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Title: We're coming first

Warnings: smut
Type: Two-shot
Rating: NC-17
Fandom/Pairing: Arashi/Sakumiya (Sakurai x Ninomiya)

Summary: What happened BEFORE the “Kokoro no Sora” PV shooting.

Note: Hurrah for the girl’s late conversations! This twoshot was written right after the PV release with my half-brain [livejournal.com profile] sky_fish7. But what happened after the PV’s shot? Let’s find out tomorrow, on Sky’s journal. Love u guys ♥

-Sho’s POV-

Sho was the one in charge. He loved being in charge, being he reasonable one, the one who took care of his colleagues and most and foremost the one who pampered his lover. Nino was a man of character, no doubt about it, but leaving the down-to-earth responsibilities to Sho was a privilege he wouldn't want to trade against all the gold in the world.

That’s partly why Nino and Sho got along so well, they were complementary, made for each other. One could think they became so complementary in order to be the missing piece of their soul mate, after all they grew up together, they basically built their characters together. Sho as well as Nino couldn’t swear every couple on earth worked like theirs since they never had any other relationship but it worked for them, they were each other’s everything. They undoubtedly belonged together. Years were passing by and if they feared the humdrum when they were younger, they admitted willingly that they had never been so in love. They were living a secret relationship to the world and when they revealed to the band that they were together, their confession was accompanied by the promise to not put in stake the well-being of the group. At any costs.

And that’s where things could be more complicated. They had to film their new PV which had a pretty complex choreography part and as a matter of fact, Sho refused to make love to Nino right before the shooting. He was too afraid to hurt him in any way, the Hawaii concert had been such a disaster for Nino’s back, Sho’s worst nightmare. It was the most sensed solution for both of them, they were so enthusiastic and excited before each big event that their sexual powerhouses were a bit too explosive to be freely unleashed. And a collaboration with Hotei Tomoyasu was damn nerve-cracking.

They repeated the dance until the middle of the night and when Sho opened an eye at dawn, Nino was still dancing at the foot of their bed, wearing only his underwear, graciously waving his hands as if holding an invisible fan. He was whispering the lyrics of the song in rhythm, doing his best to let Sho sleep. Knowing him the way he did, Nino probably didn’t sleep at all, too anxious to fail a movement. He had a reputation to hold after all, which highly amused Sho. Everything seemed easy for Nino but he worked his ass off to pretend it was. Only Sho was the witness of his perseverance.

“Did you sleep?” Sho murmured, his voice full of sleep.

“Did I wake you up?” Nino turned around, his hands still moving graciously around his slim body.

Sho smirked and rearranged the pillows in his back for a better view, letting the comforter sliding to the waistband of his brief boxer.

“I asked first.”

“Not really, I’m not really sure about those hands movements, you know, I don’t want to be worse than Masaki,” Nino was joking but Sho knew him better. He was freaking out to fail under Tomayasu’s eyes, who was more or less a living god in Nino’s mind.

“You’ll be perfect, don’t worry.”

“I can’t help it,” Nino smirked and Sho melted. He tapped on the place by his side –Nino’s place- and Nino crawled to him, nestling into the cradle of Sho’s arm. Sho kissed his forehead and held him a bit tighter. “I’m nervous,” Nino said.

“I can feel it. And somehow, in a twisted way, I’m glad to be the only person who knows who you really are. But don’t worry, your secret is safe with me.”

Nino chuckled and nuzzled Sho’s neck, pecking the hot skin playfully until the noticeable collarbone. In the meantime he slid his hand all along Sho’s chest in a butterfly caress and stopped on the scar left by the piercing he used to wear some years ago.

“I still miss it,” he said between two kisses. “I loved playing with it.”

“I know you did, Babe, but…you should stop now, we both know where this little pleasant chat is leading us.”

Nino sighed, edgily. “And that’s precisely what I need to release all this stress~”

“No way!” Sho moved back. “I won’t follow you on the slippery slope, I don’t trust my nor your self-control THAT much. We should rather~”

But Nino was already straddling Sho’s thighs and Sho couldn’t deny anymore what effect this dreamy vision had on him earlier.

“Seems you liked my dance,” Nino murmured, gently roaming his hand over Sho’s hard-on.

“I loved your dance,” Sho confessed. Anyway he couldn’t fool his lover, those gazes they exchanged during the rehearsals would have burnt the ice of the Arctic Ocean. Nino licked Sho’s neck from the crook to the back of his ear, swaying sensually his hips above Sho’s lower belly.

“Fuck me,” Nino groaned in his ear, tearing off a moan of desire to his lover.

But Sho stayed adamant. “I won’t. I already hurt you once, I won’t do the same mistake, but tonight, I swear to you, I’ll make amends, I’ll fuck you so hard you won’t be able to forget it for days and days.”

He felt Nino thrilling against his firm body, Sho knew how much he loved his dirty talks. Mister perfect son-in-law could be so, so naughty when they were in bed, nothing turned Nino on more.

“Fucking sadist,” Nino caressed Sho’s forehead, fisting his hair before kissing his lips. Slowly first but a moan of pleasure and Sho squeezed him tighter, lifting up his hips to meet Nino’s in spite of his best resolution.

“Promise me you’ll behave and you’ll let me be in charge of everything,” Sho finally gave up for Nino’s sake as much as his own.

“I’ll do,” Nino quickly answered and Sho couldn’t repress a smirk. He was so cute…as long as he obtained what he was asking for.

“Take off your brief. Slowly. Spare your back,” Sho ordered and Nino complied willingly, doing his best to please his lover’s demand. “Now mine.”

Nino leaned on Sho and hastily let his erected cock spring loose. A loud sigh escaped his lips and echoed through the bedroom. “Lie down on your stomach, Babe.”

Nino did what he was told and Sho slid a pillow under his lower belly, making room for his hard as wood cock. Then Sho knelt behind him, his thighs on each side of Nino’s. “Stay still or I’ll stop. I mean it, Nino.”

“Why do you sounds like my fucking physiotherapist?” Nino said, his excited voice belying his joking tone.

Sho tsked and slapped gently one of his perfect cheeks, “Language.” And Nino laughed, making Sho smiling happily. Nervous tension was leaving his man’s body for another sort of tension, a far more positive one. “Relax, Babe.”

Sho spread Nino’s ass cheeks wide and looked his fill for a long time. This frigging guideline he imposed for their couple drove him insane, far more than Nino could imagine. All he wanted was to shove his dick into Nino’s perfectly thigh entrance and take him hard. But he couldn’t. He had to put himself together and Nino’s moans weren’t helpful at all. After what seemed like hours of massaging his firm, round cheeks, Nino finally felt Sho’s tongue licking a strip from right below his balls all the way up to his tailbone.

Nino cursed loudly and Sho repeated the motion over and over again, until Nino was writhing, moaning shamelessly and leaking from his cock. Sho kept on wetting the puckering hole while his hand gently stroked Nino’s inner thighs, eventually caressing the dripping mushroom-head.

“Fuck, that’s hot, Sho.”

Sho fisted him slowly, his tongue penetrating the first ring of muscle gently and he felt Nino bucking up against his stroke. He firmly gripped his hips to make him stay still.

“More,” Nino begged, grabbing the sheets harder.

“So don’t move, just spread your legs a bit more,” Sho watched him opening his thighs wider and he leaned on once again on the puckered ring, tonguing it in rhythm with the movement of his hand on Nino’s shaft. In and out, in and out, farther, deeper, and he felt him panting under him.

With his free hand Sho fisted his own abandoned and painful cock. He released a sigh of pleasure as his slick fingers were sliding smoothly all along his hardness and he crossed Nino’s gaze.

“I want to see you come,” Nino said huskily and Sho almost exploded. He straightened and slapped Nino’s ass once again.

“Okay, turn over and spare your back, slowly.”

Nino laid on the bed again while Sho was taking off the pillow, cautiously putting it back behind his lover’s neck. He began to stroke Nino again, watching as his wide, slick head glided through his slippery fingers. He watched him grinding his teeth in order to hold himself back, madly excited by the way he managed to repress the urge to climax right now. Sho kept a steady pace, stroking Nino’s cock while he climbed up along his abdomen. He positioned himself so he knelt over his lover, their two members lined up on Nino’s lower belly.

“Oh fuck, Sho,” Nino hissed between his clenched teeth when Sho began to rub Nino’s slick head.

“Come on Babe, come for me,” Sho’s encouragement was Nino’s undoing, he couldn’t hold back if he tried.

In the next instant, Nino shot off into Sho’s hand and onto his own chest. The sticky fluid was warm, thick and hot. Sho felt so sexy and powerful, knowing he had the ability to make him come with just a few strokes.

Nino’s breath got deeper as he took back his breath, his hips firmly stuck to the mattress by Sho’s weight. Sho knew how much Nino used to arch his back when he climaxed. He observed him, so beautiful, so abandoned, smiling, still on cloud nine. Sho leaned on him and kissed his face tenderly.

“Do you feel better? More relaxed?” Sho smiled against Nino’s mouth.

“Thanks, I needed it badly. And seems you need it too,” Nino eyed the still very erected member of his lover. “Don’t be shy, give it to me,” he said, reaching out to caress the object of his desire. “I swear I won’t move, you’ll do all the work.”

“You’re so convincing,” Sho moved forward and grabbing his member to put it before Nino’s face.

“You’re not that hard to convince, Mister Negotiation.”

Nino parted his lips and darting his tongue began to slowly licking Sho’s full erected cock from base to tip. Now, Sho was unable to hold back, and if he had to be honest, he loved being the one in charge in sex matters too. He moved forward, putting half of his cock into the wet, warm, heavenly mouth, revelling in Nino’s skilful tongue movements. He won’t last for long. He felt Nino’s arms circling and caressing his thighs.

“Gosh, Nino,” Sho hissed when his lover's hand found that patch of skin between his balls and his ass. Nino teased that sensitive spot relentlessly while his tongue wound round and round over Sho's cock. “I’m coming.”

Nino took him entirely, swallowing every ounce of cum Sho shot stream after stream into his eager throat. Sho kept on rolling his hips back and forth, lost into the aftermath of his powerful orgasm.

After a few seconds he withdrew and laid on the bed, immediately welcoming a sated Nino on his chest. He felt him chuckling joyfully.

“You know how to wrap me around your finger, don’t you?” Sho drawled while kissing the thin wrist of Nino.

“I love you too.”

“And today the PV will be wrapped too and…I’ll keep my word. Tonight we’ll celebrate at home.”

Nino jumped out of the bed, proudly naked and once at the door winked at Sho. “Let’s hope you’re a man of your word, Sakurai Sho.”

Sho linked his muscular arms behind his head. “Wait and see, Love.”

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