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Title: Sympathy for the devil
Authors: [livejournal.com profile] wendyjoly
Genre: Yakuza, schemes and love
Special thanks to my beta the indispensable Juju ([livejournal.com profile] jtaytt)
Warnings: The yakuza world is violent and tough, if you’re uneasy with this kind of harshness you should probably not read this.
Type: Multichapter
Rating: PG-13 – NC-17
Fandoms: Arashi (main), mentioned also members of V6, Kanjani8 and other Johnny's groups. Ikuta Toma, Oguri Shun
Pairing: mainly Sakumiya
Summary: Ninomiya Kazunari is a yakuza, member of the most powerful clan of Tokyo. Since the death of the head of the clan, a race to succeed him had begun while new families of yakuza are trying to take the control of the city. In this turbulent situation, a new apprentice is entrusted to Ninomiya which is far to please him.




Nino whirled around, hearing the familiar voice.

“The ceremony is over. You did a wonderful work.”

“Thank you, Madam.”

“No noticeable problem, a shatei appreciated by everybody, I congratulate you. To be honest…I knew you could make it.”

In the middle of the hall where men in black kimonos adorned by a blossomed cherry tree were gathered after the admission ceremony of the new Kobun, the Oyabun’s widow immediately dragged Nino into a corner to offer him a glass of sake.

“But…I asked you to bring him to me. You didn’t, I’m disappointed…”

“We’ve been very busy lately. But I’ll make up for this, I swear,” Nino said in an undertone full of promises. Bringing her Sho? Over his dead body, thought Nino. His mistress smiled devilishly and patted Nino’s shoulder with her decorated fan.

“Perhaps you are tired of your old mistress…”

Nino felt the danger, she was like a snake ready to bite when she felt threatened. He had to reassure her and…rapidly. “What are you saying?! Of course I miss our moments of intimacy but we’re not in the right place to talk about this…here with the entire clan.”

She sighed. “You are right…but I’m a woman of the heart, I tend to be led by my emotions.”

“I get it but~”

“Don’t ‘but’ me, Nino. I lack of self-confidence, I need to be reassured sometimes.”

Nino looked around and whispered into her ear when no one was paying attention, “I’ll spend the night with you if you wish, Madam.”

“Unfortunately I can’t, I have an important for dinner tonight with the Korean clan and some members of the police department. I planned a thrilling surprise!” seeing her wide smile Nino felt a cold sweat running down his spine. “And yet I warned you…Nino.”

Nino clenched his jaws, seeing red. “What do you mean?”

“This girl…the Korean you’re dating. Did you know she was the head of the police’s girlfriend?”

“What. Did. You. Do. Hikari?” Nino said between his clenched teeth while his mistress was narrowing meanly.

“I’m doing you a favor. You’ll get rid of this little bitch who’s two-timing you.”

“What did you do to Mee-na?” Nino squeezed the woman's arm without noticing, and she winced.

“Nothing,” she spat angrily. “But if I were you I’d keep your shatei far from his home tonight if you want to keep him safe. I guess he will care for his sister enough to put himself into danger. Not like you.”


Nino released Madam’s arm and whirled around, hearing Sho’s voice calling him. Did he hear what Madam told him? Did he see them? Did he know that she decided to hurt Mee-na because of a stupid misunderstanding? Sho looked so happy, so luminous. Nino swallowed hard and smiled the best he could.

“Congratulations Sho-kun! Seems you’re a brother now.”

“Thanks. Do you want…can we go somewhere together? To celebrate,” Sho said, his gaze full of hope.

Nino’s heart clenched. He look around to get back his composure and crossed Toma’s gaze. Toma’s so tender gaze, so full of desire. Nino cursed silently when he understood that he was clearly eye-fucking Sho. No way, so the kansai boy did Sho like he planned to so openly…he fucked him…not only, thought Nino painfully, Toma was mocked by his brothers because he was in love for weeks…with Sho?!...Why did it hurt so bad? Nino smirked nonetheless, hiding his anger, his disappointment, his pain behind his usual poker face.

“Don’t you have a date?”

“Not really.”

Was it true? Toma was only a one-night-stand? Yet, Nino couldn’t help but think about their so ambiguous conversation at the baths yesterday. Sho wanted him, it was crystal clear. But he had Toma. It was confusing. Anyway, after tonight, Nino knew Sho would never ever forgive him for hurting Mee-na, even indirectly.

“Ok. So let’s party tonight. My treat.”


“Gentlemen, are you ready?” Madam asked the Kashira and Masaki who were chatting animatedly, clasping her hands with excitement.

“Show us the way. I drive you Masaki?” Oguri elbowed Masaki in a friendly way.

“We’ll meet you out there, Mother.”

Masaki joined Shun and Ohno who were already comfortably sitting on the back seat of the black luxury car. They drove through Tokyo as the night was falling, the city was particularly beautiful tonight, though Oguri.

“Who are we meeting tonight?” Masaki asked air-headedly and Shun laughed.

“Do you really wonder why they don’t want you for Oyabun?”

Masaki crossed his legs, lighting a cigarette while Ohno opened the window. “I don’t want to be, you’re fit for the role, Shun-kun…I don’t even get why they are tergiversating.”

“Because your blood legitimates you as the next head of the clan,” Shun answered pleasantly, amused by his friend’s nonchalance. Masaki looked at Shun’s bodyguard straightforwardly, trying to decipher his feelings, as long as he could feel something, though the man ironically.

“Satoshi-kun, what are you thinking about this legacy mess?”

“I don’t think, I’m not paid to think,” Ohno said with his even low voice and if he wasn’t avoiding Masaki’s gaze his face was unfathomable. After a very long minute of an awkward silence Masaki chuckled.

“Great!! So what are we gonna do tonight?” he asked once again.

“We’ll meet the Korean family, the one threatening our business and the new head of the police department.”

“Ohh…what will we do with the Korean?”

“Negotiate…see what they want, what they have.”

“And the police?” Masaki leaned forward, suddenly very interested by Shun’s story.

“Show them who has the biggest balls, I guess.”

“Seems to be interesting. Do we have something against him?”

“Madam told me she took care of this.”

“My mother is so inventive…,” Masaki said half-grinning, half-bitterly. “One way or another she will end by marrying me or marrying you to a powerful family, don’t you think?”

“To be honest,” Shun began seriously. “I think she even planned an alliance with the Koreans. Their Oyabun has a son and daughter of our age.”

“We’re in deep shit,” Masaki summarized and Shun laughed out loud, seeing the ravish face of his childhood friend. Ohno smirked subtly which was probably his closest expression to hilarity.

Arriving at the restaurant, they got out of the car and the landlady led them inside to the reception room where the guests were already gathered. In a corner and in strict suits, the three leaders of the police department, Oguri-san and two eminent and old members of the family – in good company -, four Koreans donned with elegant and sober tailor suits conversing with the Saiko-komon. Masaki and Shun joined them, bowing respectfully. Madam had approached Oguri, her sweetest and most seducing look on her face.

“Ladies and gentlemen, the landlady just told me that our room is ready. Please follow me, we prepared a delightful surprise.”

Oguri zeroed on her, wondering why was she so proud of herself. Behind her, at the end of a corridor, Yokoyama and Yasuda, the two members of the Kansai squad, were waiting. They slid the door open. Madam came in first and Oguri watched her as she dramatically put a hand on her chest, as if the surprise was beyond her craziest expectations.

“We prepared one of the most refined dinners ever! To pay our homages to our Korean friends, we chose a japano-korean woman to seal our agreements.”

The guests were paralyzed on the threshold of the room, no one dared making the first move. The young woman was laid on the table, stark naked and on her splendid body, luxury meals were artistically set, creating a vivid and colorful painting. Her eyes were closed and one could have thought she was dead if her perfect chest wasn’t moving so fast.

The prefect and his wife – or the woman he was with - were the first to kneel at the table, reveled. Only the yakuza’s company could offer them the luxury decadence they craved for secretly and that was probably the reason why they were so lenient with them. The four Korean men exchanged delighted looks and sat down at their turn around the table.

Matsumoto watched the body of the woman he didn’t recognize immediately, paralyzed by an insane fear. When his eyes fell onto her face, he panicked for good, discovering how much he had been naïve to even think the clan couldn’t influence him. If they could abduct the woman he wanted and exhibit her bare naked in a public place, then they could do everything. Kill her, kill him, murder his parents, his family…everything was possible. Shocked to the core of his deepest certitudes in the worst way, suddenly so helpless, his hands tied, he felt the gaze of Madam focused on him.

“Chief, take a seat please,” she said softly, but her voice was filled with innuendos.

Matsumoto’s cheeks flushed and he took place at his colleague’s side, swallowing his anger, close to the young woman’s legs. He lowered his head, ashamed of himself, bowing down for the very first time in his life before the unbearable reality.

“Kashira?” Madam asked to the one who didn’t move from the door frame, his jaws and fists clenched in anger. “Sit down, please. Our meals will be warm if you wait longer.”

She was smiling genuinely and Oguri felt like crushing this beautiful and traitorous face under his fist. He took a glance at Ohno who didn’t leave his side, then Masaki who pushed him gently to the table. Eventually he sat down close to Mee-na, her eyes still firmly closed.

“Itadakimasu!” the prefect said loudly before taking a sushi placed on her navel. She didn’t move at all but Oguri saw her goose-bumps.

Each guest took his chopsticks and followed the prefect’s lead, some of them taking audaciously the meals placed on the most intimate parts of Mee-na’s body.


Oguri didn’t hear his neighbor, his gaze entirely focused on Mee-na’s face, his fists still painfully clenched against his thighs.

“Kashira, are you married?” a man’s voice Oguri didn’t know asked.

He looked up and met the gaze of the Chief of the Korean’s family who was talking to him, his chopsticks seizing delicately a shell between Mee-na’s closed thighs. “I am not…I don’t have this luck.”

“So perhaps could we talk about a union between our families? I have a sister old enough to be married and I’m pretty sure you’d like her. She’s very beautiful…Kashira?”

Oguri didn’t answer, his look again on Mee-na and he crossed her gaze, her deep, desperate gaze begging him to rescue her once again. He opened his mouth but he couldn’t mutter a word when he noticed a single tear falling from the corner of her eyes.

“Excuse me,” he raised up suddenly in a rush, interrupting the conversations of the startled guests. He opened the door and came back, dragging the landlady after him by the arm. The woman was clearly terrified, wondering what she did that warranted the anger of this frightening man.

“Take this away. Clean her,” Oguri pointed with disgust at the seafood still on Mee-na’s body. The landlady knelt zealously and cast a gaze at Madam interrogatively.


“Shun-kun!!” his father groaned.

But Oguri was unreachable, he was out of anger and no one dare approaching him.
Masaki who left the place without anyone noticing, brought back a kimono and after making Mee-na sit up, covered her shoulders.

“Excuse me. All this is…an awful misunderstanding,” Oguri said, bowing a bit. “This woman is mine, I can’t allow any of you to touch her. Madam, we’ll talk about this later.”

Oguri grabbed Mee-na’s wrist and dragged her outside, followed by Masaki and Ohno who bowed quickly before taking their leave.

Isogai was waiting for them at the car and they climbed in without a word. Mee-na sat down against the window, zeroing on her feet, frozen and dirty because she had to walk on the muddy street. She saw a gash on the side of her foot and hid it with her other’s. He saw her in this restaurant, lying naked on a table and she was ashamed to have been exhibited before those strangers. Mee-na glanced at her savior once again and he was so infuriate that she trembled a bit more. The two other men remained silent too. The taller, sitting on the bench facing her, reached out and smiled gently.

“Are you okay, Miss?”

Mee-na looked at Oguri who was watching outside and she nodded slightly. Who were they? What would happen now? Was he the man who commanded the men in black suits? Seeing him so out of mind, she doubted it…

She felt the man facing her caressing softly her hand to comfort her.

“Don’t you dare touching her!” Oguri eructed and Masaki released Mee-na’s hand immediately.

No one dared move or talk during the ride and when the car stopped in front of a splendid mansion they waited a bit inside, in an awkward silence, before getting out when Isogai opened the door. The three men got out and Mee-na felt Oguri pulling her by the arm to the house. He pushed her inside a room lit only by a fireplace and closed the door after him. Mee-na watched him walking back and forth. Suddenly, he stopped short and avoiding her gaze, and brushed his mouth with his hand.

“Did they touch you?”


“Answer me!” Shun yelled. “Did someone touch you, someone hurt you? The people who drove you to the restaurant? Who prepared you?”

“Them. The men in black suits.”

Oguri stepped forward, cupping Mee-na's face, gazing at her intensely.

“Wait for me here,” he said all against her mouth. She thought he would kiss her but he released her after a deep sight.

Oguri exited the library, locking the door behind him and found Masaki and Ohno who were waiting for him. They never ever saw him angry, less to say out-of-mind. He was always so calm, so composed, he would never have done something prejudicial to the family…until today.

“Come with me,” he said, opening the door of the smoking room.

“Shun-kun, what happened to you, who’s that girl?” Masaki asked, confused.

“She’s mine. That’s all you have to know.”

“Okay, I don’t really get it…but do you realize the huge mess out there, the Koreans, the cops, the prefect…your father and my mother!”

“I don’t give a shit,” Oguri growled dangerously.

“It’s not like you to lose control.”

“I want them to be killed. All of them.”

“Who?” Masaki was turning around himself, trying to follow his restless friend.

“The Kansai squad.”


“THEY did this to her!”

“Shun, Shun,” Masaki grabbed his sleeve, forcing him to stand still for a minute. “Are you mad, we can’t do this. Especially not for a girl.”

He barely ended his sentence, when Oguri punched him in the face violently and he fell hard onto the floor. Masaki startled at his friend, unable to recognize the composed Oguri.

“Sir…,” Ohno stepped forward, making a shield of himself between the two friends. “The Kansai squad only followed someone else’s command. Plus if we kill them, there will be a war, we’re not prepared.”

The Kashira heard the argument and he finally breathed slowly, stepping back he reached out to help Masaki to stand up.

“So I want them to leave. The sooner the better.”

It was a command and the two others didn’t even try to argue. Oguri left them and went back to the library. Mee-na was curled up to herself in a corner of the room, near the fireplace. Oguri walked to her slowly and crouched down at her feet.

“Everything is all right now, I’ll take good care of you, and nothing won’t happen to you. I promise.”

Mee-na gazed up and found back in his eyes all the kindness she had read the first time he rescued her from the fat man. He gently took her foot in his hand and carefully checked it.

“You’re hurt. I’ll ask to Maria to take care of this.”


“Isogai’s wife, there are only the three of us in the house. And you now.” A small, round woman entered the library and waited behind Oguri. “This is Maria, she will help you to wash you and show you your bedroom. You have to rest,” he said while he stood up and Mee-na grabbed his sleeve.



“What will I do from now? Will I go back home?”

Shun smirked and raised the hand as if he was about to caress her cheek. But he didn’t. “This is your home from now on. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

Mee-na’s heart skipped a beat, did she really hear this? He wanted to keep her here? But she couldn’t ask, Maria was already leading her outside.

“Well, well, Dearie, what did they do to you?” she left the library and took a glance above her shoulder, seeing Oguri sitting in a deep armchair.


“I have to talk to Mee-na.”

“What did you say?”

“I said, I have to talk to Mee-na, now I’m a kobun, I can’t keep on like this, I can’t lie any more about this factory story, I can’t do this anymore. If you had seen her gaze this morning when I left home…she was so confident, so happy, I felt bad.”

Nino kept his mouth firmly and unusually closed.

“You don’t say anything? It’s pretty rare.”

Nino smiled eventually and grabbed the waitress' arm, who was passing by with her order’s note book at the hand and placed her gently onto Sho’s lap.

“Kiss her,” he commanded him.

The girl looked into Sho's eyes and surreptitiously leaned over him. Sho smirked and cocked his head to give his agreement. She put her mouth on Sho’s and after a chaste kiss she moved back but Sho grabbed her nape and forced her lips, without listening to her protests. She stopped resisting quickly and Sho softened the kiss, caressing her back gently, and crossed Nino’s blurred gaze.

“Enough,” Nino pushed the girl and elbowing the table, he put his chin on his palm, observing Sho who was smiling ecstatically. “I wonder if I’m really helping you here.”

Sho didn’t answer but chuckled, then took a new sip of alcohol. Seeing his drunkard’s look, Nino thought it was high time to stop the hemorrhage and bring him back home, the awakening would be difficult enough.

“Come on! It’s time to go.”

Sho raised his gaze on him, then looked around to find someone.

“Are you fucking looking for the waitress?” Nino groaned, half-laughing.

“Do you think she'll bring me back home too?”

“You’re just too horny…now move!” Nino pushed him outside.

Sho obeyed, doing his best to not stumble and found himself on the sidewalk, the cold wind of the night wiping his face, making him slide back into reality a bit.
Nino pushed him into the car and opened the windows to chase away the vapors of alcohol blurring Sho’s brain.

The streets of Shinjuku were very quiet, only some dogs barking afar. Nino parked in front of the little house, tip toeing to pass the threshold.

“HUSSSSSSHHHH,” Sho chuckled idiotically, putting a finger before his lips.

“You’re the only one here to make noise…go to bed.”

“Yeah we can’t wake up Mee-na….HUSSSHHHH.”

Nino took off Sho’s jacket and laid him down on his futon before removing his socks. He was still knelt when he heard Sho’s first snore. Nino wandered around in the house, went to Mee-na’s bedroom and found it empty as expected. On the kitchen’s table he found the basket of vegetables she probably bought at the market this morning. He brushed his face jadedly and went back to town to see if some rumors about the dinner began to leak.


When Sho opened his eyes, the sun was already high up in the sky. He swallowed painfully, his mouth awfully dry and his head in a vice. Gazing down he noticed he was completely dressed and tried to remember what happened last night…The ceremony, Nino, the bars –numerous bars - and definitely too many drinks.

He raised up and drank a glass of water. Mee-na wasn’t home and it wasn’t surprising. He found the vegetables on the table of the kitchen and stored them in the basket Mee-na usually used then he drank a bowl of miso soup. He decided to wait for her. Today was the big disclosure day, he had to tell her the truth, after all, there was nothing to be ashamed of. He did this for her, for them to be happy and protected. Minutes turned to half hours, then half hours turned to hours, Sho began to be freak out. If she had been at school she was damn late in coming back. Far too late.

He had to look for her in Shinjuku, she couldn’t be that far and perhaps could he ask for the policeman’s help if needed. Maybe it was time to settled things with her about her relationship with this man. Especially if she met him behind his back. He went to the school and found nothing but children jumping at him noisily, asking him if their Sensei was ill today.

“She didn’t come today,” the smallest whined.

“You…you didn’t see her?! This morning either?”

“No…and when we knocked at your door this morning, she didn’t answer.”

Sho felt a wave of panic running through his veins…where was she? He ran all along the way back home and began to search for a note she could have left, something…anything…perhaps the cop brought her to the police station to interrogate her? He had to go there, to help her. But when he rushed to the door and opened it, Nino was here.

“Nino! Glad to see you! Mee-na disappeared, come with me at the police station! I swear to you I’ll kill the cop if he touched her!”

Nino stepped forward and closed the door.

“What the fuck are you doing, there’s no time to lose!”

“I know where she is,” Nino murmured calmly.


“Sit down.”

“I don’t want to sit down, tell me where my sister is?!” Sho yelled.

“She’s with the Kashira. She’s in his mansion.”

“W…What? But what is she doing there?”

“Yesterday, they had this dinner in a restaurant downtown…and…do you remember this nyotaimori stuff Shingo told us about?...Mee-na had been used for their nyotaimori.”

Sho slumped down on a chair, dumbfounded and after an endless minute his eyes came back to Nino.


“Madam asked for it. To frighten the cop perhaps, and…to punish me.”

“I don’t fucking get a clue.” Sho took his head in his hands, Nino moved his chair to come close to him.

“She’s my mistress and she thought, well, that I dated Mee-na. She thought I was her lover.”

“And the Kashira?”

“He became like crazy when he saw her and he took off from the restaurant with her…apparently bringing her back to his home.”

Sho raised a hopeful gaze on Nino and sighed with relief, jumping from his chair.

“So we can go there…I’ll thank him for rescuing her when she was probably terrorized~”

Nino stood up and faced Sho. “You don’t get it! She’s at HIS home, you can’t claim her now.”

“But…but she’s my sister.”

“And now she's HIS property, you don’t have any right on her anymore.”

Sho frowned incredulously. “But why did he do that? He doesn't even know her!”

“He already met her…I….,” Nino brushed his face “I put her on his road once.”

“You did what?”

“I put Mee-na on the Kashira’s road.”

“Why did you do that?” Sho didn’t believe him. Of course he couldn’t believe him, get his motivations, his insane chess game.

“I knew he would fall for her.”

“Nino. What did YOU do?!” Sho felt his blood boiling in his veins and anger blinding him.

But Nino gazed at him straightforwardly and shouted, pointing a finger at his ex-shatei’s chest.

“What did YOU do, Sho? You brought her to the yakuza…you wanted to protect her? But from what? WE are the worst threat of Japan, we are the worst monsters this damn country created, so don’t be surprised, you made your bed, now lie in it.”

“Bastard!” Sho jumped at Nino and grabbed his collar, yanking him furiously against the wall with a hard punch right into the face.

Focusing on his painful knuckles, Sho was reminded of the time when Nino was telling him that this Kashira wasn’t human…Toma telling him he have to be careful because he was twisted…he fell on his knees, his hands cupping his head, the pain mixed with an unbearable sense of guilt. And if he’d kill Nino, would it bring back Mee-na? No…he had to go there and rescue her at all cost.

“Where are you going?” Nino shouted, pressing his bleeding lips and his bruised cheek bone.

“Find her.”

“Stop, he won’t let you have her!”

“I don’t give a shit! I want my sister back!”

“You’d get yourself killed, he won’t even let you pass the fence surrounding his property. Ohno or him. Hey, Sho!!” he shook Sho’s shoulders to bring him back to reality. “Stay here, don’t go, you can’t do anything for her for now.”

Sho turned around, his eyes crazy, his pupils running from right to left, then he zeroed in on Nino’s hand still on his shoulder. Then his gaze followed his arm, going to his bruised face, his long bangs hiding his forehead. Nino didn’t sleep at all those last days, his eyes were red and puffy with black circles, he seemed to be so human suddenly. For the very first time since they met, Sho had the feeling to see his true face.

“So make me stay here,” Sho whispered quickly, looking at him straightforwardly.

Nino didn’t think twice and grabbed Sho’s jacket to attract him, pulling him close enough to kiss him fiercely. Sho cupped Nino’s face and nailed him against the wall brutally, his tongue penetrating Nino’s mouth forcefully.

Sho unbuttoned Nino’s shirt hastily, then removed his jacket, tossing it onto the floor, taking off his suspenders to bare his chest without breaking the kiss. When he stepped back, his look was dark and cold. He caressed Nino’s pristine torso, going down to open his pants, sliding his hand inside until he reached his crotch.

“Sho…,” Nino susurrated.

But Sho didn’t answer and dragged him to the futon that he slept on a few hours ago. Nino didn’t protest, even when Sho left him to undress totally, even when he disappeared between his thighs to take him in his mouth. He had never shared the bed of a man and was surprised to not feel any disgust. Nino closed his eyes and the first time Madam knelt down before him to suck him when he was barely 16 popped up in his mind. He came perfunctorily, but he never took any pleasure with her and he ended up thinking that sex was only a tool, a game of power between two wills, a trading game. He opened his eyes and watched Sho licking the inside of his thighs while his index finger caressed his entrance in circles. He crossed his gaze and Sho stopped, moving to lay down on Nino, weighting heavily. His eyes were full of anger and despair and Nino felt his heart flinch. What did he do?

He cupped Sho’s face and tried to kiss him but the latter avoided him and with his knee opened wide Nino’s thigh. Nino saw him taking his member and placing it between his buttocks, thrusting without any more preparation, his cry of pain mixed with Sho’s cry of pleasure. Sho moved immediately, leaving almost entirely to thrust back deeply inside him.

Nino felt the atrocious pain, tearing off him silent tears, and he put his legs around Sho’s waist to end the ordeal faster. But the pain disappeared instantly replaced by an explosion of new sensations. It wasn’t pleasure, no, it was more than that…He put his arms around Sho’s neck, following the movements of his hips to deepen the contact, devouring his sweet skin with kisses.
Galvanized by Sho’s moans, he slid his hands all along his flanks, scratching his lower back to take him deeper, longer and he climaxed powerfully between them, totally losing ground. In the aftermaths of his orgasm he released Sho’s body, leaving him the entire control of his own pleasure, using him any way he wanted. And he wanted him hard, with rage, passionately. Nino felt his member thickening again when Sho froze a last time, squeezing Nino’s thin body too hard.

He left Nino’s body immediately and laid down by his side, catching his breath.

A long silence followed, broken by Nino after a while. “They killed my father. Fat, the Saiko-komon and the Oyabun. I was 15 when they murdered him. My father was a boxer. Not the best of the world, but not the worst either. We were just the two of us and we lived hand to mouth, so when the yakuza offered him money for losing his matches, he accepted. I was furious when I figured out. I made this speech about the honor of a fighter, all those kid’s bullshits. He refused to go down during the next fight to please me and he knocked the other guy down. It was a beautiful fight, I was so proud of him…”

Nino gazed up, trying to read a reaction on Sho’s face. It was the very first time he dared to speak about his father, about those dramatic events that turned his entire life into a living hell.
It was so strange to share it with someone, someone who cared for him, someone who could now understand him?

“But when I joined him in the restroom, he wasn’t alone. They were there, the three of them and behind them was Ohno Satoshi. I hid but he saw me. I thought he would tell them I was there but he didn’t…never understood why….Then my father told them he wouldn’t do it anymore, that their agreement was done. The two older commanded Fat to kill him, but he laughed and put a katana in Ohno’s hands, telling him to do it, that he’d be his first. I crossed my father’s incredulous look when he fell onto the floor, his stomach wide open. After that day, I wandered the streets. I shadowed them, around the headquarters, at the club and there Rosa noticed me. She took care of me, I entered the family and I began to scheme to destroy it from inside. Fat is dead. The Oyabun is dead and his son is a dope head, the Saiko-komon, I’ll destroy his best success, his brilliant son…I want for him to feel what I felt when he took my father from me…”

Nino heard the quick breathing of Sho at his side. Even if he didn’t answer he knew he wasn’t asleep, still listening him.

“Sho…we’ll take our revenge together. Against the Kashira, against the Saiko-komon, the entire family…we’ll avenge Mee-na, I swear…”

“From who Nino? Without you she would be at home tonight.”

“But…it’s their fault, don’t you get it?”

“During your quest for vengeance you became a merciless monster. Your father got involved in dirty business with the mob and he died because of his bad choices. And to take your revenge you give them my sister, my innocent sister who was used as a plate before being kidnapped by a psychopath who claims her as his property. Listen to what you’re saying! I’m gonna tell you something very important. Your blind desire for revenge just created yourself a nemesis. I have nothing to lose any more now.” Sho leaned over Nino and put his lips on his tenderly before whispering into his ear. “You believed you lived in Hell? Soon you’ll regret that time…you created a monster, Nino and I swear to you, you’ll pay your debt thousands of times. Close the door when you’ll leave.”

Sho rose, his beautiful naked body clearly visible in the light of the moon. Then he left the bedroom without a last look at Nino and soon the latter heard the front door opening and closing.

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