t answer but let the door opened. Shun startled, this house smelled like Mee-na. Seeing Sho’s curved back, he suddenly realized how much he suffered. He lived every day with her, in her perfume and her sweetness since their childhood. Losing her had probably been incredibly violent. How would he react when Shun told him about his intentions toward Mee-na were? Sho was in the kitchen keeping himself busy with the preparation of a pot of tea. Shun took a glance at Isogai who was at the door.

“I’m here to talk about Mee-na.”


“You probably know what happened yesterday. She was in danger and I had to intervene to protect her. She’s at my place currently.”

Sho raised a hopeful gaze on him. Was he here to give Mee-na back to him? “Will you…give her back to me?”

Shun sighed. “It’s not that simple. Look, if she had to live here again, would she be safe? Can you give me the guarantee that nothing would ever happen to her again?”

Sho hanged the head, what could he say? No, he had been so naïve until now, to believe that his sister would be protected because he was a yakuza now. “What will you do with her?”

“She will be under my protection,” Shun gazed at him straightforwardly, frankly. In exchange of what? Sho wanted to scream. Shun probably read in his mind because he kept on.

“I won’t do anything to hurt her. Rest assured. I hold…a very deep affection toward her,” his smile of a love fool young man broke Sho’s heart. He wouldn’t let Mee-na come back to him, never…now it was carved in stone.

“Will you let me meet her?” Sho murmured fearing but expecting the answer.

“Not now, I don’t want to sadden her more than she already is. But one day, sure.”

“I see,” Sho swallowed hard, clenching his fists in order not to jump at the man’s throat, focusing the best he could on his goal. Freeing Mee-na and to free her he had to be clever to have a long-time view. Just like Nino, even if he hated thinking about him right now.

“I’d like you to know that the responsible people will be punished in consequence. The Kansai squad and Madam will leave the town. They won’t come back.”

“May I…ask you for a favor?”

Oguri gestured toward the chair facing his and Sho complied.

“I’d like to keep one of them here in Tokyo,” he said firmly, surprised that his voice is not flinching. After all, he was stronger than he thought. Manipulative? Yes, certainly but in this world he had no other choice.

“What for?”

Sho leaned forward, intertwining his fingers on the table, his eyes still in Oguri’s. “The missions Madam entrusted to them…no one else can replace them as she had to make them come from the Kansai. If I asked one of them to stay here, to teach me how to do it, would you accept?”

Shun hanged the head, quickly thinking about the pros and the cons, the benefits for the family. Getting rid of the squad, keeping their ideas, doing a favor to Mee-na’s brother…no need to think twice.

“Now you’re a Kobun, you can lead your own business, indeed. But what makes you think that one of them will accept your offer?”

“I have a plan.”

“And Nino?” Shun asked, perfectly aware of that the new Kobun had some ulterior motives toward his ex-mentor. He observed them more than once.

“I’m deeply grateful for the life he offered to me,” Sho said with an enigmatic smile.

“I see. You have carte blanche. I’d like to ask something of you too. Mee-na won’t be teaching the children of Shinjuku anymore, could you find someone else to replace her? She will be well-paid and I decided to build a school for the children.”

“Thanks Kashira,” Sho bowed politely. Shun stood up and joined Isogai at the door but Sho stopped him.

“Kashira?” Sho handed him a big music instrument Shun had never seen before.

“What is this?”

“This is a Gayageum. Mee-na used to play every day, would you give it to her for me?”
“Of course, I’ll do. Thanks, brother.”

Shun came back home by the end of the end of the day, excited and anxious to spend time with Mee-na. He entered the house in a rush, getting rid of his coat hastily, tossing it in Maria’s arms.

“Where is she, Maria?”

“Milady is in the library.”


“Yes. She seemed to love your books, Sir.”

Shun smiled, finding this fascination for books absolutely adorable. “Did you do what I told you?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Thanks, Maria.”

Shun strode to the library he opened slowly. She was tiptoeing before the huge shelves and was murmuring the titles of some of the books.

“I’m home.”

The young woman jolted and let the book she was holding fall onto the carpeted floor. “Welcome, Oguri-san. Excuse me, I didn’t hear you.”

She was wearing a luxurious kimono and her hair was dressed prettily. Shun’s eyes fell onto her bare feet, one of them was bandaged. He moved to stop staring, perfectly aware that he would frighten her.

“Do you like reading Mee-na?” he asked, approaching her, nearly touching her, looking at the shelf as if it was the most interesting thing he'd ever seen. He barely noticed her crimsoned cheeks.

“Y…Yes…but they are mostly in English.”

“Indeed. I tend to forget this detail…,” he grabbed a thick volume and opened it. “I could read them to you, if you wish.”

“Really?” she sounded so enthusiastic suddenly.

“Of course,” he laughed joyfully.

“Oguri-san, I’m really grateful for everything you did for me, but…”


“I can’t help but be worried for my brother and for the children of my class.”

Shun shifted to face her, closing the book. “I know. I decided to build a school in Shinjuku, they will have a new teacher too. About your brother, I met him today and he gave me this for you,” he went back to the entrance, fetching the Korean music instrument he delicately put into an armchair.

Mee-na reached out timidly, her eyes suddenly teary. “He…gave it to you?”

“He asked me to give it to you.”

“I don’t know what to say except…thanks.”

“Can you tell me why you slept in the library?”

“I feel safe here.”

“You ARE safe here, in this house. No one will ever hurt you as long as you are here. Mee-na, that’s why your brother agreed with me, you have to stay with me.”

She bit her lip and after a second nodded.

“So…should I show you around?”


Shun took the book from her hands and put it back onto the shelf before exiting the library. Mee-na followed him through the long corridors of the house, into the kitchen and the garden, the private dojo. He showed her everything. That very night she agreed to sleep in the bedroom he chose for her after telling her that he was in the one next to it.

The next morning, when he sat down at the table in the living room, Shun was surprised to see Mee-na bringing him breakfast.

“Good morning, Oguri-san.”

“Did you…prepared my breakfast?”

“Yes. I hope you like it.”

Shun stuck his chopsticks into the first bowl and he sent her an appreciative look. “It’s delicious. Maria allowed you to cook in her kitchen?”

“I had to be very persuasive. Are you leaving for work?”

“Yes, later. I have to practice Ikebana before that. Have you tried it?”

“No, never.”

“So come with me.”

“But your breakfast?!”

“Later!” Shun dragged her outside, very enthusiastically. “I like the idea of teaching you something.”
She discovered the little room where so many flowers and vases were artistically displayed. Mee-na gazed at Shun skeptically and he leaned onto her, murmuring a “Just try.”

“I don’t know…”

“Try. What flower do you like?”

“The rose,” she pointed at a solitary white rose.

“Here,” Shun handed her dexterously the flower without breaking the eye-contact.

When he put it into her hand, she lightly moaned with pain and Shun pulled back the flower quickly, leaving on her finger a bloody trail. Shun tossed the rose onto the table, bringing Mee-na’s finger to his mouth to lick the dripping blood. She blushed, feeling the contact of Shun’s hot and skilful tongue on her painful index finger, prolonging its cares more than necessary. She felt the void in her belly calling him, just like during her nights of loneliness when she dreamt of him.

“Does it hurt?” he asked with a husky voice.

No…my heart is about to explode, thought Mee-na. “No…I…It feels good,” she said, surprised by her own boldness.

She was happy to see him losing his composure. Then he released her hand suddenly and left her alone in the room.


Nothing existed anymore. Everything Sho had ever believed in had disappeared during those last hours. He wandered around in the rooms of their house, unable to believe that the earth had stopped turning for him when nothing had changed around. Her dresses, her books, her perfume. If he closed his eyes and listened carefully, he could even hear her joyful laughter, high and clear. It was insane!

All those promises to their mother, his certitudes about the man he was, able to protect her, everything slipped through his fingers like sand. The man he was yesterday, the one who was desperately in love with his future torturer was dead for good today. The sweetness, the love feelings, the brotherhood, the loyalty, nothing was important or real now. All that was left was the pain, an unbearable pain which would kill him if he began to think about it. The only thing that kept him straight was the anger, the rage and he smiled bitterly, thinking it was exactly what Nino felt when he lost his father. He turned him into his doppelgänger, separating them forever.
The moment when he found the Kashira on his threshold, he was not surprised, far less, he was to show him that he was honored by his presence. He tried to listen to him carefully, trying to understand how he could obtain what he wanted and immediately got that it was pretty simple. He had to use trickery and if he could settle his accounts with Nino in the process, he would kill two birds with one stone.

Yet one thing was for sure, if he wanted to save Mee-na, his title of Kobun won’t be enough. To maneuver and manipulate he had had the best teacher of the town, learning his lesson the hard way. It was time to use what he was taught and show that the student was now better than the master.

Once the Kashira was back in his car, Sho had dressed and took the direction of the “Fifth Ace”. He walked through the place with confidence and found Rosa at the bar, chatting with the barman.

“Good evening, Rosa-san.”

“Sho-kun…are you alone? Nino isn’t with you?’

“I’m a kobun now, I won’t work with him no more.”

She scowled at him. “Strange, I thought he finally found a partner.”

Seeing her piercing gaze, Sho wondered what kind of partnership she was talking about. He knew she took care of Nino when he was younger, was she his confidant too?

“We had some major difference of opinions…,” Sho said cautiously elbows on the bar.

“I see and what will you do? Do you have a plan?”

“To be honest, I have a favor to ask you.”

“Well, well…,” she smirked and narrowed her eyes as if she was deeply amused.

“Do you know where the Kansai squad stay?”

“Oh…are you looking for Toma?”

“Why would I?”

“This isn’t a secret. He has a kind of crush on you, he never hides it.”

“Oh…,” Sho sighed, relieved to figure out he wasn’t wrong about that at least.

Rosa shook her head, showing the stairs. “They are up there. There’s a level for the employees.”

“Thanks, Rosa-san,” Sho took her hand to kiss it.

“Sho…don’t judge Nino too harshly…,” in her eyes, Sho could read the worry of a mother. He would have liked pleasing her.

“I can’t forgive him,” he said quickly before leaving her. It was impossible for the man he became.

He climbed up the stairs until the last level. The atmosphere was totally different in this part of the club. It was silent and still, the dim light in the corridor made it look like an empty theater. The unused furniture, the girl's disguises, some decorations…

Listening carefully, he heard some loud voices with a strong accent of Kansai dialect.
Without a second thought, he pushed the door open, finding himself in a corridor in a decrepit state, totally different from the rest of the building. Here, no carpet, no lights, only naked walls and ugly bare bulbs. Near an opened door, Subaru was groaning. When he spotted Sho, he put his hands on his hips.


“Subaru, Shingo.”

“I wanted to tell you…we didn't know she was your sister.”

“And would it have changed if you had known?”

“Commands are commands, you know.”

“I’m looking for Ikuta.”

“He’s in his bedroom. He’s probably packing his stuff…,” he said pointing another door. “Tell him, we’ll meet him at the club later.”

Sho knocked at the door and heard a “Are you knocking before barging in my frigging room now?!” which made him smile despite himself.

He entered the bedroom and found Toma filling a suitcase set on a big occidental bed. The same kind he saw in the other bedrooms of the club. Toma stopped short…then resumed his task.

“What are you doing here? Settling your accounts or saying good bye? You didn’t have to.”

“I want you to stay.”

Toma turned around, sending him a surprised look. “You want me to stay? Why?”

“I need your help.”

“To do what?”

“To replace you,” Sho said seriously, Toma laughed genuinely.

“Is it a joke? Ask Nino, do what you wanna do, we’re not welcomed here anymore.”

“There is no Nino. I’m asking you, I want you.” Sho stepped forward, taking a shirt from Toma’s hand to put it on the bed rather than into the suitcase.

“I don’t get it.”

“Together we could do what you’re doing in Tokyo, improving it.”


“We would work for the family but we could create a club reserved for the kind of party you used to organize. People will fight to be members, they will be at our feet.”

“And you need me for this? The Kashira won’t accept it.”

“He already accepted.”

Toma appalled, smiled awkwardly. “You…you asked him?” he asked softer, weakly.

“He agreed,” Sho cupped his face to peck his lips gently.

“Tell me you’ll stay…with me.” Sho unbuttoned Toma’s shirt and grinded his hips against his lover’s, stroking the nape of his neck delicately.

“The guys?” Toma murmured.

“They are downstairs…say yes, Toma…teach me.”

Toma frowned, his eyes narrowed, deciphering Sho’s real intentions. But Sho was too tantalizing to resist. True to be said, the second Sho opened the door of his bedroom, Toma was fucked and he was perfectly aware of it. He nodded and toppled Sho over the bed, taking off his shirt hastily.
Toma kicked his suitcase to lay Sho down fully and finish undressing him.*

“Kiss me,” he whispered to Sho, laying down by his side, fully abandoned. Sho did what he was told, hovering over Toma, pushing his lips onto Toma’s. “Now, caress me and make me believe I’m the hottest, fuckable, sexiest guy you ever met.”

Sho smiled and went down along his flat stomach until the edge of his pants, stroking the hard promising bulge under the fabric.

“Open my fly and slip your hand into my pants. Convey the pleasure you feel for seeing me so aroused.”

Sho gazed up, his glazed eyes full of desire and Toma’s heart skipped a beat, his virility thickening a bit more.

“Fuck…you’ve a knack for sex,” he moaned.

Sho yanked his pants off, then his trunk, he rubbed Toma’s sex then crawled to him, his knees splaying his lover’s thighs.

“You’re way too fast, sexy boy…if you take me now, I’ll be hurt and all you want is giving me pleasure. It can be good to be a bit fierce sometimes but not today. Today we will be gentle, the way I want you?” Toma cupped Sho’s face and kissed him languidly. “In my pocket you’ll find a small bottle. Take it. It’s a lubricant, wet your fingers with it and stretch my ass slowly. One finger at a time, yes, like that. Make small movements, I have to get used to your presence. When you think it’s enough, use a second then a third finger. Don’t be too fast and jerk me off gently. I need to be totally relaxed.”

Sho went back to Toma’s lower belly, caressing his erected cock, then licking the tip of it.

“Yeah, it’s far better…another finger. Now come back to me and hand me the lubricant,” he groaned, caressing Sho’s sex with the precious liquid. “Now, take me.”

Sho trembled with excitement, his aching mind reveling in having sex. He thrust a bit and Toma put his arms around Sho’s neck.

“Slowly Sho, a bit more then…stop moving. Yeah, kiss me and move again…Find my soft spot.”

Sho moved back “How do I do that?”

“Look for it and you’ll feel it. Look at my face. Oh fuck…here…you got it.”

Sho slipped his hand between them and seized Toma’s sex, according to his movements with each thrust. It was nothing but pleasure. Not love, not the despair linked with feelings of love. But giving pleasure to this man who desired him enough to leave his brothers was like an oasis in the ocean of sadness he was drowning since Mee-na’s disappearance.

“Make me come Sho,” Toma susurrated into his ear, brushing his hair, curling around him.

Sho moved faster, harder and soon Toma’s semen spurted out between them while he was exploding deep inside him. He stayed inside of Toma a bit, enjoying his sweet kisses.

“You’re a very talented student…the next lesson is how to prolong the fun.”

“When?” Sho moved back, his palms on each side of Toma’s face.

“When you are be ready.”

“Do you mean…?” Sho took a look at their two joined lower bellies.

“Noooo…,” Toma laughed happily. “When my stuff are at your place. Help me to move out.”

“Okay, let’s go.”

Toma grabbed Sho’s nape, forcing his gaze.

“Don’t you have any doubts?” he asked, serious.

“I don’t. I’m determined…And I want you again,” Sho achieved, falsely innocent.


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