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Title: Sympathy for the devil
Authors: [livejournal.com profile] wendyjoly
Genre: Yakuza, schemes and love
Special thanks to my beta the indispensable Juju ([livejournal.com profile] jtaytt)
Warnings: The yakuza world is violent and tough, if you’re uneasy with this kind of harshness you should probably not read this.
Type: Multichapter
Rating: PG-13 – NC-17
Fandoms: Arashi (main), mentioned also members of V6, Kanjani8 and other Johnny's groups. Ikuta Toma, Oguri Shun
Pairing: mainly Sakumiya
Summary: Ninomiya Kazunari is a yakuza, member of the most powerful clan of Tokyo. Since the death of the head of the clan, a race to succeed him had begun while new families of yakuza are trying to take the control of the city. In this turbulent situation, a new apprentice is entrusted to Ninomiya which is far to please him.



“Sir, may I come in?” the old Oguri family butler knocked on the open door of the living room.

“Of course, come on in, Isogai.”

Oguri Shun was practicing Ikebana, the floral art, like each day at dawn before leaving his home to work in Tokyo downtown. On the thick table before him stood a beautiful - almost artless - vase with the few flowers Shun, himself, picked from the garden earlier. All kind of colors, subtle perfumes mixed, the bedewed petals were wetting the silk paper cautiously slid under the vase to protect the precious wood of the table.

“So?” Shun asked, still focus on the flowers, moving, cutting them artistically to achieve his piece of art.

“The Lady met the policeman yesterday, again.”

Oguri couldn’t help clenching his jaws. He deeply disliked what he heard during each daily report he asked from Isogai about the woman he had rescued. But he couldn’t help but crave for each detail he could give him about her. Sakurai Mee-na.

“How long?”

“They walked around Shinjuku for 30 minutes after the class, then he took her home.”

“Did he kiss her?” Oguri whispered.

“No, Sir.”

“Held her hand?”

“No Sir.”

“Did she look happy?”

“She smiles all the time Sir. But it doesn’t mean she’s happy.”

“Something else?”

“I think someone followed the policeman.”


“I don’t know, Sir.”

Oguri frowned, thinking of the implication of this revelation. “This afternoon, I’ll go to her brother’s ceremony and this evening, we’ll have this dinner with the Korean family and our friend from the police. I’ll take care of that tomorrow.”

“Certainly, Sir.”

“Tell Ohno he will come with me to the dinner.”

“Yes, Sir.”

“That’s all, Isogai.”

The old servant bowed respectfully and exited the living room, leaving his master alone with his flowers.


Mee-na was happy. Life hadn’t been easy for her and her brother, especially after their mother’s death, but since 6 months, Sho was a different man. He had found a job, a friend and sometimes she felt like the brother of her childhood was back.

When he came home that evening, he was literally ecstatic.

“Good evening, sister.”

“An nyung ha sé yo, Oppa…something good happened to you today?”

“Something like this, yeah,” Sho chuckled idiotically.

“Are you…are you in love Sho?” It made sense somehow but Sho frowned as if it was the silliest thing she could say.

“Of course not!”

“So you…? No, forget the question, I don’t want to know!” Mee-na grimaced with disgust, turning her back openly to her brother, making him giggle. Sho leaned over her to pick a carrot she was slicing.

“Nino-san will have dinner with us?”

“No, we’re only the two of us,” Sho said, pretending to be joyful but Mee-na heard the gloomy note in her brother’s voice.

“Oh…I see.”

“What do you see?”

“Did you two have a fight? Are you in love with the same girl?” Mee-na asked enthusiastically, putting a hand before her mouth.

“Mee-na, you think too much. And stop it already with this girl’s story, I told you thousand times, you’re the only one for me.”

“What a joke! And who will give you children, and who will be condemned to mother you until the end of her life?” she laughed cheerily, but Sho appalled.

“Mee-na…do you really think so? Am I holding you back?”

“Idiot! Of course not! I’m teasing you, that’s all. I love you, brother.”

“You know, if you met a man you can tell me, I won’t be angry.”

“Don’t worry, I know. And there’s no man,” Mee-na blushed when she thought about the man who rescued her a couple of weeks ago.

If she managed to not think about him during the day and do as if nothing happened, during night his image tortured her. The fact she would never meet him was physically painful. Each night she dreamed of him, had those strange dreams where he boldly stole her a kiss in his car before driving her in his splendid house. Then he was bolder and bolder… those new and erotic fantasies kept her awake all night long.

“Good,” Sho smiled, goofily biting another piece of carrot. Mee-na found this childish egotist cute somehow, she patted his cheek and went back to her cooking.

She didn’t tell him about the policeman who took her home each day after the class either. He was a nice man and even if her heart didn’t flutter in his presence, like it did with the beautiful stranger, she could only praise his persistence. After showing him the guesthouse the day of his arrival, she didn’t come across him for weeks and she totally forgot about his very existence. But one day, after class, he was there, a smile of victory adorning his face. Mee-na had a hard time remembering where she met him but the children immediately jumped at the man to welcome him.

Since then Matsumoto picked her up every day without fail, except when he had to work longer. He apologized profusely, slightly vexed when she told him she didn’t notice his defection. Everything was simple with Mee-na and Matsumoto could only fall deeper for her. He was perfectly aware that she wasn’t in love with him but he was confident and persistent. His work taught him that hard work always bore fruits and he thought with reasons that private life should be the same. She would be his one day and she will give him children, even if she wasn’t aware of it for the moment. Matsumoto knew she had a brother but he never met him, Mee-na refused categorically. Matsumoto simply waited with patience and steadiness.

This evening, when they strolled through the park, he was aloof and thoughtful.


“Hm?” Matsumoto turned around surprised to see her a few steps behind. Mee-na laughed seeing his startled look.

“Are you daydreaming, Matsumoto-san?”

“Yes…I’m sorry, Mee-na-chan.”

“Are you tired? Your work? Your promotion?” she asked gently, catching up to him.

“I’m officially head of the police department,” Matsumoto said in an undertone and Mee-na was surprised. He should be so proud, he was so self-confident usually.

“Congratulations, Matsumoto-san! Why are you so worried?”

“I’m not. Not really. I can’t say that this promotion made me the most popular man in town, but I don’t care, I’m used to it. Some of them are so corrupted they don’t even know how to do their job properly. But I’ll tame them, don’t worry.”

“I’m not…worried,” Mee-na murmured a bit frightened by Matsumoto peremptory tone. But the young man didn’t notice, still lost in his obsessive idea.

“What bothers me is this meeting tomorrow night.”

“A meeting?”

“A dinner, a business dinner. I’ll meet the most powerful families of Tokyo. Yakuza families and some politicians of the town.”

“Are you scared?”

Matsumoto laughed out loud and stared at her tenderly as if this idea didn’t make sense. “No, of course not. They can’t hurt me…they have the habit of using people's weakness against them, game addiction, money…”

“Don’t you have any weakness Matsumoto-san?” Mee-na tried to joke but Matsumoto stopped short.

“Absolutely none. Nothing to fear for me.”

Mee-na felt sad for him, hearing him boasting about his lack of weakness. He should be a very very lonely man, a man who had nothing to lose, cherished nothing, no one and she felt profoundly sorry for him. She wished sincerely that he wouldn’t have to learn the hard way that no one was spared by the harshness of life.

The next morning when she woke up, Sho was sitting by her futon and watching her sleep. She jolted and Sho chuckled.

“Are you totally nuts? You scared me to death…why are you already up?”

“Today is an important day, sister!”

“Why, are we celebrating something?”

“Don’t wait for me tonight, perhaps I won’t come back before dawn. I’ll have to talk to you after.”

“Sho…what happened, I don’t get it. Are you happy?”

“I am,” Sho grabbed her hand and kissed it gently.

“So I guess I am too,” she smiled confidently and laid back again, stretching in the light of the sun.

Sho leaned over her and kissed her cheek.

“That’s why I love you so much, sis,” he raised up and left the house after a last wink.
The day was beautifully sunny and Mee-na took her sweet time to take breakfast before walking slowly to the main street of the district. Wandering over the market she thought about what her brother told her, trying to guess why he was so secretive. Now that he earned his livings at the factory, maybe was he decided to find a wife and build a family? Probably not, according their little chat the previous day. Maybe he had been promoted and wanted to find a new house for the two of them? She hoped not. She liked the district and her little school, she didn't want to move out, impossible.

On her way, she came across the old Yokota who asked if her beautiful guest proposed to her already, like every time they met.

“Yokota-san…,” Mee-na murmured in confidence.


“I have to confess something to you.”

The old lady was suddenly so excited, she was dying to have a new news to gossip all over the district.


“Yes?” the old woman leaned toward her, approaching her face to hear Mee-na better.

“Wants to propose to you.”

The old lady grimaced with disappointment. “You shouldn’t mock an old woman, Mee-na-chan!”

“It’s true. I’m sorry Yokoto-san, I won’t do it anymore.”

“Say hello to your brother, tell him to visit me from time to time, it’s been a while.”

“I’ll do. Have a nice day, Yokoto-san.”

Mee-na waved at the old lady and walked back home. She smiled to herself all along the way back, remembering the face of the landlady while she passed the small red door of her garden. But she stopped short, facing several men in black suits in front of her door. Mee-na was convinced she never met them before.

“Hello, Miss,” the smallest said joyfully. His hair was knotted to a ponytail and he had an earring.

“Hello, gentlemen. Are you looking for my brother?”

“Nope…we came for you,” they exchanged amused gazes.

“Me? Why? Have we met already?”

“Let’s say we have some common friends, right guys?”

The others nodded, their eyes on her, detailing her shamelessly, frightening her for good.

“I’d like to enter my house, please…,” she tried to make her way to the door.

“I’m afraid that we have to go somewhere first, then we’ll drive you back home.”


“This is a surprise,” a man she didn’t see at first moved forward, approaching her dangerously.

“Is it linked to my brother?”

“Exactly. It is,” the short man said.

“Then…you’ll bring me back home?” Mee-na grabbed this small hope.

“I swear.”

“And if I refuse?”

“We’ll escort you anyway, then we will bring you back,” another man answered without any ambiguity. What did Sho do, thought Mee-na, scared to death.

“May I leave my basket first?” she pointed at the basket full of vegetables and the joyful guy grabbed it.

“Yasu-kun will take care of it, right?”

“It will be my pleasure, Baru-san. Give it to me, Mee-na-chan.”

Mee-na felt cold sweat running down her spine when she heard her name in the man’s mouth, just like the innocent smile on his face.


Sho spent the day to be prepared for the big day. Nino waited for him in the grand hall of the headquarters, sitting at a table with a newspaper and he stood up when he spotted him.

“Hi, Shatei!”

They exchanged an coverted gaze.

“Hi, Ninomiya-san.”

Nino playfully hit his shatei’s shoulder. “Stop smiling. You look like a fucking moron!”

“Glad to see you…,” Sho mumbled, lowering the head with a charming smirk.

“Why are you so happy?”

“Because today I’ll be officially a member of the family.”

Nino smile faded away and he narrowed his eyes. He knew. Sho didn’t know how but he immediately knew that Nino guessed something happened last night.

“Don’t fuck with me, I can see there’s something else,” Nino said, detailing Sho thoroughly. “Did you sleep with a girl last night?”

“I didn’t.”

“A…a guy?!”

“It’s none of your business,” Sho looked at his mentor straightforwardly and he saw Nino clenching his jaws with anger.

“Fuck Sho, who?!” he seemed so out of his mind, Sho savored for an instant to see him so confused.

“I won’t tell you,” Sho said playfully.

But his smile faded away when Nino nailed him against the wall, his forearm on his windpipe he began to choke. He could read such a coldness in Nino’s eyes, the very same he saw when his mentor faced an enemy. He freaked out.

“Don’t fuck with me!! When I ask you something, you answer. Do you hear me?!”

Sho didn’t move, didn’t unclench his jaws, zeroing on Nino’s now blurry face. Nino watched him drifting away and suddenly realized what he was doing. He released him and stepped back, looking around, confused, rubbing his face again and again, to find back his composure. When his eyes locked with Sho’s again, he just smiled and whispered a “Let’s go” before climbing up the stairs.

Sho massaged his throat, making the blood run into his painful neck again, and suddenly a mad anger overwhelmed him. But he couldn’t afford such a feeling now, he had to focus on the ceremony, he would meet Nino later. And maybe they would talk openly for once.
Upstairs was Yogi-san, the small man always wandering around inside the headquarters and Sho must admit he was ignorant about what exactly was his role. He made him try on a black kimono with the emblem of the clan, the blossomed cherry tree.

The young man turned around, facing the big mirror hanging on the wall and admired the wonderful piece of art. It seemed to be hand-made; crossing the old man and Nino’s gaze in the reflection he knew they thought the same.

“Perfect!” Yogi-san whispered in appreciation. “You are ready. I’ll explain you what will happen during the ceremony while Nino is dressing.”

Sho nodded and he glanced at Nino who was leaving the room but he didn’t miss his gaze. A dark, concentrated, wanting gaze. He sat down at the low table across Yogi-san and listened attentively to what the man was ready to teach him. By the end of the afternoon, they heard a knock at the door and Nino peeped into the room.

“Ready? It’s time,” he said evenly.

Sho rose, his heart beating like a drum and smiled at Nino who was wearing the black kimono too. He looked so damned gorgeous, thought Sho, swallowing the knot in his throat but the last traces of Nino’s emotions had disappeared, as if nothing had happened. Sho felt a new pinch of his heart…how could he give up on him?

“I follow you,” he answered quietly.

They climbed down the stairs and entered in silence into the room of the house sheltering the Shinto altar.

All the members of the clan were gathered, waiting solemnly for the new member of the family. They were placed in the room according to a pre-established plan and near the door, the Kansai clan had been exceptionally invited, even if they weren’t part of the clan. Sho crossed Toma’s gaze who winked kinkily, making him blush shyly as the moment they shared in the baths popped up in his mind.

He walked, his head held high, to a low table where gifts were waiting for him. Knelt before the table were the witnesses of the ceremony, Aiba Masaki and Oguri Shun, then Nino joined them. On the other side of the table, the Saiko-komon who took the Oyabun’s place. Sho bowed to him respectfully, then bowed to the entire clan.

Oguri-father leaned over the table to put the fish-bones set on a clay plate in a glass of sake, then poured the result, symbolizing blood, into two cups. One more filled, for the Saiko-komon according to his higher status. The two of them drank a sip of the liquid before exchanging their cups to seal Sho’s admission in the family. From mere Shatei he became a Kobun, a real member of the clan. The Saiko-komon offered his cup to Sho to remind him of the loyalty due to the clan. Eventually, Oguri stood up to hold a speech about the importance of the family, loyalty, fidelity and absolute obedience to the clan.

When he ended it, everybody rose, shouting in unison. “Omedetō gozaimasu!”

Sho bowed again, so proud, reading such an approbation in the eyes of the men of the clan. Then he greeted the Saiko-komon and the privileged witnesses again before they exited in silence.
In the grand hall a big buffet had been set to celebrate the event. Oguri was chatting with Masaki and they seemed to get along very well. Sho spotted Nino in the crowd. He wanted to talk to him badly now, to make him explain why he was so pissed because he spent the night with another man, but on his way, two men caught him.

“So, Sakurai Sho, you became a Kobun!” Masaki grabbed his shoulder in a friendly way.

“Yes, thanks a lot.”

“Shun-kun, did you congratulate him?” Oguri chuckled and patted Sho’s head.
“I didn’t and I’m unforgivable, congratulations, Sho-kun.”

“Thanks, Kashira. I’m so glad to be part of the family now.”

“And we’re glad to welcome you. You’ll have to take care of us, just like you take care of your own family.”

“I made a vow, I’ll respect it.”

Oguri smiled and put his arm around Sho’s shoulder. “Good, good. Are you married?” he asked.

“I’m not. I live with my sister.”

“I see. So I hope you take care of her, having a sister is a precious thing,” Oguri said enigmatically and Sho frowned quizzically. ”Isn’t it, Masaki-kun?”

“True….I dreamed of having a sister but I wasn’t that lucky. I have to compensate this lack of affection.”

Oguri laughed out loud and Sho was startled to see these men he thought would be enemies being so friendly to each other. He apologized and tried once again to find Nino but after a few steps, Toma grabbed his arm.

“What did they want, those two guys?”

“Talk about family.”

“Don’t trust them, especially not Oguri. He freaks me out and believe me, I met a lot of twisted guys.”

Sho smirked and arched a skeptical eyebrow. “You met a lot of twisted guys?”

Toma lowered the head, hiding a fuck-me-rape-me smile, nibbling his thumb and Sho felt his crotch reacting vividly. “Yeah, I did. Did I tell you you’re damn hot today?” Toma murmured and Sho’s face crimsoned. “And if you begin to blush I can’t promise I will behave…Can we meet later?”

“I - I don’t know…I was looking for Nino.”

Toma stepped back, and scowled. “Oh, you’re looking for Nino.”

“Yeah he’s my partner, you know.”

“I don’t. But you’ll explain one day,” Toma said disappointed. Sho watched him leave and resumed his walk, finally spotting Nino who was talking to Madam.


The young man turned around and smiled. “Congratulations, Sho! Seems like you’re a brother now.”

“Thanks. Do you want…can we go somewhere together? To celebrate.”

“Don’t you have a date?” Nino asked, glaring at Toma who was leaning against a wall, his hands in his pockets.

“Not really.”

“Ok. So let’s party tonight. My treat.”

Sho’s heart skipped a beat, seeing his warm smile and his tender look.


The panic, the darkness, the incomprehension…and those men who kept on smiling despite the oddness of this entire situation. “I’m afraid”, “Bring me back home”, “What have I done?” she shouted inside her head but her throat was paralyzed by this insane fear. Yet, they were gentle with her and it was probably that that terrified her the most. Their ordinary cruelty. Where were they heading to?

As she was sitting in the huge black car – one black man from each side of her - Mee-na looked around her, trying to recognize the scenery, something for finding her way back. But her brain refuse to work properly, she was too afraid. By her side, the men were chatting pleasantly as if she wasn’t here. Maybe they did forget her?

“Are you kidding me?! He’ll never win against him, he’s a cissy!”

“But this guy is a beast, one sucker punch and the other will bite the dust!”

“Let’s see what Jeong will do with your guy. The Boss brought him from Korea, they say this guy is a monster!”

“You jerk, I won’t buy your bullshits.”

“JUST SHUT THE FUCK UP!” Yokoyama shouted to his colleagues. “Can’t you see you’re frightening her, she’s scared to death! I’m sorry Miss, they can’t behave around a woman.”

Mee-na raised her hopeful gaze but couldn’t answer.

“We’re here anyway.”

They got out of the car and entered a traditional house, the largest Mee-na had ever seen. The men who were in the car with her joined the other group inside already. Two women welcomed her and immediately dragged her into a private room. Only Yokoyama and Yasu stayed with her to be sure their precious hostage wouldn’t do anything inconsiderate, while the others left the place.

“What are you gonna do to me?” Mee-na muttered as the women began to undress her.

“They will wash you but before, they have to check something,” Yokoyama said as the tallest woman was opening her thighs, swiftly sliding a finger inside her. Mee-na cried with surprise and the woman withdrew it rapidly.

“She’s virgin,” she said to Yokoyama crossing her arms before her chest.

Then they laid her down onto a table, removed the hair from her entire body skilfully, then bathed her in a warm bucket of water, eventually scrubbing her skin strongly. The two men didn’t leave the place, they were sitting in a corner of the room barely gazing at her, waiting patiently for the end of Mee-na’s torture. She didn’t fight, totally terrorized, imagining why she had to endure this. The most obvious possibility was that she would be raped by a rich man who paid for virgin girls. Perhaps it was her last day on earth.

“We’re not gonna hurt you,” Yokoyama sat down by her side as if reading her mind. “We’ll tell you, come with us.”

He handed her a kimono and led her through the corridors of the place, Yasu on their heels, before sliding a door open. The room had only some cushions and on a low table, some plates with precious and luxurious food that had been prepared.

“Lay down, please,” Yokoyama put a hand onto her back.

Yasu took her hand and made her lay down onto the table, a small cushion under the head.

“Do you know what Gaman is?”

Mee-na shook her head.

“It means that you’re enduring bravely a trial, do you get that?”

“I do…”

“In this restaurant room, some very important people will dine and you’ll be the most beautiful plate for them…we’ll put some very refined food onto your perfect body,” he pointed at the plates full of sea food and pickled vegetables. “I ask you not to move. Not at all. The Gaman, you get it?”

“It’s impossible…I can’t…I want to go home, please…,” Mee-na trembled, her eyes running from one man to another.

“Listen,” Yokoyama crouched down at her side. “You won’t go back home if you won’t do what you’ve been told. I bet on your cleverness by not giving you drugs for you to remain calm. So if I were you, I’d be wise and would play the statue waiting for the end of the dinner. And then, I’ll bring you back home, I promise.”

Mee-na tried to analyze what she was told. They wouldn’t hurt her anymore and she could go back home…

“If you understand, nod.”

Mee-na breathed slowly and closed her eyes tight in order not to cry. Then she nodded.

“Good. You’re a smart girl,” he whispered. “And really beautiful…gorgeous. The clients will be glad, it was a good choice.”



“Why me?” she asked, her voice steady.

“Don’t know, someone asked us to bring you here, that’s all we know. I guess there is a reason but I didn’t ask. We have to begin now…time is running out.”

Yokoyama called his friend and both of them began to place strategically and artistically the food the guests would eat tonight. Mee-na tried to slow down her breath to calm the beatings of her heart.

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